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Active in Round(s): 1, 2
Team Color Purple
Founded October 3rd, 2008
  • President: Scott Weiland
  • Vice-President: Coolio
  • Minister of War: Vacant
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vacant

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 10/11/2008

Total Nations 35
Active Nations 30
Percent Active 86%
Strength 47,269
Avg. Strength 1,351
Nukes 0
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Disbanded: This alliance is now under the name of "Awesome Society of International Allied Nations".

Note: This alliance is a TE only alliance, it is unaligned with any alliances in CN standard.



The alliance that exists here today was created by a player "Scott Weiland", with the assistance of his friend. (CN Name "Puffy").

Puffy agreed to help Scott after his alliance (the Coalition of White States) merged with another alliance: the We Are Perth Army, along with 1 Touch Football. Puffy had donated the former CoWS forums to VR, to save Scott the hassle. Within a few days, a network of messaging was devised and members were gathered.

Still today this network is still in use to gather more members.

External Reference
Yes, it is based on the band.

...Writer's Block. kthx


We Are Perth Army
Confederated States of the Atlantic


CSA-VR Defense Pact
M*A*S*H-VR Defense Pact

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