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Inception to CNEdit

VektorZero joined CyberNations on July 26, 2006, after being invited by a friend. Seeing Cybernations as something new and exciting, he joined and quickly join the NPO, as he wanted to try something different and the comradery impressed him greatly.

New Pacific OrderEdit

There, he went through the academy, graduated and become an Imperial Diplomat, after answering an ad posted by Philosopher. As a Diplomat, Vektor was responsible for discovering a few notable alliances, such as Echelon, who the NPO quickly become good allies with. During War of Retribution, VektorZero served as the Diplomatic Consul to the White and Aqua Spheres. Because of the Diplomatic Skills he displayed during GWIII, VektorZero was awarded the Medal of Diplomatic Excellence.

Just after the war was ended, VektorZero was appointed to the rank of Special Envoy of the White and Aqua Sphere. As Special Envoy, he was responsible for maintaining and creating relationships with all the alliances under his direct jurisdiction. His hard work and devotion paid off, when he was promoted to the rank of Imperial Legate. As Imperial Legate, VektorZero oversaw the transformation of the Diplomatic Corps, which helped bolster its overall performance.

On July 8, 2008, VektorZero was appointed to the rank of Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs. As FA IO, Vektor advised the Emperor on issues concerning other alliances, as well as speaking directly with them and helping to improve Pacifica's relations and image around the Cyberverse.

Vektor stepped down as Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs on July 20, 2011. Vektor has the second longest record of service as an IO with 1,112 days in service, just behind Vladimir's 1,240 days in service.

Many people have been major influences on Vektor, but for him the main ones are Dilber for diplomatic skills and Moo.



VektorZero's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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Award Name Description Date Awarded
Pacifican Medal for Diplomatic Excellence Awarded by Emperor TrotskysRevenge for Diplomatic excellence for his work with AOB Confederation 25 April 2007
IRON Foreign Dignitary Award Award from IRON for diplomatic success unknown

Leaving the NPOEdit

On July 24, 2011, VektorZero left the Order to retire and joined the Order of the Paradox.

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