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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of late 2010.
Vault 99
Flag of Vault 99

Flag of Vault 99

Seal of the Government of Vault 99
Seal of the Government of Vault 99
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Ray Matveyev, Killswitch
Founded 30 July 2010
Deputy Overseer
Ray Matveyev
Board of
  • General Damien (Systems)
  • Yerushalayim (SpecOps)
  • Biohazrd (Scouting)
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Vault 99 (also known as "the Vault" or as V99) is an alliance established on the Black sphere. Originating from the popular Fallout franchise, Vault 99 is rooted in the structure and culture of "vaults" in the franchise. The alliance has adopted much of the symbolism and cultural trends from this with added CyberNations elements.


Main article: Constitution of Vault 99

The Constitution of Vault 99 sets protocol for resident admissions, government functions, and defense procedures. It is accompanied by various declarations from the Overseer and the Board of Administrators.

Mission Objective[]

As with other Vault-Tec Vaults, a select few is informed about the secret mission objective of the vault. Defined in the constitution, the mission objective for Vault 99 is as follows:

To test subjects on the establishment, maintenance, and administration of a government within a Vault-Tec Vault. Inhabitants of Vault 99 will be subject to an organized government authority whose powers will be outlined in a Vault-Tec issued document. This document, deemed the Constitution of Vault 99 will serve as the collection of laws and policies that will govern the people of Vault 99. This mission is to last indefinitely.