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Vaniveran People's Party
Parti populaire Vanivérien
FoundedDecember 10, 2525
IdeologyChristian democracy
Liberal conservatism
Fiscal positionCentre-right
Social positionCentre-right
PresidentJeffrey Forrester
HeadquartersChâtillon, Coruvel, Vanivere
Official colors      Blue
Seats in the
- Assembly
- Senate
- Council

573 of 750
42 of 50
21 of 25

The Vaniveran People's Party (VPP) (French: Parti populaire Vanivérien, PPV), often referred to as the Popular Party, is a major political party within the Vaniveran Empire. The party currently forms the Government of Vanivere. The party also forms the majority of the Vaniveran Provincial Governments. The VPP is currently led by Jeffrey Forrester.

The VPP currently holds 573 seats in the Federal Assembly and 42 seats in the Senate.


Note: The names and positions of currently-elected officials are bolded.

  • President: Jeffrey Forrester
  • Chancellor: Jeffrey Forrester
  • Vice Chancellor: Sarah Heath
  • First Justice: William Hamilton
  • Chair of the Senate: Charlotte de Monpezat
  • Chair of the Assembly: Guillaume Montaigne-Orléans
  • Ministry of Environment: Nicolas-Henri Capulet
  • Ministry of Finance: Charles Richardson
  • Ministry of Culture: Arabella Donovan-Montague
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Alexis Reynolds
  • Ministry of Defence: Graham Riley
  • Ministry of Education: Julia Sawyer
  • Ministry of Development and Infastructure: Kirsten Cohen-Nichol
  • Ministry of Science and Technology: Travis Hart
  • Ministry of Health: Isabelle Strauss
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration: Frederik Hansen
  • Ministry of Resources: Johannes Kohler
  • Ministry of Transportation: Amelie Johansen
  • Ministry of Communications: François de Villiers