Vaniveran Lutheran Church
Arms of the VLC
Coat of Arms of the Vaniveran Lutheran Church
Classification Protestant
Orientation Lutheranism
Geographical area Vanivere
Foundation 2227
Separated from Roman Catholic Church

The Vaniveran Lutheran Church (French: Vanivérien l'Église Luthérienne) is a Christian Church of the Lutheran tradition and is the second largest denomination within the Vaniveran Empire, directly following the Roman Catholic Church.



Established in 2227 as a merge between the various Lutheran churches throughout Nouvelle Acadie, the Vaniveran Lutheran Church was officially created in Fort-de-Matignon at the Lutheran Council of Matignon. Unlike the Lutheran churches of Europe, the Vaniveran Lutheran Church is led by the Archbishop of Avignon, who is democratically elected by members of the Council of Royals.

Upon the Vaniveran Lutheran Church's formation, the church became a powerful opposer to the Catholic Church.


Notable MembersEdit

One of the most notable members of the Vaniveran Lutheran Church is Emperor Alexandre II of Vanivere. Despite not being raised as a Lutheran, Alexandre converted to Lutheranism in his teenage years and has become a strong supporter of the Church.

Holy OrdersEdit

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