VanHooIII, ruler of the now defunct United States of Hoo, was one of the Co-Founders and was the first and only Emperor of Ragnarok, during his reign he was listed as one of the many great leaders of the aqua sphere. More recently he has helped found the alliance Nemesis and became a member of it's first Triumvirate.


His interest revolved around his alliance, and his dedication payed off in the form of the alliances growth, freedom and diplomatic standards. He has made Ragnarok one of the Sanctioned alliances within less then a year. Do not let his friendliness fool you though, Van Hoo AKA mistah hoo is infamous for throat punching members that are out of line, or just in his way to prove he is and always will be a badass. He also likes to wear redneck shirts to intimidate his opponents, and sometimes his own friends.

Resignation and leave from Ragnarok and Planet BobEdit

Citing boredom and growing lack of interest, on 12/24/2008 Van Hoo III (who many feel was the greatest leader CN has ever seen) abruptly resigned from Ragnarok and left CN completely. His goodbye thread was a who's who of CN leaders and a public outpouring of sadness and shock over his decision. With his resignation he announced that an emergency Triumvirate of ChairmanHal, rishnokof, and TailsK was installed to take his place.

Arrival of Van Hoo IVEdit

Van Hoo IV, ruler of Hootopia, arrived on Planet on January 7, 2009 and stated he would not be joining Ragnarok and will instead try something new. Sadly, Van Hoo IV met his untimely demise as Van Hoo III felt he still had something to accomplish on Planet Bob.

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Reciever of tIA Diplomat award

  • Honorary Member of TDSM8


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