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In office
22 Feb 2010 – 17 Mar 2010

In office
20 Jan 2010 – 21 Feb 2010
Preceded by peshmerga
Succeeded by Ray Matveyev

In office
8 Nov 2010 – Dec 2011
In office
Feb 2010 – 4 Jul 2011

VanHuek was the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs for the People's Order of Truth, from 20th January 2010 until 21st February 2010. He was the second Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He succeeded peshmerga on 20 January 2010. On 21 February 2010, Ray Matveyev replaced VanHuek as POT Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

On the 8th November 2010 VanHuek founded the first Knights of the Round Table and took the position of King. He was also responsible for restoring the second incarnation in February 2011. On July 4th 2011 VanHuek had to resign because of personal reasons and spent the next few years in the Viridian Entente. He returned to KoRT on 19th June 2014 as a fellow knight of the Round Table with the title of Knight-Founder.

Leadership of POT
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