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Nation Mjordrika
Founded 10/22/2008 10:14:09 PM
Allegiance Ragnarok ROKINIT2
Service 10/23/2008 - present
Alliance Position Sex-toy/Boot Razor


Protector and judge of the people of the Realm of Mjordrika.

"I, Valtamdraugr, Veurr adha Domari vo Mjordrika, do hereby state for the record that I am a mead drinkin', ladie lovin' disciple of wahoo. Furthurmore, I indeed enjoy a good fondle, as rumors attest. Likewise also, I am not unfond of deliberate overt sexual advances."

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6'8"/203.2cm
  • Weight: 350lbs/159kg
  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue


Valtamdraugr was first raised 22 October, 2008. He joined Ragnarok a day later.

He immediately went to war fighting the last few hold-outs of OcUK and stayed at war with three targets until December when he finally grew out of range of them.

He was content to remain at the mid-tiers to catch falling giants, tie them up, and prevent them from concentrating on his lesser equipped brethren. Having a voice for reason and a decent head for war, he gained the confidence of his war-mongering superiors and quickly rose through the ranks becoming a valued member of Ragnarok's leadership team.

He remained so until the Illyani, spineless cur, betrayer of the heart, lapdog of MK... sold the Emperor Emeritus out for political gain. Valt was approached by junior members of the cabinet and in his role as advisor, advised informing the membership of the Illyani's actions. Rok's warriors rightfully gauged those actions as dishonorable and not in keeping with the spirit of Ragnarok. The membership fled in droves, choosing to vote with their feet. His final act as a member of the advisory council was to inform Joe Stupid of his resignation.

Three days later he was approached by Ragnarok's new leadership and asked to return to his role as advisor.

He tried to help hold the shreds of Ragnarok together after the Illyani's great betrayal, but the world had turned sour. Troll conjurors had communed with ghosts from the outer realms, gaining power of names. They summoned a demon and let it loose upon this world, poisoning the rivers and blackening the sky. The frith was broken. Valtamdraugr, couched himself in the welcoming loam, and slept..

Time passes and hunger drives him to rise again. He joins RIA and is welcomed but it is short lived as the delinquent one reawakens and summons forth The Bear Cavalry promising a grand exit. Scenting a chance for flesh, he joined immediately. Alas, the witch that held his soul became cursed and the spell withered. He fell once again into Niflheim.

Time again passes. Nostalgia summons him into the light. He smells blood and radiation in the air. Fark is the unlucky wench this time, her breaches asunder... hair tousled.. ale in hand and grinning lasciviously. We shall see.

Positions Held[]

  • Recruiter. Recruiter of the month, Dec. 08
  • Auditor
  • Advisor Term VIII
  • Squad Leader
  • Soldier Hall Captain
  • Diplomat to Molon Labe, Term IX, Term XI
  • Deputy of Compliance, Term IX
  • Lord of Defense, Term IX
  • Advisor Term X
  • Second Lieutenant, Pink Fluffy Bunnies
  • Fireteam Leader, Gnomes of War
  • Captain, Thunderstrikers
  • Fireteam Leader, Skull Collectors
  • Artist, propaganda corps
  • Deputy of Internal Affairs, Term XI
  • Major, 2nd Battalion
  • Brigadier General
  • Lord of Internal Affairs, Term XI
  • General
  • Lord of Compliance, Term XII
  • Lord of Internal Affairs, Term XII
  • Consul Term XIII
  • High Chancellor, Term XIV


  • Ghostbuster Award
  • Nuclear Casualty Award
  • Nuclear Strike Award
  • Ragnarok Hall of Fame
  • Bleu War Veteran
  • Karma War Veteran
  • TPF War Veteran
  • TOP-C&G War Veteran
  • Rok-NSO War Veteran
  • Bipolar war Veteran
  • Grudge War Veteran