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Valhalla Official Flag
Valhalla Motto: Bezerker Vikinger. Vi eter plagiatorer og dritt ninjas.
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) noWedge, Vaylen, Bob_Tuskins, Dr.Dan, Rakari, Doland, Uhtred, LeviathanNI
Founded 28th February 2007 link
Leader(s) Chefjoe as Regent
Other Officials





Admissions Council

International relations

Bloc Treaty

Mutual Aggression/Defense Pacts
New Pacific Order
The Order of Righteous Nations
Grand Global Alliance

Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pacts
The Phoenix Federation
Molon Labe
The Templar Knights
Monos Archein
New Polar Order

Mutual Defense Pacts
The Legion

Optional Defense Pacts

Non-Agression Pacts
The Writ de Credo
United Purple Nations

Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaties

Rising Sun Federation


AllianceStats Statistics as of 27/10/08 (dd/mm/yy)

Total Nations 166
Strength 4,566,145
Avg. Strength 27,507
Nukes 752
Score 17.12
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Current Government

As of April 2011
Leader Ruler
Einherjar Ruler
Vice Regent Buds the Man
Emissary Sir Keshav IV
Marshall Levistus
Chancellor Seipher Caim
Security Consul TBD

Alliance Charter


We, the members of Valhalla, create this charter to bring together a unified alliance. With the creation of this charter, we bring together each sovereign nation into a whole, providing war aid, mutual defense, and a purpose to further each individual's growth, and the growth of the alliance as a whole.

Article I: Admission & Membership

Section 1: Admission

A: In order to gain admission to Valhalla, all applicants must answer questions determined by the Security Consul. Questions will include, but not be limited to, Nation Name, Ruler Name and Wars within the past 15 days.

B: Each applicant will undergo a probationary period of 14 days. After completion, the Admissions Committee will vote on granting the applicant full membership. A vote of at least 67% approval is required to obtain membership. In the event a member does not receive this, he/she may reapply for membership and a new probationary period will follow.

Section 2: Membership

A: Membership in other alliances is not allowed.

B: Upon putting forth an application for admittance to Valhalla, all applicants and members are bound by this Charter. Violations of Charter provisions may lead to disciplinary action by the Einherjar.

Article II: Alliance Officials

Section 1: The Einherjar

The members of Valhalla shall be led by an executive branch, called the Einherjar, elected by popular vote from the alliance membership. The Einherjar shall be the voice of the alliance and shall make all executive decisions, while adhering to the ideals of Valhalla.

Section 2: Einherjar Offices

Regent: The official leader of the alliance. The Regent is responsible for all facets of the alliance, including, but not limited to, international politics, Einherjar organization, and general leadership of the Valhalla.

Vice Regent: The assistant to the Regent. The Vice Regent is responsible for maintaining open lines of communication between the member nations and the Einherjar. In the event that the Regent is absent for important decisions, the Vice Regent has the authorization to make those decisions.

Emissary: The head ambassador of Valhalla. The Emissary is responsible for creating diplomatic ties with foreign alliances, maintaining a diplomatic stance, and keeping suspected foreign threats under observation.

Marshal: The lead military advisor of Valhalla. The Marshal is responsible for all military matters and assisting the Regent in disciplinary actions.

Chancellor: The financial mentor of the Valhalla. The Chancellor is responsible for organizing all financial and war aid for growth of the members.

Security Consul: Responsible for background checks, and organizing the training of Valhalla applicants. Head of the alliance intelligence, conducts duties to that end.

Section 3: Absences and Vacancies in Einherjar

A: If an Einherjar position becomes vacant, The Vice Regent will assume the duties of the position until another member is appointed.

B: If the Vice Regent position becomes vacant for any reason, The Marshal will assume the duties of the Vice Regent until another member is appointed.

C: In the event of a temporary absence, The Regent may designate another member of Einherjar to assume their duties.

Section 4: Other Officials

Norn: In order to ensure that the intentions and integrity of this document and those that wrote it are upheld, we will appoint 3 members of Norn. Initially all Norn will be elected by popular vote from member nations. The top 3 candidates will take office. If a Norn is deemed to no longer be qualified for the office, he may be removed by the remaining two Norn with a unanimous vote. Whenever a Norn leaves office, an immediate election by popular vote will be held to determine the replacement. Norn may veto any legislation in the process of being passed by a unanimous vote. Norn are prohibited from running for elected offices.

Aesir: Whenever a Norn is expelled from office, the Aesir must approve the expulsion. The Aesir may not hold the title of Regent, Norn or any elected Einherjar office. However, if the Aesir departs Valhalla or relinquishes the position for any reason the Security Consul shall temporary assume the powers of Aesir until a new Aesir is elected. Should the Aesir need to be away for an extended length of time, then the Aesir may grant their powers to the Security Consul until such time as the Aesir returns. If, for any reason, the Aesir position becomes vacant an election for a new Aesir must begin within 48 hours.

Aesir elections procedure: Whenever a new Aesir is to be elected a period of 72 hours will be given to members to attain approval to run. Approval must be given by at least 3 elected Einherjar members. At the end of this 72 hour period The Einherjar will post the names of Candidates who attained permission to run. A voting period of 48 hours for voting will commence. The Aesir shall be chosen by a 50% + 1 majority vote from members.

Aesir expulsion: The Aesir can be removed from office by an unanimous vote from all elected Einherjar and a 2/3rds majority vote from the Norns.

Admissions Committee: The Admissions Committee consists of five members; of which four are appointed by the Security Consul, the fifth being the Consul themselves. They are responsible for deciding upon the outcome of members on probation.

Article III: Elections

A: General Einherjar elections shall take place on every even month, according to the following schedule: 24 hours open for nominations (beginning the first of the election month), 48 hours for campaigning, and 48 hours for voting.

B: To establish clear and unadulterated elections, Norn will oversee the elections. Election responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, managing the nominations, campaining, and creating voting threads/polls.

C: During the nomination period, Valhalla members may nominate themselves for one office with the endorsement of a Norn. If a Valhalla member is unable to nominate themself during the nomination period, they may do so before nominations begin by private messaging a Norn, who will in turn share the nomination with the floor once nominating begins.

D: Valhalla members may cast one vote for each Office. The candidate gaining the highest amount of votes for each Office is elected.

E: In the event a candidate does not receive more than 50% of total votes, a run-off election for the office(s) in question will begin at the next update following the close of voting. Only the top two candidates for the office(s) in a tie will participate. Voting for the run-off election shall last 48 hours. In the event of another tie, the newly elected Einherjar shall appoint one of the candidates to the position.

F: A selected Norn shall certify and post election results within 24 hours of the end of voting. Election winners enter office upon certification.

Article IV: War & Nuclear Weapons.

Section 1: War

A: Any attack on a member nation will be treated as an attack on the entire alliance. This attack will be responded to with a declaration of war upon the offender. Reconstruction aid for the defender will be secured by the Marshal.

B: Valhalla seeks for peace in the world. Therefore, member nations are forbidden from engaging in wars of aggression without prior approval from the Marshall.

Section 2: Nuclear Weapons

A: Nuclear research, posing a critical advantage in national development, is embraced by Valhalla.

B: Development of nuclear weapons for strictly defensive purposes is tolerated. Any nation seeking to launch nuclear weaponry must only do so with official Einherjar consent.

Article V: Amendments to the Charter of Valhalla

Section 1: Amendment Proposals

A. If the membership of Valhalla feels that an amendment to the Charter is necessary they may, at any time, propose a new amendment in the Proposal forum.

Section 2: Amendment Process

A. Once an amendment is proposed in the Proposal forum members may debate, revise, and edit the amendment as they see fit. When any particular draft of the amendment receives support from four or more members it must be submitted to the Norns for approval. Once the amendment gains unanimous support from the Norns it will be put up to vote. The voting period will last 48 hours. A 50% + 1 majority vote from the membership must be reached to ratify the amendment. A 4/6ths majority vote from the Regent and Einherjar may veto any amendment that does not receive support from a 75% + 1 supermajority of the membership. Once an amendment is ratified it immediately becomes part of the Charter.

B. If an amendment does not receive support from the Norns it will be sent back to the membership for further deliberation. If a different draft of the same amendment fails to receive approval a second time the thread for that particular amendment will be locked and the amendment cannot be proposed for another 6 weeks.

C. If an amendment does not receive the 50% + 1 majority vote needed for ratification the whole amendment process must start over. If a different draft of the same amendment fails to be ratified a second time the thread for that particular amendment will be locked and the amendment cannot be proposed again for 6 weeks.

D. If an amendment is vetoed by the Regent and Einherjar the whole amendment process must start over. If a different draft of the same amendment is vetoed a second time then the thread for that particular amendment will be locked and the amendment cannot be proposed again for another 6 weeks.


Date Treaty Alliance/Bloc Type Active?
Mar 9, 2007 The Writ De Credo FlagRose Order of the Black Rose NAP Inactive
Mar 19, 2007 The Aesir Accords NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order PIAT Upgraded
May 10, 2007 ToF LegionFlag Legion ToA Inactive
May 17, 2007 The Treaty of Felsoni UPN United Purple Nations NAP Active
Jun 9, 2007 The Svalbaard Agreement NpOFlag7 New Polar Order PIAT Inactive
Jun 14, 2007 Non-Aggression Pact Cseflag Crimson Sun Empire NAP Inactive
Jun 16, 2007 The Ebynissa Accords NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order MDoAP Inactive
Jul 1, 2007 The Treaty of Castellan Nadc newflag2 North Atlantic Defense Coalition ToA Inactive
Aug 1, 2007 Cleveland Steamer Compact Custom44 m \m/ MADP Inactive
Aug 2, 2007 Treaty of Asgård Flagzu8 Vanguard Protectorate Inactive
Aug 3, 2007 Branches of Yggdrasil Pact Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance STA MDP Inactive
August 2007 Viking Rush Goonsflaggx9 Goon Order of Neutral Shoving MADP Inactive
Sep 23, 2007 The Ebynissa Accords NPObannerflagnew New Pacific Order MADP Inactive
Sep 30, 2007 The Napalm in the Morning Accords MLFLAG Molon Labe MDoAP Active
Sep 30, 2007 The Agreement to Agree unless we Disagree in the case of a Disagreeable Disagreement Decree TORN TORN MDoAP Upgraded
Oct 3, 2007 5740F30E621A574E725BF50... TPFflag The Phoenix Federation MDoAP Inactive
Oct 15, 2007 MDoAP with Sparta Flag of Sparta Sparta MDoAP Inactive
Oct 18, 2007 Peace Intelligence and Aid Treaty MCXA Flag MCXA PIAT Upgraded
Jan 6, 2008 Let’s Get Freaky For the Weekend Treaty Ggaflag8 Grand Global Alliance MDoAP Inactive
Feb 18, 2008 Protectorate Soap2 SOAP Protectorate Inactive
Mar 2, 2008 The Black Sock Doctrine Huskyconceptgc5 Elysium MDoAP Inactive
Mar 8, 2008 OMGWTFBBQURKIDDING LegionFlag The Legion MDP Upgraded
Mar 25, 2008 MDoAP with OMFG Omfgflag OMFG MDoAP (now ODP) Downgraded
Mar 11, 2008 Wall Street Hula Dancers Flag of Invicta Invicta PIAT Active
Apr 5, 2008 The Nilla Wafer Accords TORN TORN MADP (now MDoAP) Downgraded
Apr 6, 2008 Protectorate AGC Avenguard Crusade Protectorate Inactive
May 9, 2008 Pegasus Accords - Purple UNITY PegasusFlag Pegasus Protectorate Bloc Active
May 9, 2008 Poseidon Accords - Purple UNITY PoseiFlag Poseidon MDoAP Bloc Active
May 31, 2008 no Wedge between us Treaty IRON IRON MDoAP Active
Jun 2, 2008 Blood Brothers Writ Poisonclan09uv8 Poison Clan MDoAP Inactive
Jun 3, 2008 The Sisters and Brothers of Different Mothers Pact NATO NATO MDoAP Active
Jun 10, 2008 Valhalla RoK's Out Treaty ROKINIT2 Ragnarok MDoAP Inactive
Jun 26, 2008 Vikings get Knighted Accords Flag of The Templar Knights The Templar Knights MDoAP Inactive
Jun 27, 2008 Viking X Credo MCXA Flag MCXA MDoAP Active
Jun 28, 2008 The Zico Accords Flag of BAPS BAPS MDoAP Active
Jul 2, 2008 The Expose Accords MAFlag Monos Archein MDoAP Inactive
Jun 30, 2008 The Crown of the North Compact Flag of The Order of the Paradox The Order of the Paradox MDoAP Inactive
Aug 8, 2008 Protectorate RSF-Flag first Rising Sun Federation Protectorate Inactive
Sep 11, 2008 Optional Defense Treaty Echelonflag2 Echelon ODP Active
Oct 13, 2008 Because we are FAMILY Ggaflag8 Grand Global Alliance MADP Inactive
Oct 21, 2008 SPARTAY - VALHALLALALALAPALOOZA OADMP Flag of Sparta Sparta MDoAP Inactive
Oct 23, 2008 Nebula-X's got ya back accords Koaflag Knights of Aragon Temporary Protectorate Inactive
Dec 8, 2008 The Sir Diddymus Accords Purpleflag2 Olympus Protectorate Inactive
Jan 9, 2009 Thrust Accords Flag of LoSS LoSS MDoAP Inactive
Jan 16, 2009 Ice Accords NpOFlag7 New Polar Order MDoAP Inactive
Jan 19, 2009 The Duckroll Project Duckrollfinalrp1 Duckroll Military Bloc Active
Jan 23, 2009 MooHeifer and The Ride of the Valkyries Og Old Guard PIAT Inactive
Jan 26, 2009 The Warmongers Contract LoW Lords of War Temporary Protectorate Inactive
Feb 15, 2009 Finnegans Wake Accords Flagwhite Order of the Four Leaf Clover Temporary Protectorate Inactive
Feb 28, 2009 The Bellicose Pact LoW Lords of War Protectorate Inactive
Dec 8, 2008 The Purple Family Accords Purpleflag2 Olympus MDoAP Active
Mar 17, 2009 The Riverdance Accords Flagwhite Order of the Four Leaf Clover Protectorate Inactive
Mar 27, 2009 Storm Viking Accords Tempest Tempest MDoAP Inactive
Aug 16, 2009 The Titans in a Longboat Treaty KronosflagNew Kronos MDP Active
Aug 29, 2009 The Viking Turtle BTAFlag2 BTA MDP Active
Oct 9, 2009 Jörmungand Finally loves the Vikings Hydraflag Hydra MDP Inactive
Mar 17, 2009 Across The Rainbow Bridge To Valhalla Rainbowcoalitioncopy-1 Rainbow Federation Protectorate Inactive
Nov 16, 2009 Vikings go to the Petting Zoo? theZoo Protectorate Active
Feb 25, 2009 The Ascencion Accords Cerberus Protectorate Active
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