Vaahruše (Finn. Vahurusi, Russ. Вахруши, form. Vakhrushi) is a town in southern Uralica, which sits on the main highway route between Kirov and Perm', Highway UH-2. It is within Kirovski Rayon County.

Vakhrushi's main industries are quite varied. Food production, ferrous and argentous metallurgy, the manufacturing of several different types of consumer goods, construction of railway cars, hi-tech productions, and heavy machinery all have presence. Also, there is a large market for sheet music in Vaahruše.

Culture Edit

It was a fairly low-key settlement in Old Russia, however upon the formation of Uralica it gained reputation for being a centre of Estonian culture, and is still the most proportionally Estonian settlement of any sort in all of Uralica, with 89% of the population being Estonian. Naturally it is also the seat of the head office of the Estonian Tribal Board. There is, in fact, a museum of Estonian history and culture located in the city.

The remaining 11% of the population is mainly Russian, although there are also Finns, Livonians, and even some Udmurts living in the area.

Sport Edit

Football (Soccer) Edit

Kakkonen Edit

  • Eesti JK

Kolmonen Edit

  • Vaahruše Jälgpallklubi

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Vaahruše JK
  • Dünamo Vaahruše
  • Torpedo Vaahruše
  • Spartak Vaahruše
  • Transit Vaahruše
  • Progress Vaahruše
  • Vaahruše Kickers
  • Vaahruše City
  • Lokomotiv Vaahruše
  • VVMK Vaahruše
  • Flora Vaahruše
  • Lootus Vaahruše
  • Merkuur Vaahruše
  • Orbiit Vaahruše

Ice Hockey Edit

  • Velocitas Vaahruše

Handball Edit

  • Vaahruše Käsipallklubi (non-League)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

The names are in Estonian by default.

  • Sjasni (Russ. Zyazni)
  • Piirnik (Russ. Rubezhnitsa)
  • Sjarenu (Russ. Zyareny)
  • Suuršarom (Russ. Bol'shiye Sharomovy)
  • Vaahrušemaa (Russ. Derevnya Vakhrushi)
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