HoG, UPAC, L1 vs. Albino Blacksheep
Conflict: V for Vendetta War
Date: Nov 6, 2007 - Nov 8, 2007
Result: ABS Surrender to HoG



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Albino Blacksheep

Leading up to the War Edit

Albino Blacksheep nations had been raiding UPAC and L1 nations. UPAC being a protectorate of HoG asked for help. Coolgreen44 the President of HoG was the first to go to ABS's forums to try to resolve the situation. Upon arriving Coolgreen44 was flamed and none of the requirements set by Coolgreen were met, in fact, HoG as a whole was trashed. ABS refused to even declare the nations rogue, and paying reps was out of the question.

The War Edit

After four days of trying to work with ABS it was clear nothing would come of it, and that the UPAC nations would not be granted peace. So on November 6 HeroesOfGaming issued a deceleration of War upon ABS. Within minutes the HeroesOfGaming forums and IRC were being spammed with White supremacist materials, and other trash. By the time update passed 50% of ABS was in anarchy, with the rest on the verge of anarchy.

Peace Terms Edit

Even before update on the first night of the war it was clear ABS was being crushed beyond belief. Trying to be nice HoG offered lenient terms to the ABS alliance. (See below).

First Peace terms Edit

HoG does not wish to be unreasonable or needlessly violent. We are willing to end all aggression towards Albino Blacksheep as soon as they agree to the following terms of surrender:

1. Albino Blacksheep must present a public apology letter posted in these forums to UPAC, L1, and HoG.

2. Member nations of ABS must decommission all planes, cruise missiles, and tanks as soon as possible.

3. Albino Blacksheep must pay reparations in the amount of $1,000,000 to both UPAC and L1.

4. Albino Blacksheep must expel member nation "Scrape."

5. Albino Blacksheep must send a diplomat to the HeroesOfGaming forums at where they will maintain an active embassy. HoG will in return pledge its support in helping ABS create an organized government and ratify a charter.

As soon as Albino Blacksheep agrees as an alliance to these terms, HeroesOfGaming will cease attacks on ABS.


Coolgreen44, Prime Minister


The Consulate

Rejection of Terms Edit

Despite HeroesofGaming offering such light terms ABS continued to bash HoG. Screenshots of posts from the ABS forums were soon posted on the CN forums, coupled with the fact that the HoG forums and IRC were spammed, and government members flamed, HeroesofGaming decided that it would be necessary to continue the war.

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