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On the 3rd of November 2010, an applicant of the Viridian Entente said that the entire alliance should attack the alliance of Nordreich because of suspicion of Neo-Nazism. (Nordreich has officially claimed no affiliation to Neo-Nazism or white supremacy.) The VE applicant then went on to post:

We Need to strike now to prevent humiliation and shame!

The Post received a mixture of comments including:

"We strike tonight." and "Call the army."

Several people in the higher government of the Viridian Entente believed that this idea was ridiculous. The Viridian Entente applicant went on the Nordreich forums and posted a threatening message on their board. This stirred a massive uproar in Nordreich. The applicant was banned from the forums of Viridian Entente and the application was denied. After this, the applicant decided to join Nordreich which caused further uproar. The application was overshadowed by doubt and mixed comments. The applicant ended up paying a compensation to both alliances of about $30,000,000.

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