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Uva (Russ. Ува) is a Uralican city, located in northern Udmurtiya South. It is one of few Uralican cities that isn't actually located on a UH-tagged highway (see Intra-Uralican Highway Network), although there are plans to incorporate it into the number scheme some time in the next year. The closest centres that are on UH highways are Mozhga to the south (UH-4A) and Igra to the northeast (UH-4 and UH-4B), and the routes Igra sits on also connect it to various other large towns in the area such as Bolshaya Ucha, Syumsi, and Vavozh.

Founded in 1923, Uva was originally a forestry town, but has diversified into a town including things like argentous metallurgy, machine-building, chemical and pharmaceutical production, pulp-and-paper milling, and the mining and processing of various non-metallic minerals.


Although founded by Russians during the very early stages of the Soviet era, Uva's population is largely Udmurt, with Russians being the top minority. There are also some Finns and Hungarians in the population.

The city's name has a surprisingly mundane origin. Originally, it was named Posyolok u Va, which means "City by the Va" - Va being the name of the nearby river (which has since been renamed Uva River, Finn. Uvajoki).

There is a historical museum and a few Udmurt-language movie theatres in the city. More recently, two Udmurt-language sitcoms are being set in Uva, and the city has a surprisingly good standup comedy scene. All of the churches in the city are quite new, with the oldest dating back only to 1993.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Uva


  • Lesnik Uva
  • Uva Hotspur

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Uva
  • Dinamo Uva
  • Mashinostroitel Uva
  • Metallurg Uva
  • Udmurtiya Uva
  • Zenit Uva
  • Chornaya Zvezda Uva
  • Uralica Uva
  • Bolak Uva
  • Khimik Uva
  • Mineralnik Uva
  • Bumazhnik Uva
  • Burevestnik Uva
  • Progress Uva
  • Transit Uva
  • AgroMash Uva


  • Uvinsky RMS

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Uva Berserkers


  • Uva BK

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Uralikskaya Novotuklya
  • Pervomaysk
  • Shtangurt
  • Komakgurt
  • Chabishur-Pekshur (subordinate village)
  • Uva-Tuklya
  • Uva Junction