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R&R Conversion Edit

If you're using AWB to automate this, you need to check what it's changing more carefully. You can't use R&R inside the nation infobox because that links to in-game, and the in-game name is RnR. Making it R&R makes the stats link broken because it doesn't exist.  ~   Locke    talk    contribs    nation   07:22, Thursday, 5 January 2012 (ET)

Re: Imagemap Edit

Sweet! I might have to try that out sometime. And yeah no problemo about the time code, MvP made mine. I haven't even looked at it very closely :P. I like the sig :D but my OCD wants the top-right corner to be flat too :P. Good point about the nation link, custom signatures do get pretty long.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 02:01, Monday, 9 January 2012 (ET)

Just so you know, your new signature only has the rounded corner in Firefox, and not in any other browser; if you want it consistent (though to my knowledge IE does not support it period), use -webkit-border-radius:2em 1em 1em 0em; -moz-border-radius:2em 1em 1em 0em; border-radius:2em 1em 1em 0em; instead. See Locke's signature a couple messages above for an example.   Michael von Preußen | talk
I wouldn't bother using multiple declarations, it gets annoying. From W3S: "[the] border-radius property is supported in IE9+, Firefox 4+, Chrome, Safari 5+, and Opera." I might mess around with it a bit tomorrow, right now I need to get to sleep as soon as possible :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 02:45, Monday, 9 January 2012 (ET)
Hmm, must've gotten wider adoption recently. Well, good to know. Anyway, I may be able to do what you want, but I'm not entirely sure I understand exactly what it is you're looking for. Perhaps you could sketch it out for me or something?   Michael von Preußen | talk

How's what I've done? I've only included CSS3 specifications per Bobo's note, but the format's the same if you want to expand it.   Michael von Preußen | talk

You're quite welcome :)   Michael von Preußen | talk

Interesting Wiki StatisticsEdit

If you want to get the number of users on the Cyber Nations Wiki, which will provide more relevant stats for articles per user and such than the cross-Wikia number, use {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}}: currently 10.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Yeah, I've had most of those in my sandbox for a while. I didn't think of files per admin though, might add that. Good stuff.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 12:09, Monday, 9 January 2012 (ET)

Re: Another question MvP Edit

The short answer is 'no'. Much as I would love Special:ListUsers to be transcludable, much like Special:EditCount is, it is not, and I am unaware of any way to get a hold of information like that or to display it outside of Special:ListUsers.

The long answer is that it should be possible to code a bot to collect data from Special:ListUsers and display it in a table form on an external website, or even in your browser as an addon or extension. Unfortunately, this would require external hosting (unless you could find a way to do it entirely in JavaScript), and since most free hosting disables the ability to read information from external domains, you'd probably need paid hosting. Aside from all this, it would just be a whole crapload of work, which would be complicated by Special:ListUsers' very weird AJAX loading system.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: AWB being irksome Edit

Well, did you put it in Find and Replace (Normal Settings button) in the Options tab and check both Enabled boxes? As long as you put it in the right place and have it turned on with the options set correctly, it should work. Also, my sandbox has no peaks. :P  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:50, Monday, 9 January 2012 (ET)

Hey Edit

Good job on the Active Contributors List. How did you choose people to add to it? Just people that you have seen actively editing the wiki? But I like it, could be very useful :D Nascar8FanGA (talkcontribs) 18:49, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

You screwed me up by forgetting the extra ~ XD I'm too lazy to try to find your talk page haha. Can you make it on IRC? Nascar8FanGA (talkcontribs) 20:34, January 10, 2012 (UTC)
Sounds kinky ;) Nascar8FanGA (talkcontribs) 23:13, January 10, 2012 (UTC)
So when we getting that pizza ;)  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    contribs    nation   01:21, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET) 06:21, January 13, 2012 (UTC)
I'm slowly making NON noob status, also <3 MvP  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    contribs    nation   01:29, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)
You're weird  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   01:33, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)

Your sig Edit

You should throw some nowrap somewhere in there, either on just the name or across the entire sig, else you get problems like this.  ~   Locke    talk    contribs    nation   15:13, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 (ET)

I already put an nbsp in there on the sig page, but nowrap might be better.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 16:51, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 (ET)
Damnit, Bobo, templates are bad in signatures! :P   Michael von Preußen | talk

So, I made some changes to your signature you should preview to make sure I didn't mess it up. Firstly, I replace times with Times New Roman, as I assume that's what you were going for, and times may or may not be interpreted properly (I got the default sans-serif font for my browser, for example). I also replaced oblique with italic, since the effect is usually identical with current browser and font technology, and oblique in particular is not supported in a disproportionate amount of legacy browsers.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re:Active contributor list Edit

While most of the roleplayers on STOP do not frequent on the wiki in terms on editing, I'll give them a head's up. Thanks for telling me. JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 23:05, January 10, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Service tags Edit

Thanks :) it'll probably show up as a duplicate if they're already uploaded anyway. I'll upload them soon. Yeah, a subcategory would probably be good. Also, what is Category:Tags of the New Pacific Order for?  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 20:35, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 (ET)

RE: edit on request for adminship Edit

Haha, no problem. :p   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: Invicta job tags table Edit

Well, it's nice to have backwards-compatibility with older versions of Webkit and Firefox, especially given how widespread Firefox 3.6 is still. Not to mention, Webkit, Firefox, and Presto all manage multiple values differently: not a problem for single-value declarations like these, but vendor-prefixing can still save you a nightmare if you ever decide to change it.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Meh, up to you. It's generally less of an issue with signatures, because it's less important they be standardized than an article element like a template, and it's also usually desirable to keep their code to a minimum to preserve the readability of talk pages. Not that this custom-signature-happy wiki seems to care :P   Michael von Preußen | talk
I'd recommend against making how-tos like the one for this on mainspace pages. Move it to a Cyber Nations Wiki page or something, so it doesn't count towards the article cound and can't show up using Special:Random.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Probably one with both of them, or perhaps one to serve as an index, and put individual how-tos at subpages of it. You could even go as generic as Project:How-to, and further break it down from there. Project:How-to/Job Tags/NPO, for example.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: Invicta Job Tags Table Edit

I love you so much. Homo intended. THANK YOU!!!! <3  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   18:59, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)

It looks good to me :D , and talking dirty to me just makes the "Homo Intended" more intense ;)  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   19:06, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)
o.O Question/Advice time. Since I have been in Invicta twice... should I put two former job tag tables? One in the first section on my wiki about Invicta, then one under the current in the second? or just combine them all?  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   19:09, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)
Interesting, I thought mine was more like a story since it showed where I had been in order, but you may be right :D  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   19:42, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)
I know what I'm going to do now. Question :P what should I name the NPO history page (as a separate page all together, like you suggested)  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   20:32, Friday, 13 January 2012 (ET)

{{Infobox National flag}} Edit

Make another version of {{Infobox National flag}} that can have 4 flags for Theo.

Done.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Congrats and WelcomeEdit

Your request for adminship has been approved. Welcome to the team. Keep up the great work on editing the wiki. I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask. Lol pie (talkcontribs) 21:08, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

MediaWiki Resources Edit

As requested!

  Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: TPC Troubles & Rogue subpages Edit

I wish to keep them as sub-pages, they may eventually be linked to as part of the history within the main article but I don't see a reason to have them as main pages but thanks anyway. --LittleRena (talkcontribs) 00:35, January 16, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Test Edit

Testing  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   08:13, Monday, 23 January 2012 (ET)

Both of you lrn2sandbox :D   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re:Observer status in STOP Edit

Sorry for the late reply; internet was out. :P Observers on STOP (in the RP sense) are basically members without voting priveleges and is exempt from the Security Council's juridstinction. If a roleplayer was roleplaying a nation with observer status, they'd still would have the same amount of access as a standard signatory. Hope that clears any curiosity! :P Cheers, JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 21:29, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

I'd think so too. However, most "observers" are roleplayed by a roleplayer who happens to roleplay a signatory. Of course, of all the observers that are not, they are generally not as enthusiastic as a roleplayer who is a signatory. Generally, an observer feels more like a semi-OoC distinction. However, just the existence of observers in STOP provides more realism to the PDS. But yeah, you might as well be a signatory than an observer. :) JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 04:32, January 29, 2012 (UTC)

RE: .cwoEdit

Hiya, yes i be grateful if you can thanks. King dope (talkcontribs) 22:41, January 31, 2012 (UTC)


I'm going to copy this message to Locke, MvP and Lolpie's respective talk pages

/me awaits getting masses of emails :P   Michael von Preußen | talk

Looks good to me.  ~   Locke    talk    contribs    nation   23:28, Friday, 10 February 2012 (ET)

One thing I'd suggest adding is using {{citation link}} as a method. It's how I added references to Jamahiriya (2nd). The template could probably be improved, since I'm 90% sure I made it solely for that page I made it very sloppily for Victory (statue), but it's a good way to add quick references without having to bother with a references section at the page bottom.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Well, you have to keep in mind, any average contributor who manages to find his way to CN:CITE and cares to follow it is going to have to learn how to use <ref></ref> and <references/> tags anyway. So I don't see that it would be too much of a stretch.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: assistance por favor Edit

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "columns inside columns". Are you trying to get it so that the tables - Blocs, MDoAP, etc., are all the same height compared to the ones beside them?   Michael von Preußen | talk

Alright, well, I'll work on it a bit. Honestly, I'm not sure it's possible. I tend to achieve similar effects on my website either by eliminating borders, making it appear to be the same height, or with JavaScript. I'll see what I can do, though.   Michael von Preußen | talk
I give up. :/ Personally, I'd just kill the borders on the tables, so that there's no distinction between their heights. If you want to mess around with it some more, this was the resource I was trying and failing to implement.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: Stuff Edit

CN:CITE looks good. I guess I've kind of been doing that myself, I prefer just using a link. One change I'd make is that citations should be formatted as those on Wikipedia should be. For example, I'd do <ref>[[Rogal Dorn#Media Corps - Wiki Division|Citation]]</ref> instead of putting the raw URL in the ref tags. Makes things look nicer. And of course Wikipedia has all kinds of templates for that stuff, so we could make some too if it would be helpful.

Also, I couldn't help messing with your sub-columns code. I found out that for each line that the longest column has beyond the column you're trying to match to it, you can add bottom padding equal to 1.25 times the line height times that number of lines, and that will make the bottom borders even. (The line-height on pages is 20px, at least in my custom CSS.) So, for example, the Blocs table would get 75px of bottom padding and the MDPs one would get 100px. I also found that the Blocs table could alternatively use 5.75em bottom padding, though I'm not sure how that could be derived. But then this method only works in preview, and when I log out the tables don't even have borders. So I'd need to do a little more testing and don't have the time right now. It might still work if you can find out the line height used in preview, but I'm not sure. I saved the page to see what it looked like, feel free to revert or mess with it. But the only way I could see the method that worked in preview being implemented is if you made the whole thing a template (I'd probably do that anyway for neatness and ease of use) and added a parameter that would have to be filled in (optionally) for the number of alliances in the longest column in each row, and determined the bottom padding for the other columns from that, but that seems like something I would totally do for my own thing and other people wouldn't bother with, so I dunno :P.

Oh, and I really haven't had time for the job tags template. Hopefully I can do that soon.

 Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 14:53, Saturday, 11 February 2012 (ET)

User rename Edit

If Melisande wants her username changed, make sure she asks Wikia to change it also (I think it's just done through Special:Contact). It leaves a mess but then at least it shows the desired name on everything and such.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 16:13, Tuesday, 14 February 2012 (ET)

Yeah, that would probably be best. If you do that make sure you delete the new pages so the old ones can be moved back. Though I'm not sure if that would be necessary, since they'd be moved there anyway.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 16:58, Wednesday, 15 February 2012 (ET)

Re: Preview redlinks Edit

Hmm, I hadn't noticed that. The problem is that I don't know how to see the code for preview, so I don't know what's causing the issue. You might try removing div#WikiaArticle a {color:#002bb8;} from the link styles section, but then all normal links will probably be the new color. Everything was so much nicer before Oasis.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 15:06, Monday, 20 February 2012 (ET)

Well then I'm not sure. Actually, I just noticed that links in preview aren't the new (old) blue anyway, so I don't think CSS is applied to preview at all. You're sure you saw redlinks in preview just before updating the CSS? I have to go to class now, I guess I can look at it more this afternoon. And I removed the header red-ing because it also colored too many headers that shouldn't be colored and I didn't feel like keeping up with that. It's usually pretty easy to tell them apart from other headers anyway.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 10:45, Tuesday, 21 February 2012 (ET)

Ohai Edit

Figured I should get to you before you use my archive system as a model :P. It's best to use {{Archive box}} unless you want to customize it a lot like I did. This is a good point to do it though, I think all of mine are smaller than this page's current size. Not sure what the standard size for archiving is, I've gone by number of sections and byte size.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 16:54, Tuesday, 28 February 2012 (ET)

Eras TOC Edit

Dunno if it's just me but I hate all that white space :P. I used TOC right because the TOC was getting long and doing so removes the white space while also making the text in the shorter sections take up more lines, so fewer clears are necessary. I think letting it use some of the space in the article is part of the point of using it and I don't think there's anything wrong with it.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 15:17, Thursday, 1 March 2012 (ET)

Oh and another thing. Forgot to look at today's edits to your page. I'm not sure what you meant to do in the Academy section, but it looks like something's not quite right. Also, for the war stats table it might look better if you remove the width property and give it margin:auto, but it's up to you.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 15:32, Thursday, 1 March 2012 (ET)
 :D and yeah I meant it to do that, I always check after saving to make sure it looks right, since preview is hardly accurate anymore. Well, it still might look bad to someone who hasn't removed the sidebar, but I don't usually bother with making compatibility for that. Well, now that you made that change it looks a little squished to me, you might want to give it a width after all :P it's currently about 215px, so you could test in preview to see what looks good. If you want to change it at all, that is.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 18:32, Friday, 2 March 2012 (ET)
Eep, and thanks for fixing that typo on my alliance history page. I did notice that and I meant to fix it but I guess I got distracted >_> and I have to edit in IE currently so I don't get the spellcheck either.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 18:43, Friday, 2 March 2012 (ET)
Nah, I hadn't looked at the archivebox yet since you didn't have the new code on here yet. I was also trying to figure out where the extra spaces from the sidebars you have came from, might look at it later. But nah I was talking about the war stats again :P. I dunno about fonts, default works well enough for me :P. As for wrapping, well you don't have a nowrap on the first half, and all the non-breaking spaces will keep it all stuck together. Try using just regular spaces, or &#32s if necessary. My sig might be a good example to look at, it's just two nowrapped spans inside a bigger span that does wrap, and they're just separated by spaces.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 15:31, Saturday, 3 March 2012 (ET)

Code Edit

Yeah, and I just noticed, the centering isn't necessary at all since those are headers, which are automatically centered and bold :P. Also it isn't really accurate to call the Oasis modification CSS Monaco, it's just adjustments to improve the skin for fans of Monaco.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 15:29, Tuesday, 6 March 2012 (ET)

Re: Imagemaps Edit

Looks to me like they no longer support external links. Working on finding a solution through Special:Outbound, but it looks like we may be shit out of luck :/   Michael von Preußen | talk

Looks like they've been reenabled.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Map software/Opera inquiry Edit

Well, I'm afraid I likely won't be able to help you with either inquiry.

Regarding map software, I really don't know of any, and wish I did. Any edits to maps I've done have pretty much been done by hand; I use Inkscape to alter SVG maps, and PNG maps I like to pretend don't exist. :p

As for Opera, that is indeed an issue. As well, copy/paste in Google Docs doesn't work (at all in document-style docs, or by right-click > copy in spreadsheets). The short explanation for this is that Google hates Opera (even going so far as to disable working functions like reverse image search and customizable background image in the browser). Now, for me, this isn't an issue, as I use Google Docs about once a millennium, and logging into another browser to use them isn't much of a hassle, but if you do routinely use them, I can see how it'd be a right pain in the neck. Google. <.<   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: Hai Edit

It's going okay, though my laptop was taken away again, which is annoying. I've been surviving though. You?  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 14:53, Friday, 13 April 2012 (ET)

Fonts Edit

Saw you adding some fonts to your sandbox, and since they seem to be for signature ideas, I thought I'd leave you a couple notes. First, keep in mind that if users don't have a particular font on their system, they'll just get the site default. I have close to 8,000 fonts on my machine, and I still don't have a lot you're trying out. Second, do remember to put font names containing spaces in quotes—many browsers (especially older ones) either won't render fonts at all, or will render them incorrectly, the latter of which can even occur in more modern browsers if a user has variously-named fonts on their computer. So, for example, use style="font-family:'Times New Roman';" instead of style="font-family:Times New Roman;"—the latter might cause problems if someone has a font on their computer called simply 'Times'.   Michael von Preußen | talk

I'd also recommend not using the deprecated font tag, use span instead :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 14:37, Monday, 16 April 2012 (ET)
How did I not notice that? :(   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: Flag thingyEdit

Thank you! :) (Mantineia (talk • contribs) 20:02, April 28, 2012 (UTC))

Nation InfoboxEdit

Rogal: Got a question for you, trying to edit my Nation Infobox on my page to be more custom. Is there any way to be able to add in divider lines or be able to move around sections of the template or does it require custom coding. Trying to get a red line added between Alliance and Eras and move Nation Team under that Red line so it is in the same section as Native Resources. Any help would be appreciated RD. Hope TIO is treating you well. --Zeta Defender (talk • contribs) 00:25, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Eras Edit

Well I only put support for that one era into the template, since it pretty much covers everything. LoD said it would be fine, though that was for the department pages, not sure if the same for wars and stuff. But the NPO era kind of applies to anything within that time span, not necessarily things that go the whole time or are still going. Hope that answers it, librarians want to close now so I have to go :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:48, Tuesday, 1 May 2012 (ET)

Yeah I understand, and that does make sense, but the way I did it was the easiest way to make it simple to use. Maybe it would be better to have a way to use a specific one. And I'd have to change the code anyway if any other alliance/group decides to use Eras. So I guess we'll see what happens and how lazy I feel :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 16:05, Wednesday, 2 May 2012 (ET)

Wikia's being more evil than usual Edit

Hey Rogal,

Form message below :v

I just thought I'd share something I noticed today across Wikia sites. It seems Wikia's set a cookie (named Geo) tracking location of its users. I'm not sure how they're deriving the information, which is a lot more accurate for myself than the information provided by a simple WHOIS request on my IP address, but it doesn't seem dependent on standard geolocation, which I have disabled.

Unfortunately, there's a separate cookie set on each wiki you visit, and deleting them has no effect, as they're just reset. However, editing them does seem to work, at least short-term. I have no idea what they're used for, but I'm hoping my edits to a few wikis I use send a message to someone:


Anyway, just thought I'd pass the information along to the admins here in case anyone's interested or concerned.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Re: line breaks Edit

Wait how close to the actual page width with the sidebar is the preview box? It's so narrow >_> But yeah I'm working on making them all have line breaks so that they don't take up the whole page width. I think it looks better that way, especially without the sidebar.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 19:30, Tuesday, 22 May 2012 (ET)

The preview box is exactly the width of the article without the CSS changes: 660px.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Oh. Well then. That's ridiculously small. Anyway, Rogal, as I was going to say in IRC but you're not back yet: I think it looks better if they're all approximately the same width, because many don't have enough alliances even to fill the width of the preview. So that's what I'm working on. Maybe I'm just used to how they looked with fewer alliances or something, but it seems better to me when they're less wide (but not too narrow, because then they get long :P). Also it looks like you might be using an outdated version of my custom CSS, headers aren't supposed to be red anymore.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 19:59, Tuesday, 22 May 2012 (ET)

Aid Slots Edit

Hey Rogal,

I saw you add the aid slots parameter to Regnum Invictorum. The reason I'd not done so before is because I worry about its implementation. The up/down/same parameter can only really apply to the percentage, yet the percentage does not, in fact, appear in the source code. To implement it, then, one has to be sure to make a mental note of the percentage before they go to edit the page, or else re-open the unedited page in a new tab partway through editing, in order to make sure the new percentage, which again isn't even entered into the page, is higher or lower than the old one. It just seems a bit roundabout and I'm not entirely sure it's vital enough to the page to bother with the extra steps.

Can you think of any more direct ways one might incorporate it into the page? What if only the percentage was included instead of the raw slot numbers? It might be better to call it 'Aid Efficiency' in such a case, but whatever works. Just thought I'd start a conversation about it!   Michael von Preußen | talk

Just occurred to me that using the up/down/same indicator would probably break its ability to determine the percentage anyway, so I'm going to go with the percentage instead anyway for Invicta's page.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Wut Edit

It looks to me like Template:WUT was balanced and then you unbalanced it :S I like the fixing Image-->File thing though :D.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 09:55, Friday, 25 May 2012 (ET)

Oh :< Well yeah I think it would look better to let it determine the width itself. Have to accomodate all display modes after all :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 10:04, Friday, 25 May 2012 (ET)

Re:Poke Edit

I'm still around except I'm just wrapping up with school and RL. I am still active at STOP and I intend using the wiki more this coming summer. Thanks for wondering though! ^_^ JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 01:07, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

I decided that I am no longer interested in CN and found that keeping my nation alive was pointless. However, I plan on continuing to roleplay and possible extend STOP to the CNverse so in order to gain access to the forums, I'll re-roll except I plan on doing minimal activity on that nation (just collecting taxes to keep it active). I'm sorry if this disappoints any of you guys back in Pacifica (miss you guys :\ ) but I no longer have much interest to be dedicated that much now. Well, you'll see me more around spamming up the recent changes page this summer so yeah. Got two more weeks of school! :P JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 14:50, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

Re: Job tags template Edit

Yeah, true. Actually it should be easier than ever to add an alliance. The only subpage I will be using for it is {{Job tags/switch}}, so all you have to do to add an alliance is add the appropriate values in there. Any changes to format will be more annoying since all the code will just be copy-pasted a bunch of times to get all the tables, but hopefully there won't need to be too many changes. The only thing I can think of is if a new alliance to be added has their tags wider than 120px, but that should be pretty easy to update, a quick 'replace all' would take care of it.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 17:08, Tuesday, 29 May 2012 (ET)

In the examples you added, none of the Invicta or IRON department links work :/ Do they all still need creating or is something not working? Remember if an article doesn't fit the standard naming format you gave me ("<Invicta/IRON> Department of _____") then there will need to be a redirect to it from that format so the template will link to it.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:32, Wednesday, 30 May 2012 (ET)

Re: Rest Edit

Your damn message still keeps telling me I have a new message :|  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   18:50, Wednesday, 6 June 2012 (ET)

:o! what message is that? D: click it! click it!—  RogalDorn  

Re: Delete Request Edit

Hey RogalDorn, thank you for handling that delete request for me. I'm sure you can tell, but I hardly make it onto the wiki or CN even any more.

-- Dynasty   Talk • Grand Besaid   22:05, Thursday, 7 June 2012 (EST)

Not a problem Dynasty, I know we all take breaks every now and again. Are you going to be quitting CN/the wiki or is it just temporary? :3—  RogalDorn  
It's hard to say, but perhaps I should make it more obvious that I am not extremely active at the moment. -- Dynasty   Talk • Grand Besaid   18:51, Sunday, 8 July 2012 (EST)


Fixed "A Treaty You Can't Refuse." Only comment I have is how come you can't easily change the categories from the edit page screen. Also where are my Admins :P --Zeta Defender (talk • contribs) 04:04, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

Bobo took care of it. xD—  RogalDorn  

Sig Edit

You should subst your sig. Then it's less vulnerable to vandalism for one thing, and it won't change if you change your sig page.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 00:24, Friday, 15 June 2012 (ET)

I kinda liked that it would change if i change the sig page though :3. I tended to change my sigs font etc quite a bit a few months ago >.<. The main reason was that it cuts down on sig coding on talk pages lol :)—  RogalDorn  

Dave War Commanders Edit

Hey, not sure who relayed what, but for the Dave War page GOONS Commander should be SirWilliam instead of Sardonic, or at least in addition to (Sardonic posted the DoW but I committed GOONS forces, worked out the logistics, and have been commanding GOONS's war effort). Not a big deal but just for the sake of accuracy.Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs)

Gotcha I'll fix that, thanks Sir William.—  RogalDorn  

Re: Wiki award Edit

Thanks, Rogal! =D Digging the new signature color, too :3   Michael von Preußen | talk

No problem señor, you totally deserve it! yeah I like the blue more than the red too :)—  RogalDorn  

Couple things Edit

  1. Thanks for working on NPO pages categorizations, that's one thing on my quite lengthy to-do list :P. However, while you were doing it some of the pages got added to Category:Templates, which they shouldn't because Category:New Pacific Order Template is already in that category. Also, were you planning to create the Mentor Corps category? Thanks for fixing those spellings too, they were annoying me :P.
  2. Assuming you saw the new staff blog. I commented asking if there's an easy way to go through and fix all of them, but I doubt there is. I'll add it to Important Information on the main page, but it'll be a fun time trying to fix everything >_> Not that forcing compliance is a bad thing, we just have a ton of people using bad code.
  3. I think that's it for now :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:25, Thursday, 5 July 2012 (ET)
Not a problem Bobo, I want to help with the categories as well, I thought I got rid of all the Category:Templates and replaced them with the NPO templates but I did so many I probably made a couple mistakes on that. Yeah I was going to do Mentor Corps to replace Mentor Corp I just got distracted with something else (updated the Template:Infobox bloc with Bloc Type, Bloc Formation date, Bloc status, Bloc termination all from the Template:Treaty infobox simple. I updated about 20 bloc pages with it, i avoided the color/other blocs though for the most part. I'll go back through the NPO categories tonight because I'll have nothing else to do lol. (my sleep schedule is absolutely garbage right now so im up all night/morning and sleep in the evening >.<)
I did see the staff blog but that was around when I was going to bed so I'll reread it. Is there any way I can add some awb rules and just run the crap out of it replacing stuff, especially through Category:Templates and the larger categories.
I did notice an interesting old template, Template:Vandal warning. It's nice how it says what warning level the person is getting in the message. think we should add a parameter like that for Template:Warn? I'm also very glad I found Template:Movenotice too :). Anywho, talk to you later Bobo.—  RogalDorn  
Maybe some of them were left over from before and you didn't get to them yet, then. Sounds good. My sleeping is pretty weird too, it kinda naturally settled at going to sleep around 7am and waking up ~10 hours later :P. It would be worse but I need to be up for dinner and stuff so I keep it around there. Except like now when I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, I just won't sleep :P. Well there's a ton to go through, center and font tags plus the other stuff (especially in tables) are used all over the place. And for a lot of it the syntax is conditional. It might be easier just to wait until we see something broken. It's just the formatting anyway, all the information should still be there. Nah, {{Warn}} is meant only as a first general warning, anything after that or more specific needs a custom message, and we don't usually get much of that these days anyway.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 03:17, Friday, 6 July 2012 (ET)

hey buddyEdit

Two pointer:

  1. GGA entry is missing/vandalised
  2. Job tags - I only noticed 1. after commenting on the talk page GGA, GATO, Legion and a few others might be good job tag entries

RenegadeOfficer (talk • contribs) 17:35, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hey mal! the GGA page i think got messed up. it said that i moved the page when i didnt because i was at work all day so im not sure whats going on there but i fixed the GGA related issues. As far as the job tags, i've offered other alliances to put their job tags up on the wiki as well but most dont care to have them put up. I think its cool and a way to show an alliance's internal affairs kinda and what they can offer or what people can do for that alliance. it's kinda the same deal with alliance awards, some alliances want them up on the wiki and some dont care. if you know anyone that wants help putting stuff up on the wiki and you need a hand feel free to get a hold of me on irc (#cn-wiki on coldfront, same as #FAN) or on here again. take care man!—  RogalDorn  

facepalm Edit

Hey man, can you revert these recent changes done to the Post-Dissolution Sphere article. The guy who edited this has not been approved to join the PDS and he's basically screwing with everything. I don't have rollback abilities and I don't want to manually revert each one. Can you do it for me? That guy hasn't been accepted yet so yeah. If you could leave him a message reminding him to apply on the STOP forums and that until then, he shouldn't mess with the PDS articles? Thanks Rogal! :) JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 04:08, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

Hey Justin, how does this look, is it right? rollback didnt actually help since chao101 edited after the anonymous user did. so i went back to bowow's last edit and edited that old version and saved it as is. thats why IMO rollback isn't _that_ useful, well, on a wiki like ours.—  RogalDorn  
Yeah seems like what it was supposed to be. Thanks! JustinVuong | Talk | Nation 23:26, July 17, 2012 (UTC)
no problemo justin, if you need it to have {{Semiprotect}} along with the permissions on it for edit access for registered users only that's an option too.—  RogalDorn  

BFF Edit

Yes, BFF the bloc is defunct. It is kind of buried in the announcement, but it is there.Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs)

fixed the BFF bloc page and BFF disambig page. thanks—  RogalDorn  


The olympics! Edit

Glad you liked it! It was a messy and much-delayed side-project, but a fun one nonetheless.   Michael von Preußen | talk

It's definitely one of the cooler cooperative efforts I've seen on the wiki :) We'll have to do something like that someday before CN goes away and we all disappear as much as I don't want to think about that.—  RogalDorn  
Indeed! Sporting events aren't usually my thing, but it was nice to see a good group of people get together for it. Might seem a bit silly doing a Summer Olympics now that they've already finished, but... well, I mentioned how delayed the last ones were, so meh. :P But I definitely agree, we'll need to work something like that out; it's been forever since I've done any actual RP.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Hehe, it wouldn't have to be a sporting event, it could be anything we would want to do together really. You might not have RP'd in a while but look at my only RP page, qwerty nation. Epic failure on my part there, haha. I assume you used a random number generator to see who won what and such?—  RogalDorn  
Haha, I see. Yeah, that's essentially what I did. Somewhere (probably on Pika's talk page, but I can't find it) I recall going into more detail about how that was done, but the exact details have slipped my mind since then. But yeah, was involved. :v   Michael von Preußen | talk
I could whip some stuff up real quick I'm sure if we did decide to do something using our RP nations or an RP person (our persona's maybe or something, who knows). Very cool though! I know I've said this before but Damn! I wish I was here back in those days. :p—  RogalDorn  
Oh MvP! I was bored the yesterday/today and after traversing around wikipedia for a while at people's userpages and how nice and neat they are I decided it was about time to make myself one because quite frankly my old one was hideous and crappy. I wasn't sure what to do so I thought about using your userpage's foundations so to speak, so it has some similarities but I think I changed a lot of the rest, I like it though :). If you don't mind I'd love your opinion on it MvP. I had to throw a prank in there as well hehehe.—  RogalDorn  
Oooh, I like it! Fits better horizontally on Oasis than mine did, too. The scrollbox for the userboxen is an especially nice touch. I keep meaning to port my own page properly to some of the other wikis I edit on, but keep forgetting. I'll probably be scouring your code to find ways to make it fit better sooner or later. :P   Michael von Preußen | talk
Thanks! :D I've never spent so much time on in my life. I have found myself going there to look stuff up every now and again when I need some help with stuff. I did remove the color/hover templates where I saw them for that exact reason. Although I couldn't really use my imagemap on any other wiki. But meh, I could fill that in with other stuff xD more jokes/pranks perhaps, or move the userboxes over there and add in another box similar to the Methods of Contact one right next to it. Also, I love how we both used the Exquisite icons haha. All the other ones on Wikipedia are way too cartoonish/outlandish for my tastes, Exquisite is just more... modern and fitting with the theme. I thought about making my userpage fit for Oasis but it's just too damn skinny, BLEH. At least for users with oasis it pretty much only cuts off the imagemap, admin dashboard, my prank and the far right quicklinks drop-down.
p.s. I also made good use of A few templates that I actually helped Locke import from WP long time ago :p. Namely Template:Box-shadow and Template:linear-gradient.—  RogalDorn  
Oh great, now I'm going to be using {{linear-gradient}} and copying source code when I want to make cross-browser gradients. That's just so much simpler than doing it by hand! Which is awesome, but also tics me off because my wikidependance just went up a few dozen points :v   Michael von Preußen | talk
Also, thanks for the link to those icon sets. I'm sure that'll come in handy yet. :3   Michael von Preußen | talk
Hahahahaha! You're double welcome for both MvP! I think tomorrow I'm going to spend some time copy/pasting my cn wiki userpage to my wikipedia userpage. I don't contribute too much on wikipedia due to all the jagbags, although I think there's less of them these days, that or i just ignore them. I just look up stuff I need for the CN wiki or I'll randomly wikify pages I see that need a link here or there or whatever, they call those people WikiGnomes for whatever reason. I kinda have been a little bit more active lately there just because I wanted to get involved in maintaining/expanding the Game of Thrones/ASoIaF articles. Also, the best rule of all is Ignore all rules, which is a pretty awesome rule imo.—  RogalDorn  
Yeah, I've not contributed to Wikipedia actively in a very long while, aside for anonymous edits here and there. Still do like to do SVGs for Commons, though, from time to time :P   Michael von Preußen | talk


Hey Rogal -- just curious as to why you edited out Argent's attack on my in support of GPF and at their request. Only thing I've ever had undone -- was it a formatting issue? --Walsh the Beloved (talk • contribs) 03:50, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

Hey Walsh, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I removed them on the Dave War part right? I'm pretty sure I did but I can't remember really. If you're refering to the Dave War it's because they never actually declared war. If you want to do something similar to.... the BTA-MONGOLS War and add "minor involvement" tidbit at the very bottom with a tiny Argent flag on the Dave War page etc I don't see why that would be a problem. Hope this helps!—  RogalDorn  

Not certain who in Argent is disputing that they hit me because I hit GPF. I hit GPF because of the Dave War. They hit me in response. To wit:

  • 21 July 2012 - SRA DoW's GPF I declare on Natureland, but don't attack for 32 hours because he hasn't logged on to read the DoW.
  • 23 July -- Query started by Swatch0 of GPF Gov't, first to find out if Kaskus will defend me. When he finds out they won't, he calls me a "bandwagoner" and says I will be treated as such.

01:23:08: <Swatch0[GPF]> hey

01:23:14: <Swatch0[GPF]> why do you have protected by kaskus in ur bio

01:23:16: <Swatch0[GPF]> are you really?

01:23:25: <Walsh_the_Beloved> LOL

01:23:37: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Lotta questions about that recently

01:23:45: <Swatch0[GPF]> i'll take that as a no

01:23:46: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Yes kind of

01:23:46: <Swatch0[GPF]> lol

01:23:55: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Well, it is a yes

01:24:04: <Swatch0[GPF]> hah

01:24:05: <Swatch0[GPF]> lol

01:24:05: <Swatch0[GPF]> okay

01:24:06: <Swatch0[GPF]> thanks

01:24:07: <Walsh_the_Beloved> But let me put it this way:

01:24:19: <Walsh_the_Beloved> They will NOT be entering this war on my behalf

01:24:27: <Swatch0[GPF]> lolz

01:24:28: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Or likely any other

01:24:31: <Swatch0[GPF]> well good

01:24:34: <Swatch0[GPF]> enjoy the fireworks

01:24:52: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Probably won't be too many of those either

01:25:01: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Are you friends with Razor as well?

01:25:04: <Swatch0[GPF]> yes

01:25:10: <Swatch0[GPF]> I fought alongside Kaskus in their war against GOONs

01:25:23: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Ah -- I've gone and made things awkward for him, haven't I?

01:25:33: <Swatch0[GPF]> Nope

01:25:35: <Swatch0[GPF]> don't really care

01:25:40: <Swatch0[GPF]> you are considered a badnwagonner

01:25:41: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Oh good.

01:25:44: <Swatch0[GPF]> and will be dealt with as such

01:25:44: <Swatch0[GPF]> :P

01:25:54: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Well, I am certainly NOT.

Now, when Argent hit me, I hadn't seen their "no bandwagon" announcement. So when the first guy hit, I PM'd to see if it was a tech raid or due to the GPF war. He said he wasn't sure, he was just told to hit a rogue that was hitting GPF. So I PM'd swatch0 on IRC:

23:45:31: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Hey, got a quick sec?

23:47:48: <Swatch0> yea

23:47:49: <Swatch0> sup?

23:48:39: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Quick question: Did you tell Argent I was a rogue?

23:49:00: <Swatch0> No

23:49:04: <Swatch0> I just told em we had nations in PM

23:49:06: <Swatch0> in your range

23:49:10: <Swatch0> and you were just hitting us for fun

23:49:13: <Swatch0> well someone else did

23:49:18: <Swatch0> and we told em to help us deal with you

23:49:19: <Swatch0> :)

23:49:21: <Swatch0> that's all

There were a few queries with Argent Gov't as well. Names redacted as they apparently aren't consistent with the party line and I don't want to get anyone in trouble:

01:51:13: <Walsh_the_Beloved> Well, here's the thing: I believe argent is attacking me in defense of GPF 01:51:54: <Walsh_the_Beloved> But the fellas attacking me seem to be under the impression they are dealing with a rogue, which I have gone to some lengths to prevent

01:52:09: <XXXXX[Argent]> That does appear to be going on.

Now, oddly enough I cannot find the Peace thread with Argent gov't in my logs. Suffice to say that as soon as I showed them screenshots proving I sent peace to GPF and the 3 Argent guys attacking me, guess what happened? They stopped attacking me. This was only two days into it.

Given the above, I'm really surprised that Argent is disputing this. Argent said they would attack bandwagoners, GPF goverment ID'd me as such and stated overtly that they called Argent in. Argent confirms, and stops attacking the SECOND I have peace with GPF. Seems pretty obvious. Perhaps they are trying to prevent their allies being embarrassed at calling them in to fight a one man micro.

Rogal, I'm not going to change the Dave War page again regarding this for a few reasons:

1. You're the WIKI administrator guy, not me. If you feel that the Argent attack on me was NOT related to my attack on GPF, despite everything you read above, I'm sure you're doing it to keep the WIKI as accurate as possible. Perhaps you were told something directly that counters everything I was told directly at the time the events occured. Would sure like to know why they did attack, then -- weirdest, most coincidental tech raid EVER, I guess ;).

2. I won't put the evidence above on the Dave War page either, as this conflict was certainly NOT the centerpiece of the war and if I added the above it would become the centerpiece of the Dave War page.

3. The Argent guys I fought seemed pretty cool, as were the 2 or 3 Argent gov't guys I dealt with on IRC. Lord Knows they could've ZI'd me and no one but me would have cared. Instead, they respected my DoE and treated me square, almost certainly over GPF's objections. I'm not inclined to embarrass them or their allies in public just to make the WIKI accurate. I know the truth, they know the truth and now you know the truth -- that will have to be enough. --Walsh the Beloved (talk • contribs) 18:21, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

Argent do not consider it part of the war as i was saying though Walsh, that's why i marked it as "Disputed Involvement" and not "Minor Involvement".
[21:27] <Lowsten[Argent]> Anyway, as far as anyone in Argent is concerned, we didn't enter the war.
[21:27] <Lowsten[Argent]> We fought what was described to us as a rogue.
[21:27] <Lowsten[Argent]> We gave peace soon thereafter.
[21:30] <Lowsten[Argent]> I got the message, had a brief meeting with staff on hand where we attacked him. I dealt with the guy all three times he "talked" with Argent.
You consider their actions as part of the war and they consider it "dealing with a rogue" and not part of the war. I hope you understand my point of view and why i chose "disputed involvement" instead of "minor involvement".—  RogalDorn  

Re: MvP! savior extraordinaire! Edit

No problem! Biggest issue was following the redirect mess. D: But seems to be fixed now!   Michael von Preußen | talk

Thanks MvP!—  RogalDorn  

Re: poke Edit

I would but this thing called a job has taken over my life :(  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   11:08, Saturday, 18 August 2012 (ET)

WHAT!? I didn't know you got a job you jagbag. xD you and ipb still need to come down for some cuban sandwiches and ybor city.—  RogalDorn  
Yeah :/ Ask me about it on IRC. Otherwise I'd be more active on IRC and the Wiki, I've barely even been on IRC.  ~   Nascar8FanGA    talk    nation   11:13, Saturday, 18 August 2012 (ET)
I'm going on vacation tomorrow and i've been super busy irl the last week and a half because of the stupid RNC coming to tampa. ugh. i'll hop on irc though.—  RogalDorn  

Re: Good alliance pages Edit

Get six talk page edit emails. Thought process: "I bet Rogal left the same messages on all of them!" :P Thanks for the head's up, I'll add some feedback tonight.   Michael von Preußen | talk

You know me! :p I thought getting a good consensus by leaving a message on talk pages instead of at the village pump would yield more replies.   Rogal  talk   09:22,9/11/2012 (UTC)

Image loading problems Edit

Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but at some point the Wiki started introducing a 'fade-in' effect on some, though not all, images. I'm not sure if this is achieved through an admin-controllable extension or addon or not, but it's been causing a lot of problems for me in a few browsers. The code somehow functions by giving each image two src values - terrible, non-standard HTML - and using JavaScript to fade from the first (which embeds a blank image with Data URI) to the second (the actual image screen). Opera, my default browser, refuses outright to load them at all, displaying tons of articles worth of empty image frames. Chrome, my backup, usually loads them, but sometimes doesn't, or stalls halfway through loading.

Anyway, thought I'd pass the information along. If it's directly done by Wikia, it might be worth letting them know that it's broken as all hell.   Michael von Preußen | talk

That was wikia's grand idea about 2 weeks ago, it's effing terrible if you ask me. I even said so (along with many users on the blog post)   Rogal  talk   09:21,9/11/2012 (UTC)

Haha, figures they'd implement it terribly. It works perfectly for me in Firefox :> though perhaps unnecessary. I didn't observe to see whether it actually improved load times. Also, what blog post was this in?  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 17:44, Tuesday, 11 September 2012 (ET)

It's this blog post. Also, it works just fine for me using a chromium browser :3    Rogal  talk    01:38,9/12/2012 (UTC)
Ah, didn't think that post mentioned images. I was annoyed to find out that the css and js files were intentionally unreadable though, since I'm not sure how to view them other than by clicking the link in the Firefox source code window >.>  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:45, Tuesday, 11 September 2012 (ET)
Oops, I linked the wrong one. It's this one with "lazy loading" as they labeled it >.>   Rogal  talk    02:05,9/12/2012 (UTC)
Ah, cool. The bug fixes are nice to know about. I forgot about the comments change too, that's annoying because clicking the heading in the TOC doesn't do anything now, they need to fix that. In general that bit doesn't work as well as the images. But yeah, at least it's not anything too terrible :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 00:13, Wednesday, 12 September 2012 (ET)
Yeah, nothing too bad. :v   Michael von Preußen | talk
Holy smokes D: Is that just with Opera or FF or... because your userpage shows up normal for me (minus the fact that I can scroll down for like a minute through nothing-ness. >.>   Rogal  talk    06:11,9/12/2012 (UTC)
That's in Opera. Also, I was meaning to ask you, when you said you used 'a chromium browser', do you mean WebKit?   Michael von Preußen | talk
Yeah, I thought saying "a chromium browser" would be more understood than saying "I use SRWare Iron as a browser". So Chrome uses WebKit or w/e and google released Chromium as an open source Chrome essentially, then some guys made SRWare Iron using chromiums source code or w/e. There's a bunch of other chromium based browsers too :D   Rogal  talk    14:46,9/12/2012 (UTC)
Holy crap outdent :o That is beautiful :D Also, get this: on my desktop rather than my laptop. Same release version of Opera, but the Windows version of it, rather than the *nix version. Images load in fine. >_>   Michael von Preußen | talk
 :D Yeah it is amazing/handy! What the what... that's very odd! I wonder what is up with that. Have you ever put in a support ticket or something letting the devs and stuff know? Or is it on the wikia side of the house you think?   Rogal  talk    16:23,9/12/2012 (UTC)
I think it's a combination. Admittedly it is an out-of-date version of Opera, but really, progressive loading with JavaScript shouldn't be that hard that their code messes up on a few-months-old browser. Facebook manages it.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Facebook Q.Q that's the devil incarnate :3 lol, that and twitter and such xD I tried using Opera once but with the amount I use google docs it wasn't meant to be I guess :(    Rogal  talk    19:43,9/12/2012 (UTC)
Ouch, yes, GOogle does not like Opera. Where they don't break stuff purposely (background image, search by image) they just don't fix glaring problems. If I was a more cynical sort I'd say it was revenge for Opera switching to Bing for its default search engine. :v   Michael von Preußen | talk

RE: good alliance pages Edit

Thank for the message Rogal, I've left some comment regarding each page.  Dan100 | Talk | Nation 09:04, September 11, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks Dan! feel free to tell other folks too if you'd like to get more input :)   Rogal  talk   09:24,9/11/2012 (UTC)

Thank you for the message as well. I'll definitely look into the current nominations (and perhaps suggest other pages) later this week when I have time.  Pikachurin   Talk • Contribs   19:40, Tuesday, 11 September 2012 (ET)

Thank Pika I appreciate the participation :)   Rogal  talk    01:39,9/12/2012 (UTC)

Taking a look now - also have a request for you I'll put in a separate message RenegadeOfficer (talk • contribs) 17:21, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

Cheers for the message Rogal :3 I'll be sure to post and tell other folks about it. (Mantineia (talk • contribs) 21:15, September 12, 2012 (UTC))


what do you mean by "i forgot to sign"?Preceding unsigned comment added by Chao101 (talk • contribs)

lol sorry, i will make sure to do that Preceding unsigned comment added by Chao101 (talk • contribs)

Testing Testing 123 Chao101 (talk • contribs) 03:27, September 22, 2012 (UTC) chao101

Testing Testing 123 Chao101 (talk • contribs) 14:18, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

Re: War markers Edit

I honestly have no recollection of ever having made those, so I'm going to have to go back through my contributions to see. I'll get back to you.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Looks like there's not; I probably presumed that any war that didn't meet one of those conditions was ongoing. All in all, due to font issues, I'd probably suggest not using those, at least widely. What I could do, if you were interested in using them, would be make versions as images so their appearance would be standardized - this would also enable me to make a question-mark-in-circle for unknown results (such a symbol doesn't exist in Unicode).   Michael von Preußen | talk
What about making an SVG format type? Or is that not so easy?   Rogal  talk    19:09,9/24/2012 (UTC)
That's what I mean. I can do that now.   Michael von Preußen | talk
Marker-victory Marker-defeat Marker-peace Marker-ongoing Marker-unknown   Michael von Preußen | talk
MvP you are the man!   Rogal  talk    22:19,9/24/2012 (UTC)


G'day mate, apologies we seam to be having an unspoken battle of the wills with the white peace / defeat icon for the NPL war history in regards to the outcome of the NPL/Int war.

please refer here for confirmation that white peace was indeed the outcome between said parties

keep up the good work here bud


King Wally

Touche! thanks for the link King Wally :)   Rogal  talk    06:11,10/3/2012 (UTC)

so uh...=Edit

could my nation please be in Good Nation Pages?

dude i gotta knowEdit

why is it that you are editing pretty much everything in the wiki, such as the NPO, Anarchy Inc., The Imperial Empire, and more that are not even alliances too. reply bck soon ;-) Chao101 (talk • contribs) 09:34, October 18, 2012 (UTC)

It's so the wiki can be up to date as a resource for the Cyber nations community, with things like current treaty statuses (if a new one is announced I updated the alliance pages) or alliance government history (like on Anarchy Inc. or TIO's wiki pages) and a bunch of other things. Most alliances don't have someone who's knowledgeable or willing to spend time updating stuff so I tend to do it for them. There's a lot of minor things that I fix too.   Rogal  talk    10:27,10/18/2012 (UTC)

RE:nice new sig dan Edit

Thank you :P

I decided I needed something new and fresh

 Dan100 | Talk | Contributions 06:16, October 26, 2012 (UTC)


Hi Rogal! Thanks for the fixing the page, I was, I'm still a little lost. How can I add colors to the page, I would like to make it green like the forums. Probably it could be a mix of green and black, whatever looks best. The forums:

Also how can I add the flags? I'm hosting them at imgur, here's the links: Official Flag: War Flag:

Thanks a lot for all your help. Also since I'm new to wiki, where I can learn more.  :)

~ Frank

Hi Frank! Not a problem, anytime you need any help at all just drop me a line on this talk page and I'll give you a hand. To add colors to a page itself? do you mean like make the background of an entire page a color? If that's what you mean im afraid it goes against CN:STYLE, which is a guideline on structuring pages and such. Don't let that discourage you from contributing though :) I suggest mixing the green in with the alliance infobox (change out "black" for "green" in some of the color parameters (meaning |color1= and such). The way to upload an image is here -> Special:Upload. Basically you save the image to wherever on your computer and you upload it from there. Then you usually whatever the file name is (you choose its filename when uploading) you type the filename.jpg or .png whatever format it's in (thats for adding a flag to the infobox). I strongly suggest looking at existing alliance wiki's to see how things are coded, that's what really helped me learn. Here's a few, New Pacific Order, Sengoku, Anarchy Inc., The Imperial Order.
Some good places to learn more about wiki coding.... I would check out these links if I were you and maybe bookmark them and whenever you a quick reminder just pull them up and look.
And to a lesser extent these two may help, but the other ones are better I think.. Wikipedia:Cheatsheet and Help:Editing.
One last thing :p when you leave a message on someone's talk page hit "add new message" then at the end of your message you type this --> ~~~~. That just adds your "signature" and a timestamp of when you left it. I really hope this helps! And don't forget, if you have any questions at all I encourage you to ask them. :)   Rogal  talk    23:30,11/14/2012 (UTC)

I bookmarked all the links, there's a lot to learn, thanks! --> 05:11, November 15, 2012 (UTC).

My user page Edit

Hey Rogal,

I finally decided in getting around to building my profile page. Thing is, my knowledge in wiki code is very limited. That's where you come in. I was hoping you could help be build my user profile page. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Bowwow828 (talk • contribs) 11:17, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

Hrmm, what do you mean "build your profile page"? For almost two years I used mine like a notepad, full of reminders and stuff to do all while keeping track of my contributions, here's what it looked like xD. That was until I got a random idea to make a more aesthetically pleasing userpage and conduct all my work / reminders etc on my workspace page where people aren't as likely to see the messes I make. :)   Rogal  talk    21:14,11/20/2012 (UTC)
I mean "build" as in "help me turn it from a barren wasteland into something (like you said) with a aesthetically pleasing look to it". Something like your page or Justin's or MvP's page. Bowwow828 (talk • contribs) 04:06, November 21, 2012 (UTC)
Hey Bowwow, I have no problem helping you with building your user page. As Bobo said user pages are meant to be personal, an expression of yourself, what you're about, things like that. There's definitely a sense of pride when you build something yourself too. I have no problem helping you out by giving you the tools to build a userpage that you want to make.   Rogal  talk    19:48,11/21/2012 (UTC)
Why just copy what other people have done? It's your user page, make it what you want -- and what you can. Copying other people's work is the last thing you should do. I also wouldn't go as far as calling Justin's page aesthetically pleasing :P.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 23:55, Tuesday, 20 November 2012 (ET)
That's the thing, Bob. I have no knowledge in the more advanced wiki code, that's why I came to Rogal, who's more experienced than I.Bowwow828 (talk • contribs) 09:50, November 21, 2012 (UTC)
Yeah, that's somewhat my point. I believe you should learn it yourself if you want to use it. Since it's your user page, it should be the best expression of yourself, not of what you can get from other people. That's just me being crazy though; I'm sure Rogal will be fully willing to help you.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 05:12, Wednesday, 21 November 2012 (ET)


so anyone can get adminship on this wiki? because i saw a guy named nick go on there and ask for it Chao101 (talk • contribs) 13:12, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

Anyone can apply for adminship but that doesn't necessarily mean they will get it. I had 5000 edits before I even felt confident applying to become an admin, before that I was just helping out all around the wiki all the time to gain experience with coding, learning various ins-and-outs, procedures, reporting/reverting vandalism, etc.   Rogal  talk    21:06,11/20/2012 (UTC)
so anyway, im sorry RD but im really not interested in Alliance wars right now like you asked the other day. i personally myself am in the alliance of UCoN which is a neutral green alliance like the GPA. But if UCoN is ever in any alliance war, i will gladly participate in it :D Chao101 (talk • contribs) 12:15, November 21, 2012 (UTC)
That's okay, no problemo :)   Rogal  talk    19:33,11/21/2012 (UTC)

meow Edit

Hey if you ever need help on the Wiki (Like I saw you make a thread for requests, I'll gladly help with the list). I'm not a real explorer on large websites which I probably should be but hey :P.

<3 --Nick47274 (talk • contribs) 22:02, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

Feel free to help out wherever you want to. :) I just kinda get wild hairs up my ass when I'm doing stuff so I go from this to that to another pretty randomly, usually it's after I see something that needs to be fixed hehe.   Rogal  talk    22:07,11/20/2012 (UTC)

Sounds good :)

--Nick47274 (talk • contribs) 22:13, November 20, 2012 (UTC)

If you're new to the wiki scene I would suggest reading my little shpeel to Frank up the page a little bit to help get you started. :)   Rogal  talk    22:20,11/20/2012 (UTC)

Alright, thanks man! --Nick47274 (talk • contribs) 20:32, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

Re: duh doi! Edit

Hahaha, remember that brainstorming session we had about categories for individuals who participate in a war and we settled on Category:Individuals in the Dave War. Well how about golden nugget, Category:Dave War veterans. Boom! :D I can't believe we missed that one lol.   Rogal  talk    19:32,11/21/2012 (UTC)

Indeed, that's much more concise :P   Michael von Preußen | talk
And there's no "the" dilemma.   Rogal  talk    19:44,11/21/2012 (UTC)
Here's what we got so far Category:War veterans. I imagine going through Category:Member of New Pacific Order and Category:Former member of New Pacific Order alone will yield a lot of additions to populate the war veterans categories.   Rogal  talk    11:49,11/24/2012 (UTC)

Category redundancy Edit

You seem to understand category intentions in most other cases, so I didn't think this would be an issue. I removed the users category from your user page because Category:User:RogalDorn is in Category:User Factbooks, which is in Category:Users. Therefore, redundant. I elaborated on this point of category organization here. Likewise, Bloc Factbooks is a subcategory of Alliance groups, but neither of those applies to "Alliance group templates" because those are templates, not alliance groups, and so that category should only be in a template category.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 02:02, Friday, 23 November 2012 (ET)

You added in that guideline yourself Bobo. "Redundancy" in the scope you mentioned, is allowed on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Categorization#Non-diffusing_subcategories. I put them in those categories for a reason as well Bobo, you don't need to question or undo things that I do because they seem at-a-glance wrong in your perspective. If you have a question as to why I did something the way that I did, just ask. I'm the only person currently expanding the wiki for the community so I added it to those categories so I could access it from those categories which I'm currently working on. When I'm done working on them I'll take it out, no need to disrupt my working halfway through. Category:Users is also a comprehensive list of all users on the wiki so having my userpage in both would fit both cases of being within the list of users in Category:Users and my userpage is in my user factbook category.
I'm not really the young contributor who makes ridiculously noobish edits anymore, instead of attempting to correct edits I make, we can work together to fix things around the wiki. If you're on a categories kick right now look at the categories on the New Pacific Order article, it's in the following categories Category:Alliances, Category:Red team alliances, Category:People of the New Pacific Order, Category:Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order, Category:Pacific News Network, Category:Media Corps of the New Pacific Order, Category:New Pacific Order, Category:Sanctioned Alliances, Category:Invasion alliances, Category:World Unity Treaty, Category:One Vision, Category:Continuum, Category:Watling Street Compact, Category:Agora Accords, Category:Good alliance pages. By your definition it would be redundant that NPO is in Category:Alliances AND Category:Red team alliances since Category:Red team alliances is in the category Category:Alliances by team which is also in Category:Alliances. The answer is it belongs in both of those because it IS an alliance (comprehensive list of all alliances) and it is a red team alliance (comprehensive list of all red team alliances), it however is not a "People of the New Pacific Order" or any of the categories that have a strike through them.
Another example is the use of categories on Media Corps of the New Pacific Order where it's in Category:Departments of the New Pacific Order, Category:Media Corps of the New Pacific Order, Category:Pacific News Network. The Media Corps category is in the department category but the media corps page is still in both categories. Hopefully you understand.   Rogal  talk    01:18,11/24/2012 (UTC)
Thanks for the detailed reply, and I apologize for assuming you didn't have reasoning behind what you did.
I know I added that myself, but I based it on what I read on Wikipedia and probably partly on my own reasoning of what makes sense. I wasn't aware you were making those categorizations temporarily (it might have been helpful to put a summary or comment note saying so), but I don't believe in that kind of thing anyway, so that's why I couldn't think of a reason for them to be there. I definitely haven't been as active as you have, so I'll leave you alone about it. As for Category:Users, I'm not really sure. I could go through every non-subpage in the user namespace and add it to that category, but that would be pointless since they're all listed in Special:ListUsers with even more search/sort data. And for being non-diffusive, I dunno, because it wouldn't really do any harm but it would also be pointless since user pages related to User Factbooks will always be in those categories. So I would say that Category:Users is neither comprehensive nor non-diffusive, but I'll hear you out on why you think otherwise.
Yeah, in the future I'll try to remember to contact you instead of just undoing an edit. I'm not really interested in starting a project like that right now, but believe me, I've had stuff like that on my to-do lists for a long, long time. It honestly wouldn't be terribly complicated but I don't like to start big projects like that, especially when I can't really fully commit to it. There are a lot of things that need adjusting, and they've also been that way for a long time so they don't feel as bad to me, I guess. But I do have a lot of attention for categories since most people don't edit them much and I think in a very logical, structured way that I think fits them.
Alliances is not defined as a non-diffusing category (as stated on WP, a note on the category page is the the least it should have), nor do I see why it should be. The expanded contents of Category:Alliances by team will include all alliances, so there's no reason to duplicate the whole list in Category:Alliances.
Thanks and apologies again, and I'd be happy to continue discussing all this.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 21:37, Friday, 23 November 2012 (ET)

uhh... how do i put this in a way?Edit

I Am Interested in making a portal for my nation, the Hispanic Republic, but i don't know how to. Could you mind giving me a link on how to make one? Chao101 (talk • contribs) 17:09, November 23, 2012 (UTC)

I'd say take a look at the existing portals that are in Category:Portals and see how they're setup / laid out and adapt a style you like for your nation. :)   Rogal  talk    01:20,11/24/2012 (UTC)
Nuvola apps edu languages
Hello. You have new messages at Princess Victoria's talk page.
--Princess Victoria (talk • contribs) 18:16, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

Team GIFs Edit

Hi there,

I undid your edit to {{Alliance infobox}} short-term because I want to make sure this can be done. For example, File:Multi-Colored.gif does not exist. File:None.gif also doesn't exist. File:Multicolored.gif is also missing. I could go on, but in general, there's a lot of different ways to denote being multi-colored or having no official team, and it's prone to create a lot of redlinked files if you're not careful.

Anyway, just thought I'd leave you a note; up to you how to proceed.   Michael von Preußen | talk

Thats easy. Upload a multicolored icon and redirects for the 18 other ways of spelling it to the file. There's no such thing as "none" anyway so that's not a worry.   Rogal  talk    20:38,12/8/2012 (UTC)
Well, it'd be worth doing a redirect for it, too, no? I can't find an example right now, but I'm sure there are multicolored alliances that prefer to say they have 'no' team.   Michael von Preußen | talk
There's only one "none" team alliance that i found The Chicken Party Alliance.   Rogal  talk    20:46,12/8/2012 (UTC)
People putting "None" poses a problem too because it's not a default option in the sense that there's no "none team history" page, or category for "none team alliances" and such. The rest of the stuff is sorted out though as in if people leave it blank it defaults to multi-colored anyway so File:Team.gif redirects to File:Multicolored team.gif because of that. If there's anything else you spot just give me a shout :)   Rogal  talk    20:52,12/8/2012 (UTC)
Just put it in a switch? Same thing it does for the category. And then fix people misusing it. That's what I always did.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 22:12, Saturday, 8 December 2012 (ET)
It's all working swimmingly now :) Although if you want to change it to a switch i won't stop you :p.   Rogal  talk    17:43,12/9/2012 (UTC)

KDF Edit

Not defunct, just Menotah and UCR being the only remaining members.

Will likely be defunct quite soon though. VladimirLenin (talk • contribs) 03:29, December 22, 2012 (UTC)

tadaram maradas block Edit


Wikia Support,

I would like my account unblocked and undeleted, as their is no waiting period associated with this block. When undeleted and unblocked please make the account locked (even to administrators) so that this type of action is avoided in the future.

Secondly, i would like to challenge the qualifications of the administrator who blocked my account. I feel as though the act was senseless, and i cannot determine if the action was one of competence or incompetence, however to say that the page had nothing to do with CN Wikia is very vague and leaves a lot to interpretation and perception. What ever the case it most certainly did not call for "Blocking and Deletion," of my page/account, especially from a qualified, competent administrator. Minor objections to the account could have been addressed through the user talk page.

Please undelete and unblock my account.


David T. Williams

This transmission may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient(s). Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the recipient), please contact the sender by reply email and delete all copies of this message.

Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 00:40:23 +0000 From: To: Subject: Request #65053: How would you rate the support you received?

    1. - Please type your reply above this line -##

Hello David T Williams1,

We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below. If we haven't fully answered your request, please let us know by replying to our last email correspondence with you, as our agents may miss further requests if left in the feedback comment area.

How would you rate the support you received?

Good, I'm satisfied

Bad, I'm unsatisfied

Here's a reminder of what your ticket was about:

semanticdrifter, Dec 28 03:02 pm (UTC):


Thanks for contacting Wikia. Blocks of this sort are usually set by the community admins, and not by Wikia.

You may be able to contact the blocking admin by leaving a message on your user talk page. This is still editable for blocked users (on some wikis) and changes will usually be seen by the other contributors to the wiki. Your user talk page is found by following the "my talk" link at the top right of any page.

However, if this talk page option is not available in your situation, then the best advice we can give you is to wait the block out or join the community at another of the many thousand Wikia wikis available.

__ Sean McGilvray Wikia Community Support

David T Williams1, Dec 28 09:32 am (UTC):

RogalDorn is an Administrator of the Cyber Nations Wik who has blocked my account without good reason. I am requesting that my account be unblocked.

Tadaram Maradas

Tadaram Maradas ( Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:17.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/17.0 A/B Tests: [ undefined: ONLOAD (control group) ] wkID: 1097; wkLang: en; IP: Message-Id:JP4J8EGH_50de3bf7d7d5d_2e641868a704238080_s 01:01, December 29, 2012 (UTC)

Your only contributions were uploading of files, broken templates, and a lot of random information on your user page that has absolutely nothing to do with Cyber Nations. You have not contributed to this wiki in any other way. I feel the block was justified. You may want to find another wiki that doesn't mind people filling their userpages with nonsense and cluttering their file and template namespaces. If you want the source code of your user page prior to deletion, I or Rogal can email it to you.  Bobogoobo | Talk | Nation 20:20, Saturday, 29 December 2012 (ET)
Hello Mr. Williams, I blocked you because your only contributions to the Cyber Nations wikia, which is about the Cyber Nations game and NOT real life mind you, was real life information, exploits, music, logos and pictures about yourself. I asked you on your talk page months ago if you played Cyber Nations due to you repeatedly just uploading RL pictures of yourself, adding broken templates and editing your user page with RL information and you never replied to my question over the course of the couple of months your account was active on the CN wiki. When it became apparent you had no intentions of replying to my query about your status of playing CN (I also checked to see if there was a nation in CN with "tadaram" or "maradas" in any form and there was/is no nation) and your persistent adding of RL information about yourself that I chose to block you from using our wiki. If you played Cyber Nations and you contributed regarding actual CN matters then we wouldn't be in this situation. You can create your own wikia just for yourself if you want to add your RL information to a wikia.   Rogal  talk    05:32,12/30/2012 (UTC)
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