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-- Azu-nyan (Talk) 09:00, October 18, 2011,
the Cyber Nations Wiki Staff

nation links on wiki pages Edit

Hi RenegadeOfficer, I noticed on your wiki page Furnacia that you were linking nations with the url linked like the following example: [ qwerty nation] but there's a better way to do it, like this {{nationlink| <nation ID # here> | <nation name here> }} an example of my nation in the new format would be {{nationlink|482704|qwerty nation}} and it would display just like this qwerty nation on wiki pages. I hope this helps! Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationDecember 25,2011 (ET)

RE: Query re: flag Edit

Hey there RenegadeOfficer, yep here's a link to the battered NPO flag. -> File:BatteredNPOflag.png

also, that's what it looks like too. I hope this helps, Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationDecember 27,2011 (ET)

RE: User Infobox Edit

Hey again RenegadeOfficer, I'm just taking a quick look since i've gotta be heading to work but it could be that you left out the variable in the |formationtime = dd/mm/yyyy parameter of the Nation Infobox template. Try that out and if it doesn't display what you're looking for then hit me back up and i'll look a bit more.

take care! Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationDecember 31,2011 (ET)

Testing somethingEdit

Example's NPO War Ribbon Bar

WSAribbon · GW1 · Pinkcampainfinalbx2 · FARK
Empire · GW3 · Abp · VEbannor
Copyright · ONOS · FAN · FAN-GOLD
RED · FAN2 · Gpawar2 · Wolfpackevenpinkercopy
Mk1lw8 · Jarheadswarribbon · Armageddon · Dhribbon6

templates that might help your Furnacia page Edit

Hey there again, I noticed your box for your Foreign Ministry, there's a template, ex. {{Rogal Dorn missions}} and Locke's can be seen here, already pre-made for things like that if you want to use it.

Also, Since your Nuclear Missile usage for the Fark-NPO War might get increasingly huge as the war drags on you might consider making it collapsible like I did to my template, {{Rogal Dorn Complete War List}}.

For Alliance History I saw you manually put the days in there, there's also templates for that :P For your ones that have a join/leave date use this one {{Date difference}}. For your FAN seniority use this template {{Seniority}}, it will automatically update your tenure so you never will have to again. Also, the template puts out the numbers so you will have to type "Days" after it.

I hope these are helpful, take care! Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationJanuary 8,2012 (ET)

First one to be tried:
Collapsable template. Had a crack under the horizontal line here:
Several issues.
1. Doesn't collapse - scratch that, it doesn't in preview, but does on the page. Other two points stand though
2. Unwanted bolding of date column
3. Inability to left align Alliance and Result columns

Any ideas? RenegadeOfficer (talk • contribs) 22:21, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

Hey RenegadeOfficer, I fixed the problems,
  1. yep, collapse is broken in preview sadly :(
  2. fixed the unwanted bolding, the "!" is for the column titles, the "data columns" as i call them you use a "|" for.
  3. you had the very top set doing one thing i.e.
    {| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" width="100%" style="text-align:center;"
and below it you were telling the cells to do another, i.e.
! align="left"|[[File:Valhalla.svg|50px]] [[Valhalla]]
So if at the very top you tell it to style="text-align:left;" you don't need ALLLLL those align="left"| on each and every cell.
  1. I also noticed you were using the old <span style="color:#FF0000">'''Destroyed'''</span>, I went ahead and replaced it with the newer coding which is {{colorbold|#000000|text}}, you can also use {{color|#000000|text}} for non bolded colors.
Hope all this helps Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationJanuary 8,2012 (ET)

Thanks dude :) Hmmm, no way to *just* have the Alliance and Result colums left align, and leave the others center? (exact layout match to the originals)Preceding unsigned comment added by RenegadeOfficer (talk • contribs)

No problem, anytime. If you want them separate like that you'll have to do what you were doing before with having the header say center and then individually aligning cells by hand. I'm also idling in #FAN if that makes things easier/quicker haha. Rogal Dorn | Talk | NationJanuary 8,2012 (ET)

RE: hey buddy Edit

Nuvola apps edu languages
Hello. You have new messages at RogalDorn's talk page.

good alliance pages Edit

Heya there Mal, I was hoping to get your input/participation on identifying some Good alliance pages (the alliance version of Good Nation Pages). I put some initial nominations on the category talk page and if you want to vote/comment on those and/or add more nominations that would be much appreciated! :)   Rogal  talk   04:15,9/11/2012 (UTC)

Notice of discussion at CN:PUMPEdit

Hey RenegadeOfficer, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I started a discussion at the Village Pump about Alliances with multiple incarnations and the default alliance name. —  RogalDorn   22:34, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

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