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Template:Nation infobox[]

I made this infobox for nations to be easily updatable, if you're interested in updating to this. Mason11987 14:50, 30 November 2006 (UTC)

An important vote[]

An important question is up for vote regarding the ability of others to make substantial changes the entries that you have created on this Wiki. Please go to: Talk:Main_Page#The_question_of_ownership to make your voice heard. please leave this entry in your talk page until the vote is over so that you do not recieve this message more than once Key Stroke

Your actions on Xánténia[]

If you look under the edit box when editing a page, you will see this text.

"Please note that all contributions to Cyber Nations Wiki may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors, and are released under the GNU Free Doc License."

Just letting you know that all of your contributions are released under a free license, meaning you don't actually "own" any of these pages.

That being said I don't condone Palachinov's bizarre additions to your page. They don't seem to be an attempt to actually damage (vandalize) "your" page though, it just seems like he is trying to play along with the rp. Instead of vandalizing "his" article in order to get back at him. You could have simply reverted his changes, and let him know that you don't need help writing out the rp.

I realize your edit wasn't meant to be serious, but it's not a good thing for people to vandalize articles just because someone edits "their article", especially since a wiki encourages changes, and thankfully allows very simple ways of undoing the less useful ones.

Thanks. -- Mason11987 (T - C - E -CN) 00:09, 6 January 2007 (UTC)


er arn't NPO surpose to be at war against FAN, so why you would care if my alliance chose to go to war with FAN. Pro66

than why are you saying that your alliance is NPO than? p.s. i don't know how to directly declare war to them

Treaties Section[]

I've been watching NPO pages for a while now to help ward against vandalism done by people using the GPA name and It struck me: You don't have the GPA's DoN listed in your treaty section. Would you mind if I put it in? Salpta 10:18, 18 July 2007 (UTC)

Moldavi Rebellion[]

You're the official NPO wiki editor, right? FYI: I created the page Moldavi Rebellion in reference to the current conflict between Moldavi and Moocows. You may want to take a look. I won't revert anything you add/subtract from it. - CirrusOfMalla 14:16, 15 August 2007 (UTC)


Long live the party! Long live Oceania! Long live INGSOC! Most of all Long live Our Great Leader Big Brother! BB doubleplusgood! Goldstine Doubleplusungood crimethinker! Death to the eternal enemy! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! GLORY TO THE PARTY GLORY TO OCEANIA GLORY TO BB! Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk • contribs)

can someone edit this to tell me what this is because i wish to know more[]

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