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Various IP Addresses[edit | edit source]

I hereby approve the IP addresses I add here. If there is an invalid one, I will confirm it and mark it as vandalism. The following IP's are approved by me when I am not logged in because I am in a internet-restricted computer (I don't use Facebook connect) (you can confirm this when I get home and confirm it). Also these IP's are listed in order to avoid confusion there may be multiple people using the same IP. I will normally log in but this is just a precaution. Any vandalism done by this IP (as others in my school have gotten this IP banned from Wikipedia) is not done by me. I do not endorse or support vandalism, and will report any vandalism that I find. 10:59 AM April 21st, 2011 (GMT -10:00 Hawaii) (School IP) 7:42 AM April 18, 2011 (GMT -10:00 Hawaii) (Home IP, if I forget to log in)

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