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Whisperer is the leader of the secret organization in the Serbian Kingdom, which conjure to the loyalty of their king i.e. of the king and supreme ruler of the Serbian Kingdom, which currently is King Zeljko. Furthermore, it originates from the special forces which war on the winning side in the war that is on the side of Council of Elders.

After playing a decisive role in the past bloody war, whisper with its leader whisperer was found as a secret organization to protect interest of Serbian people, Serbian Kingdom and their king including Royal family of Serbian Kingdom.




  1. Serbian Kingdom
  2. Gradiška
  3. Dukat
  4. King Zeljko
  5. Sava
  6. Serb
  7. Bože Pravde
  8. Smederevska Palanka
  9. Morava
  10. Council of Elders
  11. Great War
  12. Serbian Kingdom Royal Family
  13. Imperator Nenad

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I will provide help to each member which needs it.


I am maintaining this wikia until there is properly placed admins. This is really fast growing and some has to do all the job of redirecting, categorizing placing templates and so on and so on.

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If you think you could help in some way. Please write your name below so that we could organize this wikia even better for the sake of us all.


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