My Likes Edit

I am a huge fan of Pewdiepie. Wait a second let me rephrase that... BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!! I like to spend time on the computer and just look around in the internet especially on the cyber-nations wiki. I also like to listen to music while Im looking throughout the internet.

Favorite Youtube Stars Edit


2. Smosh

3. Tobuscus

4. Rage Gaming (Especially Minecraft Quick Build Challenge)

The Things That I Like That They DoEdit

PEWDIEPIE plays horror games with a face cam and reacts in funny ways and plays cool horror games like Amnesia.

Smosh makes such funny videos and started Smosh Gaming which is cool and they play games like Slender now that was funny.

Tobuscus makes up cool songs like i can swing my sword and plays games like Happy Wheels or Minecraft.

Rage Gaming is cool because he makes his Minecraft Quick Build Challenge and builds awesome things in Minecraft.

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