About Me as Shaudawn[edit | edit source]

For some reason, Shaudawn in this incarnation looks suspiciously like Nathon Fillion

Shaudawn is an interesting character who finds himself manifested in a variety of forms. His most recent incarnation is as the Speaker for a tiny, struggling nation in the Yellowstone Valley of Hayden, Montana.

Shaudawn's existance is an oddity. He shows up at a specific time and place, for a reason. Unfortunately, Shaudawn himself does not often know why he is in a place, where he is, or even what his name is. He simply appears in a place, and must rediscover the details as he goes along as if struck by some type of amnesia.

What he does know, however, is that he is an Yvian -- a person from Old Earth who has at least one Native American ancestor. He knows that he has been asked by the government of the Yellowstone Valley to speak for the Yvians in the Cyber-Verse...act as a liason between the Yvian government and the other people of the CN'Verse.

About Me as Donovan[edit | edit source]

By day, I pretend to be an engineer.

Didn't believe me, did ya???

By night and on weekends, I put on my crime-fighting costume in order to strike terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere.

Basically, I'm a creative guy, born on the dusty plains of Montana on Oct. 30, 1970. I live and work now in the Seattle area making sure wings stay on airplanes. I'm going to Seattle University to get a Master of Divinity (I hate how hauty that sounds though). Which leads to...

Religion[edit | edit source]

I'm a Catholic, but my grandmother was Chippewa-Cree (Rocky Boy Rez) so I'm what some would call progressive rather than traditionalist Catholic (note I say Catholic and not Roman Catholic...) I go to an RC church, but I equate 'Roman' with the dominant culture (i.e. oppressive). This is where my Native roots come in. To me, Catholicism makes no sense on its own, being a European religion.

As one teacher of mine said:

The [Native] Bible has only five 'books': Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Psalms 'cuz they're pretty. We got our own history. The Hebrews have theirs. And the rest of the New Testament is about the Greeks. We ain't Greeks.

—Dr. Tom Holm, University of Arizona lecture

If there were such a thing, I'd call myself Native Catholic...but that'd even be wrong. It'd take a huge article by itself to explain my complexities. Let's just say I'm an odd cookie.

Family[edit | edit source]

Ain't they jist cute as bugs?

Much better topic. I'm married to a beautiful woman (since 1995) and have two beautiful boys (born 1997 & 2001). We live in Renton, Washington. My wife homschools the boys and says she loves it (despite needing a weekly 'vacation')!

Wiki Work[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

I discovered Wikipedia years ago. Sometimes, I've fixed minor things...broken links, references, or uploaded graphics. The only article I created from scratch was one on Raymond Hunthausen. There's not too much one can do on this well-established site. My areas of interest are pretty well covered!

Firefly Wiki[edit | edit source]

Obviously, I'm a huge fan of Firefly, and I blame the downfall of human civilization on FOX's cancelling of that television show. Again, there are bigger, more knowledgable Browncoats out there than I...so, some minor work with links, etc.

NationStates Wiki[edit | edit source]

When I discovered NationStates, I actually discovered the Wiki first. I was searching for something like Wikipedia that I could contribute to. I added a lot of national information on my made up nation. However, the hosting service was frequently down. That is where most of my experience on writing wikis comes from. I played around with many wikiesque functions, uploaded items I thought relevant to my 'nation'.

For some odd reason, I got under the skin of a NationStates (not the wiki...the game itself) moderator. Normally, I'm a pretty nice guy, and I try hard to please people. However, the rudeness of this moderator (I'm still not exactly sure what I did, or who was the exact moderator other than a consistant tone) was getting to the point of affecting gameplay. (i.e. when making polite game-related requests, I would recieve uncalled for sarcastic responses) The behavior was enough to dissuade me from participating in the game.

Cyber Nations Wiki[edit | edit source]

Expanding on my experience with NS Wiki, I've begun to reconstruct the ambiance of my first national wiki article. Interested in the mechanics and appearance of wikis, I've thrown myself into maintainance, article and catagory creation, and even template creation. Perhaps I'll ask to become a moderator someday...but I feel I need more experience before I can request such a responsibility.

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Concerning Yellowstone Valley[edit | edit source]

Concerning Material Which Enhances Role Play[edit | edit source]

Of course, some bias may have gone into the article. But, face it, NS admins are a--holes.

Concerning Material on the Cyber Nations game[edit | edit source]

Technical Gameplay: none at the moment
I did some formatting and visual cleanup on the Great War II -- no content added, though

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