About Salpta:

Joined the GPA around 15th April 2006. Left the GPA around 14th October 2007.

GPA Contributions:

  • GPA "Official Crochety Old Fart" ~ Retired and Passed on the title.
  • Was GPA's 32'nd Member and is GPA User #116.
  • Original GPA "Board Lawyer".
  • Major Contributer to the '07 Charter re-write.
  • Was the De-facto Minority whip.
  • Ran out of my own damn alliance by saber-rattling twits (See below).
  • Ex-Admin and Security Council Watchdog.
  • Ran and wrote most of the GPA Historical Articles and Time Lines.
  • GPA Historian & Wiki Maintainer.
  • Appointed Press Sec. (Will get the dates when I can access the main site again.)
  • Served as GPA Ambassador to the following alliances: GGA, IRON, & OPA.
  • Leader of Salpta-ville. Peak Rank: #21.

Other Items:

3-28-07 Ran for Press Secretary of the GPA. Won the Initial election, 33-29 against Emporer Fu. For some reason it went to a runoff. At this runoff Salpta was winning 28-23 before ceding the election to Emporer Fu. We agreed to a partnership mostly due to our differing agenda's being completely compatible. Salpta took over special projects to improve intra-alliance communications, and the GPA's History. Emporer Fu was more interested in the foreign aspects of the position. Since the title would help Fu do his job better, Salpta ceded the election.

4-24-07 Emporer Fu stepped down as Press Secretary in order to pursue a Presidential Nomination bid. Salpta was appointed interim Press Secretary by President Patjenn until the next election cycle.

10-14-07 Looked up from my desk for a while and actually got a good look at the GPA. To my surprise I found that all my friends had left or moved on, and that the GPA was being run into the ground by saber-rattling twits. So I joined the Old Guard, and haven't regretted it yet.

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