In the Immortal words of Snikt:

"Who the **** is Randalla?"

Former Triumvir of UberCon and now Founder of the Amazon Nation as of January 1st, 2009, the High Elven ruler of The HiElands hails originally from the complex world of AVATAR. The name of the Nation she rules over was fondly influenced by her time there.

The long and difficult path to discovering her High Elven roots began as a mere Elf Warrior there in the realm of AVATAR. Through many levels of mortality and much time and devotion...

Level 125(85) High Elf Warrior
Exp/TNL: 2267835/165
You are ** years old (2429 real life hours) and a devoted worshipper of Werredan.

...and many trials and errors...

Killed: 4007
Died: 39
Arrests: 1
Wimpy: 0
Practices: 3603
Incarnation: 2

...the secrets and Planes of the realm of Lords were unlocked to her.

You feel the power of your ancestors flowing through you!
The Light builds from within you, burning away your flesh!
Welcome back to mortality, High Elf!

Though many claimed one of her nature was better suited to another profession, as a Warrior she reattained the venerated title of Lady and returned to the realm of Lords for a second time.

Your mind wanders... .. . . . .

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