De sterke opbrengst van zwak, de slimme opbrengst van sterk. lid identiteitskaart: 13
Capital City District XXIII
Official Language(s) Coded
Demonym British
Established 10/19/2013
(2,457 days old)
Government Type Transitional Transitional
Ruler Interrogation
Alliance Alternative-Flag-ABLSLonger300150
Annunaki Bloodline Society
AllianceForumsAllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 05/02/2021 (-295 days)
Nation Team Black team Black
Statistics as of 11/22/2014
Total population 188,020
  102,050 civilians
 85,970 soldiers
Population Density 16.23
Literacy Rate 100.00%%
Religion None None
Total casualties 63,376
 38,014 attacking
 25,362 defending
Casualty Rank #4,567 of 5,242
Currency Currency Pound Pound
Infrastructure 10,399.99
Technology 12,320.27
Nation Strength 120,439.650
Nation Rank #990 of 5,242
Alliance Rank 1 of 66 (1.52%)
Efficiency 301.85
Total Area 11,587.596 Earth icon
Environment 9.50
War/Peace War Currently at peace
Nuclear Weapons Nuke 20 nukes
Native Resources Lumber Uranium
Connected Resources
Coal Gems Gold Fish Aluminum Water WheatIron Oil Silver
Bonus Resources Steel Beer Jewelry

Nation BiographyEdit

Cyruka makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like Disney World and Disney Land

Nation HistoryEdit

Bloodlines, de Rijkdom, de Kernenergie, de Technologie, de Cannabis, de Tabak, de Sushi, de Soep Snakeblood, de Omscholing, de Arbeid van de Slaaf, de Koffie, de Districten van het Rode Licht, de Openbare Uitvoeringen, Pitbulls, de Propaganda, de Dagelijkse Aantallen van de Loterij, en de Oorlogvoering van de Guerilla zijn de enige dingen die in Cyruka van belang zijn.

WAARSCHUWING: Cyruka heeft kernschurkenpotentieel en zou als onstabiel moeten worden beschouwd.

"In het geval dat ik reincarnated ben, zou ik als dodelijk virus willen terugkeren om iets ertoe bij te dragen om overbevolking op te lossen." x op 8 Oktober 2014 Cyruka bereikte 100,237.650 NS 11 opgerichte dagen min 1 jaar genomen x Vernietiging: 1 x "Handhaaf het mensdom onder 500.000.000" x 102.25 - Uw bevolking adores u x De meesten onder geschatte speler in Naties Cyber, houden slaap op me als u wilt x

The background on MusmahhuEdit

Intelligence report on CyrukaEdit

[The Department of the United Security Front has declared Cyruka (pronounced /sigh-rook-ah/), as the #1 Terrorist region in the world, #1 in Security Contractor disappearances, #1 in USF Government Official and USF Peace keeper assassinations, and #1 in public hangings of corporate stockbrokers. The Cyruka military unit known as "SM23" is responsible for numerous suicide bombings in neighboring countries killing more than 700 civilians and religious leaders. SM23 has also as of late, slaughtered journalist and Red Cross workers at an alarming rate. The Cyruka regime led by a charismatic and sadistic individual known as Musmahhu, is wanted for numerous war crimes in various nations however, he is well protected by his cult like citizens b/c of the leadership which his regime provides. The citizens of Cyruka are considered savages who do not shy from cannibalism, yet have an acquired taste for expensive wines and jewelry. They are also among the most heavily armed societies in the world, and the crime rate of Cyruka is 1.2%. The Cyruka Prison system is notorious for its abuses of inmates which is also why crime within the nation is so low. Women up to the age of 65 work 12 hr days within the infamous "Sweat and Bleed" shops. Children attend school 320 days a year with the other 45 days spent training in the Cyruka Assault Military Program or C.A.M.P. The only vacation the citizens get to experience is on their birthday that falls on the leap year. The elderly are well cared for and well respected for their service to the nation. Infiltration of Cyruka with regards to spying is met with extreme acts of torture and mutilation. The regime has been known to ship body parts to enemy nations as a statement even if it is not that nations captured spy. It is our conclusion that if your nation chooses to engage Cyruka for warfare or covert ops, may whatever God you pray to be with you soon.] - 2013 United Security Front Intelligence Report on Hostile Nations

[Sick individuals] - President of Ulanda Mahmood Al Sabezz

[All my Ambassadors stay away from there] - Ayatollah of Irun Mohammed Akmed

[If there was ever a country that should be sanctioned to the fullest extent, and have it's regime changed through kinetic military actions, it is Cyruka] - Communist Muslim Dictator of the Free World Barry Soetoro

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