Hello! My name is Michael von Preußen, and I am an editor and former administrator on this, the Cyber Nations Wiki! As such, it is my duty, together with my fellow editors, to improve the quality of the information on this wiki, and improve the quality of the wiki in general. Although I am no longer part of this site's administration, I am here to help with any problems you may encounter. I work with all my fellow users to improve the wiki as best as possible, and I encourage all other users to do the same by reporting problems and vandalism so it can be dealt with effectively.

In CyberNations roleplay, I am Emperor of Großgermania, King of Germany, Consul of Unter-Zorge-Tal, Lord Protector of Maiden's Isle, and Perpetual Vicar of the National Unionism in the Germanic Domains (see my full style for other titles). I am a proud member the Imperial Order, a Blue-sphere alliance where I have previously served as Imperial Officer of Immigration, Imperial Guard of Membership Affairs, and Imperial Commander of Internal Affairs. I've previously been in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the International, iFOK, al-Jamahiriya, the SOS Brigade, and Yoitsu. I've served as the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Jamahiriya, and was Loli in a Bag and Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot in the SOS Brigade. I was also Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot in the SOS Brigade in CyberNations: Tournament Edition. There, I roleplay as Mako Lim, Empress of the Greater Japanese Empire, and previously served as the Witch of Miracles in the Trollwitch Defense Force, and am currently a member of the Holy Britannian Empire.

I currently reside just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, though I have intentions to one day move to Lebanon, and, as such, am working on learning Arabic. I am quite left-leaning politically, and support the 8 March Alliance. For anyone curious about the details of my political and economic beliefs, I suggest you read the article National Unionism, as this ideology, used by my nation, more or less reflects my real-life political views. I also encourage people to read my blog, Rebellious Thoughts, as it contains some of my political and economic rants that I sometimes feel the need to post.

Should you have any questions for me, please leave them in a new message on my talk page. Thanks, and have a great day!

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