Here is a list of 19½ things you didn't know about Michael von Preußen:

  1. Michael von Preußen edits using Opera. If her edits don't render properly in Firefox, she'd like you to tell her. If her edits don't render properly in Internet Explorer, she blames you.
  2. Michael von Preußen is an autonomous roleplayer. Unless you have her permission, she'd prefer you don't include her nation in your articles, and she'll extend the same respect to you.
  3. Michael von Preußen loves politics, just not American or Canadian politics. Ask her opinion on Harper and Ignatieff, she'll probably tell you they're nice clones of each other. If you really want an earful, ask her opinion on Saad Hariri.
  4. Michael von Preußen gets her news from reliable sources. This does not include FOX News or MSNBC, but does include many wonderful sources such as Al Jazeera, France 24, and Haaretz.
  5. Michael von Preußen is a National Unionist. National Unionism is a way of combining political aspects of fascism, economic aspects of communism, and socially liberal policies into one ideology.
  6. Michael von Preußen is a Canadian, but she's not proud of it. Yes, this gets a lot of Canadians' backs up. No, she doesn't care. If you'd like to know some of her rationale behind this, you should read her blog post on the matter.
  7. Michael von Preußen uses IRC, and she thinks you should, too!
  8. Michael von Preußen has Jewish heritage. This does not in any way means she condones the atrocities committed by the State of Israel or any other Zionist organizations. In fact, she believes that Israel has no right to exist.
  9. Michael von Preußen knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and has a beginner's understanding of PHP. Feel free to ask her any questions regarding these, though she can't guarantee she'll be able to help you.
  10. Michael von Preußen is an advanced wikitext editor, and should be able to help you with just about any coding problems you may be having on this wiki.
  11. Michael von Preußen is in the Mountain Time Zone, meaning she's seven hours behind UTC, except in the summer, when daylight saving time changes that to six hours behind UTC.
  12. Michael von Preußen refuses to use Wikipedia, because she believes its editors to be highly biased, leading to inaccuracy on controversial topics.
  13. Michael von Preußen supports the Tamil resistance in Sri Lanka, and doesn't take kindly to those supporting the Government of Sri Lanka's systematic genocide of the Tamil people. தமிழீழம் விடுதலை!
  14. Michael von Preußen really likes cats. She blames all the world's problems on dog people... just kidding!
  15. Michael von Preußen is an otaku. Get over it.
  16. Michael von Preußen supports the political agenda of George Galloway. Anyone not familiar with Galloway should watch this playlist.
  17. Michael von Preußen thinks certain countries need to read a history book before they implement really stupid plans.
  18. Michael von Preußen is ranked first by edits to the Cyber Nations Wiki. In addition to this, her nation article is ranked 85th by total page visits and 9th by length.
  19. Michael von Preußen's nation has about 70,000 words written about it on this wiki. Proving, once again, that she has too much time on her hands.
  20. Michael von Preußen was an administrator on this Wiki. But you already knew that, right? Right?
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