Deleted Page Restoration Policy

The following is Michael von Preußen's policy on restoration of deleted pages.

As an administrator of the Cyber Nations Wiki, it is my duty to ensure that the information presented through this wiki is of a high quality and informative nature. As part of this, I will routinely delete pages that meet certain criteria. Pages on nations which no longer exist will be deleted if they contain no information in excess of an infobox and the nation information from the extended display in-game. Articles regarding nations which do exist will be deleted if they contain less than this amount of information. Articles on non-nation topics will be deleted, or merged into larger, more relevant articles, if they are judged to contain no quantitative amount of information that is useful to someone viewing the page.

As an administrator, I also have the power to restore deleted pages, with the exception of certain pages, which, after deleted, may be protected by Wikia employees at the discretion of the administrators on this wiki or the said Wikia employees, should they note something we have not noted first. This usually applies to pages which contain personal information that may constitute a violation of privacy. Should the creator of a page which I have deleted contact me, and request that their page be restored, I will restore it, unless there is a very specific reason not to. Usually, I will request that they expand the article to prevent its future deletion.

I will not restore pages deleted by other administrators. If another administrator deletes a page you wish to have restored, you should contact them, and they will choose to restore it, or not restore it, according to their own policies.

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