Alliance name Acronym Forums Sanctioned
Blue Team all
National Alliance of Arctic Countries NAAC Forums Sanctioned
New Polar Order NpO Forums Sanctioned
Blue World Order bWo Forums
Council of Blue Allied States COBAS Forums
Cross-X Alliance CXA Forums
Global Democratic Alliance GDA Forums
Imperial Assault Alliance IAA Forums
International Trade Organization Alliance ITOA Forums
North Atlantic Defense Coalition NADC Forums
Organization of Imperial Nations OIN Forums
The Syndicate Forums
Red Team all
New Pacific Order NPO Forums Sanctioned
Nations United Forums
Green Team all
Green Protection Agency GPA Forums Sanctioned
Grand Global Alliance GGA Forums Sanctioned
Viridian Entente VE Forums Sanctioned
b Forums
Confederacy Of Independent States CIS Forums
Entente of the Sun EoTS Forums
Grämlins Forums
New Prussian Reich Forums
Public Health Warning PHW Forums
Purple Team all
The Legion Forums* Sanctioned
Confederation of Allied Nations CoAN Forums
Orpalliance Forums
Orange Team all
Independent Republic of Orange Nations IRON Forums Sanctioned
Orange Defense Network ODN Forums Sanctioned
Orange Protection Alliance OPA Forums
Orange Shadow Force OSF Forums
The New Eastern European Alliance TNEEA Forums
The Order of the Paradox TOP Forums
The RnR Alliance R&R Forums
Brown Team all
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization GATO Forums Sanctioned
Alliance of International Defence AiD Forums
Global Alliance of Regional Defense GARD Forums
Yellow Team all
Federation of Armed Nations FAN Forums Sanctioned
The Alliance of Calamitous Intent ACI Forums
Allied Nations for Global Independence and Liberty ANGIL Forums
Global Defense Initiative GDI Forums
Global Organization for Liberty and Defense GOLD Forums
Republic of Canceled Kombat R.O.C.K. Forums
Black Team all
Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving GOONS Forums Sanctioned
Allied Coalition of International Defense ACID Forums
Black Defense League BDL Forums
Black Peace Society Forums
Coalition of Dark States CDS Forums
Dark Nations Association DNA Forums
Genmay Alliance Forums
League of Intelligent Humans LIH Forums
Liberated Llama and Artiodactyl Mammal Alliance LLAMA Forums
League of Small Superpowers LOSS Forums
Molon Labe ML Forums
Novus-Orbus NO Forums
Order of the Black Rose Forums*
Order of the Dark Knights ODK Forums
Shadow Council SC Forums
Stand or Die S/D Forums
tek Rangers tr Forums
United Black Nations UBN Forums
Maroon Team all
Alliance of Power and Greed APAG Forums
Byzantine Empire BE Forums
CommonWealth of Sovereign Nations CSN Forums
Elite Nations Alliance ENA Forums
Frontline Formation Coalition FFC Forums
Maroon Defense Coalition MDC Forums
Maroon Revolutionary Alliance, The MRA Forums
Nordreich NoR Forums
Order of Defensive Security ODS Forums
Organized Nations of Superiority ONOS Forums
Random Insanity Alliance RIA Forums
The Republic Forums
The Templar Knights TTK Forums
United Sovereign Nations USN Forums
Pink Team all
LUEnited Nations LUE Forums
Libertarian Socialist Federation LSF Forums
M. Carter Brown MCB Forums
Socialist Workers Front SWF Forums
White Team all
>_< Forums
AntiRacist Coalition Alliance ARCA Forums
Federation Of Independent Red Empires FIRE Forums
Siberian Tiger Alliance STA Forums
The White Delegation TWD Forums
Veni Vidi Vici Coalition VVVC Forums
White Lotus WL Forums
Aqua Team all
Blue Turtle Alliance BTA Forums*
Farkistan Alliance Forums
Independent Oceanic Nations ION Forums
Mostly Harmless Alliance MHA Forums
The Rising Sun Forums
Grey Team all
Grey Council, The GC Forums
Multi-Team all
AOB Confederation Forums
Alliance of Dun Eideann(ADE) Forums
Alliance for Global Advancement AGA Forums
The Alliance of Independency and Democracy AID Forums
Alliance of Imperialist Kingdoms AIK Forums
Agogo Supporters Society %@! Forums
Christian Coalition of Countries CCC Forums
Commonwealth of Neutral States CNS Forums
Confederation of Organized Nations CON Forums
Confederate Unified States CUS Forums
Elite Alliance Forums
Euphorian Commonwealth EC Forums
Fifth Column Confederation FCC Forums
Four Horsemen Alliance FHA Forums
Formal Organization for Rights and Truthiness F.O.R.T. Forums
Global Imports Corp. GIC Forums
Global Society of Neutral Nations GSNN Forums
Green World HonoR Gwh Forums
Hizb Islam Forums
Illuminati TNWO Forums
International Combatants for Militaristic Superiority ICMS Forums
Imperial Guard IG Forums
Informal Peace Alliance IPA Forums
Multi Colored Coalition Force MCCF Forums
Nations Against Rouges NAR Forums
North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Forums
Northview Order Of Protection noop Forums
N_U_K_E Forums
Organized Anarchist Front OAF Forums
Organization for War, Negotiations, and Defense OWND Forums
PBreview PBRA Forums
Piracy Coalition of the South Atlantic Forums
Paintball Players' Alliance PPA Forums
Pirates Of the Parrot Order PPO Forums
Relentless Resistance Alliance RRA Forums
Sent From Satan SFS Forums
Serbian Knights Alliance SKA/SPTO Forums
Sons Of Liberty SoL Forums
Tri-Color Federation TCF Forums
The Democratic Order TDO Forums
The Earth Revolutionary Republic Alliance T.E.R.R.A. Forums
The Jolly Roger Forums
The Meritocracy Forums
The Oasis Forums
The Organization Forums
The Phoenix Alliance TPA Forums
The Prussian Guard Forums
The Rather Good Alliance RGA Forums
The Young World Alliance TYWA Forums
Union of Egalitarian Confederations UEC Forums
Union of Consolidated Leftist Nations UCLN Forums
United International Defence Alliance UIDA Forums
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR Forums
United Sovereign States USS Forums
United Trade Coalition UTC Forums
White Fang Alliance WFA Forums
Wiltonian Empire Forums
World Task Force WTF Forums

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