Louisa - burkaninja of the Black Team, ruler of Louisaland, formerly of LOSS and NpO but now GOONS until death, more praise and titles and positions (lieutenant in both LOSS and NpO, almost squad leader assistant in GOONS) etc, etc and so on until it is a better time to update this :P


Not a better time in some ways, but much better in others. But updating is boring and nobody cares, so do it yourself. :)


Take Three:Edit

Louisa is and/or was (depending on your position in the ever-changing time flow) the omnibenevolent ruler of the following countries:

1. Louisaland (Black, Fish + Gems), a very happy land from beginning to end, but one that mysteriously was swallowed by a raw entropy vortex around 23 March 2009, soon after the temporary disappearance of the Great Divine Burkaninja herself.

2. Burkaninjastan (no link; Black, Uranium + Wine), a pretty happy land too, that sprouted from the black and ever-fertile GOONish soil some time around early June 2009. The last we saw, it had moved on from Åland to Indiana for personal reasons, and when the Great Divine Burkaninja a few weeks afterwards went on a spiritual quest in foreign lands, the country evaporated in confusion.

3. Burkaninjapixieland (no link; Black, Lead + Pigs), also a happy land, blossomed forth under the glorious sun of Almighty Eštan on 25 July 2009. Located in the ancient home islands from which the burkaninjas had originally migrated in search of enjoyment, it has sadly been cursed with unseemly national resources and so is quite likely to be tossed in the nearest volcano come cleaning day.

But thank-you, all you little busy worker-bees who within 24 hours have managed to invite me to, in order, STA (nice people), GPA (not Black enough for me), BTO (stupid avatars), RIA (funny people), MHA (those books were really badly translated to Swedish you know), RIA (still funny the second time), The 57th Overlanders (sorry I have no idea how you abbreviate that), Legion (uh no thank-you?), NPO (I thought that you hated me?), Brengstklau (best name so far!), IRON (you should have staggered me better!), Angelite (I have no idea who you are), GOP (more Greens?), CEN (I think I remember you), and R&R (dito). My only regret is that nobody of you will earn the reward for recruiting me to you, and so maybe you will feel that your Effort was all in waste, but please—do not give up! You will find some other country to recruit and you will be so happy that you waited for them rather than me, and you will all live happily ever after. So sayeth I. (PS. I am pretty sure more people will call as soon as I stop typing, but sadly I will probably not see your no doubt skilled and handsomely crafted letters because I do not plan to return to my throne in this particular country any more.)

4. Burkaninjapixieland (Mark II, no link; Black, Oil + Uranium), sprang forth from the mulch of Bronze Age Šumer on 1 August 2009. In an amazing cosmic coincidence loacted in the same spot as the original Louisaland, this iteration has been the source of endless joy regarding the efforts of recruiters worldwide. Still, the resources seem sort of dirty, so it is more than likely this dump will get autumn-cleaned too.

5. Burkaninjapixieland (Mark IV, no link; Black, Cattle + Rubber), eh? Where is Mark III I wonder? I think I have missed one re-roll here earlier or the horrible work of making a new country every week has crushed my brain. Oh well who cares.

6. genericnewcountry (not made yet so no link; Black, resource1 + resource2), may possibly be made depending on if I still have any strength left to do this thing. -- OK, it turns out that this in fact is Ragequit Imminent; sorry for the inconvenience.

7. BurkaninjaBoobocracy (Nation_ID=398257; Black, resource1 + resource2), must have been boring because it was abandoned. It may have had some Lumber in there?

8. BurkaninjaBoobocracy (Nation_ID=399664; Black, Uranium + Spices), deleted because Bloodjewel refused me to enter his trade circle. This one (maybe the previous one too) flew the honourable banner of The Moralest Front.

9. BurkaninjaBoobocracy (Nation_ID=400840; Black, Furs + Lumber), ho-hum, another week, another re-roll. Well, see you in a few days.

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