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KemMo Edit

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KemMo began CN on November 2nd, 2010. He started with a simple interest in politics that he gained from his civics class. KemMo was quickly recruited into the small, aqua sphere alliance known to all as TENE. KemMo was an active member and eventually was eventually brought into Government as a Diplomat, about a week later, he was promoted to Deputy of Foreign Affairs. Soon afterwords, there was a government change involving Emperor Feroz handing over Emperor to Swatch0 and stepped down to Marshal of Finance. Swatch0 immediately noticed KemMo's hard work and great leadership skills and offered KemMo a position as the Marshal of Internal Affairs. KemMo was unsure if he could handle it but, accepted only to learn that Internal Affairs were more of his specialty. Not far after that, there was a large Internal dispute that left the alliance in pieces, Swatch0 left and appointed KemMo as the Emperor of TENE. KemMo was a good leader for the time but, the alliance was doomed. Swatch0 and many other important members were leaving. Eventually, due to a lack of motivation by the government and KemMo's decision was that it was more beneficially to his members to merge with RoK so, he did so. KemMo is currently a loyal member of RoK.

Positions held in government Edit


Deputy of Foreign Affairs
Marshal of Internal Affairs
Emperor of TENE


Deputy of Internal Affairs
Lord of Finance
Advisor(Temporary Position)
Deputy of Foreign Affairs

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