Jason8 is ruler of Waldo.
Jason8 sig1.png
Jason8 started as a member of GATO.
Jason8 then joined IC.
Jason8 was appointed MoIA of IC.
IC then merged with JRCA to form CIA.
Jason8 later became the VP of CIA.
CIA renamed to >_<.
Jason8 became Triumvir.
>_< renamed to \m/ due to ADMIN BANNING > AND <.
\m/ fought wars.
\m/ lost a war.
\m/ disappeared.
Jason8 joined MK.
Jason8 made sigs for MK.
Jason8 left MK.
Jason8 founded FPI.
FPI got rolled by CIS.
Jason8 hung around unaligned and got killed.
Jason8 psudo-joined VP.
Jason8 deleted due to inactivity.
Jason8 remade Waldo
Jason8 joined GGA.
Jason8 left GGA.
Jason8 joined RAD.
Jason8 became DDoHL of RAD.
Jason8 and Master hakai took over RAD and it became the greatest alliance ever in history.

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