Creag na hIolaire

National Flag
Ni neart go cur le cheile
Capital City Achnashellach
Official Language(s) Gaelic, German, English
Established 07/19/2009
(4,002 days old)
Ruler Isolde
Alliance Nordreich
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Black team Black
Currency Currency Florin Florin
Native Resources Iron, and Marble

Creag na hIolaire

"a happy place, with no pain or sorrow. Any wish you make comes true and no one grows old there. If you come with me you will find all this is true."

Ni heolas go haontios!Edit

The lineage of Isolde is quite confusing, how or to whom Isolde was related is sketchy. Very little is known about her childhood. We can’t even be sure of her age or tribal origins. What is known is that Isolde is the second daughter of The High QueenBekahboo. Isolde and her half sister Dallandra were known as women of loyalty and unflinching determination, No woman could compare to their beauty, or courage and their fury was terrible to behold. Isolde was described as being "Nordische wahre Schönheit" with plaits down past her waistline, a smooth gravel toned voice, and fierce eyes. She gave her blood with no fear or favour and brought down those that sought to tear apart.

Eist moran agus can beagan!Edit

Whatever her weaknesses Isolde always strove to become "one of the best and most significant women of her time." Admiring those who came before her, passing on her wisdom and service to those who came after. Isolde spent her early years under guardianship of Thor VonMayhem, Takemikazuchi, Redneck to name but a few. This is where she received a comprehensive training and education, in the Art of warfare learning about Nordlandic traditions, local gods, and customs of her assimilated people.

Ni lia duine na tuairimEdit

There is nothing more worth fighting for than family and unity, brotherhood and friendship, security and strength. Byzantine politics and treaty juggling, entering long negotiations filled with platitudes and appealing to reason is not on the agenda....building good relations and open channels is.

As MoFA of NoR Isolde treats all allinces with respect, giving all a chance to solve issues through diplomacy in a civilized manner. If negotiation fails to meet the interests of Nordreich in any way, then and only then will war be an inevitable option. If attacked, it can be expected that NoR will retaliate, and call for support from its allies. Nordreich is a civilized alliance and does not see the need for senseless warmongering bellicose posturing or militia style raids, however, we will not hesitate to retaliate if our folk and lands are threatened or attacked in any way.

Ni lia tir na nosEdit

These are called valkyries. They allot death to men and govern victory. ….choose who shall be slain and to govern the killings. Gylfaginning 35 (Prose Edda)

For years I trod the lands of Midgard. First as a soldat, then as a General, and Ambassador, finally as Königin,, I watched over the blessed land, and tended it.

Many times, when Nordreich was suffering at it's greatest, I stood fast. I encouraged, I obeyed, I submitted and I worked, I laughed , I cried and wherever possible I did what I could when I could and to the best of my ability. I served because I wanted to, and loved to. I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman; faithful and most beautiful of Valkyries

"Look round, and view your numbers. Behold the proud display of warlike spirits, and consider the motives for which we draw the avenging sword. On this spot we must either conquer, or die with glory. There is no alternative. Though a woman, my resolution is fixed: the men, if they please, may survive with infamy, and live in bondage.”

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