HM4A1 has been an active and productive member of Cybernations since he joined at 7/17/2007 3:28:25 AM.

The political stages of HM4A1:

  • Joined M*A*S*H
  • Joined FOA
  • Became the Foreign Affairs Minister for FOA
  • Created FORCE
  • FORCE disbands due to low interest by other nations (max members count, 10)
  • Joined ACDC
  • Became AMoFA of ACDC
  • Became MoFA of ACDC
  • Became Senate of ACDC
  • Became Prime Minister of the Senate of ACDC
  • ACDC Disbands due to Founder overpower
  • Formed [AFS]
  • [AFS] continues to grow with HM4A1 as Founder and Overlord

HM4A1 has been a graphics artist in CN for many a time, he has created images for people and alliances such as GLOP, ACDC, TVB, FOA, AFS(all images), OTS and many more personal images.At many points including the alliances main flag.

Some of his work includes:

Please contact me if you have any inquires or wish for any images to be made for you.

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