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NATO Government Update - - 2021/03/02 17:05

North Atlantic Treaty Organization     We have several old friends coming back to CN and NATO dating all the way back to the beginning of CN and as such have updates to provide    ...

Winter..Hellfire!? - - 2021/03/02 06:18

Too late! I'm gonna have to roll with it!  Canik attempts to cast Winter Hellfire.. whatever that is.. on the OWF! Article I: Diplomacy Both parties hereby agree to maintain amicable relations, co...

Doom of Thrones - - 2021/03/02 00:17

And so began the end of the beginning of the end...Doom of Thrones Pact   Article I: Diplomacy Both parties hereby agree to maintain amicable relations, cooperating whenever possible in diplomat...

Let's cruise.... - - 2021/03/01 06:16

Jam all frequencies on channel 2 Notice of Abdication   Good [whatever time it is wherever you are] - I'm writing to let you all know that I have abdicated the throne of COBRA for personal...

Recognition of War - - 2021/02/28 00:07

Recognition of a State of War       Today, a member of Doom Squad (FiringLine) decided to take what seemed to be commonplace jabbing on Discord to the next level by declaring w...

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