Great wiki editor or greatest wiki editor?

In Character[edit | edit source]

Cirrus is the ruler of Malla and founding member / long time political leader of Mutually Assured Defense. After MAD merged with Echelon, he pretty much retired from public life. When the Karma War broke out he fought for Ragnarok, where he still resides today.

Out Of Character[edit | edit source]

Cirrus has been a proflic contributor to the cyberwiki, but is not an admin. Anything he writes is intended for objective, academic use and should not be considered the policy of his alliance in any way, shape or form.

Cirrus always writes under a doctrine of "good faith", and never intentionally flames or slanders subjects of his articles. He is not a propagandist however, and does not shy from presenting less than shining information when merited by the situation.

In real life Cirrus is an urban planner in Washington, DC. His blog is a respected voice in the urbanist community.

Ongoing Wiki Projects[edit | edit source]

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