Whois Cerdwyn?

Cerdwyn the True Fae is an Immortal Cleric Executive, was born on 2004/02/03, and was last logged in on today.....

Cerdwyn resides on a MUD called AVATAR that can be found by using an old fashioned telnet connection and logging to 3000.

Legend has it her mother was a goddess. Who her father is no one knows, but the tilt to her ears and the height of her cheekbones demonstrate her fae heritage. Raised by humans on a world called Earth, she did everything except talk a little slower than her agemates. By the time she was approaching 20, she still had the body of a child, and those around her began to get curious. One night as she slept, she had a vision of a woman who was not quite human. In her dream, the woman spoke to her, saying, "Cerdwyn, you bear my name, but you have much of your father in you. Staying here is no longer safe. Soon the humans will begin to fear you. Get up, leave a note saying goodbye and go to the center of the standing stones. Once there, you will know what to do." She awoke with a start, but did what the vision told her to do. Arriving at the stone circle, she saw what appeared to be a rift in the air. Fearless and full of curiosity, she entered the rift and was suddenly elsewhere.

Coming to Digiterra after many years on Avatar, she decided that it would be best to use her mother's name - after all, they both are the same names, no? And so Cerridwyn was born. Alas, her on the wikia, that name was taken, and so back to my Avatar roots with my immortal name.

What's a mud you say? You like to play games that do not have all the frizzy graphics? Come check us out.

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