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Flag of Official Flag of
National Flag Official Flag
"It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.""Trust no one."
National Anthem
Location of
The boundaries of Bobogoobo
Capital Halrloprillalar City
Largest City Halrloprillalar City
Official languagess English, Spanish
Demonym Bobogooban(s)*
Government Liberal non-partisan representative democracy
- Supreme Leader Robert O'Goobo XXIV
- Council Council of Five
- Legislative Senate
- Foundation

Sepetmber 26th, 2009
Major Religions Atheism, Sensism
National Animal  ?
Total Area 4,543 sq. mi
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Euro
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
Unknown estimate
Literacy Rate 100%
Internet TLD .bb
Driving Lane Right
Date Format Middle endian (mm-dd-yyyy)
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time UTC -4
*Term usage by the United States of JBR.

Bobogoobo (commonly referred as Bobo and abbreviated BBGB) is a sovereign state that is situated mostly in mid-air in the Atlantic Ocean and also has areas along the coast of Eastern Canada. Strictly speaking, the government of Bobogoobo has moved several times around the world throughout its history. Up to date, Bobogoobo has been in the skies over the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, Louisiana, and Madagascar before returning permanently to the Atlantic Ocean and coastlines of Eastern Canada.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The term Bobogoobo was chosen by Robert O'Goobo XXIV after the creation of Bobogoobo. O'Goobo was eager to found the nation that he did not choose a name for it. He decided to name it after himself and thus, became known as Bobogoobo. "Bobogoobo" was a nickname that was given to O'Goobo when he was younger. "Bobogoobo" is a shortened form of O'Goobo's first name combined with his last name, (excluding the apostrophe) to create a unique name for the country. As Bobogoobo began developing and eventually becoming a superpower, O'Goobo is well-known for his deep regrets for not choosing a "unique" name. O'Goobo currently continues to wish that he could be able to change the name of his nation at will so that it could accurately represent his current interests. However, the name "Bobogoobo" has become familiarized with the rest of Planet Bob and O'Goobo has since made no changes to the name whatsoever.
The demonym used to use the nation of Bobogoobo adjectivally has not been provided by the government of Bobogoobo and there is also no demonym for its citizens and denizens. The government of the United States of JBR currently uses "Bobogooban" (plural: Bobogoobans) as a noun and adjective when referring something related to Bobogoobo. However, the government of Bobogoobo has officially used "Bobogoobo" as a demonym.

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