In a sandstorm of weevils we've got to be the octopus
National Anthem

Flag of Deacona

Capital City Pepsi Town
Official Language(s) English
Established 12/20/2006
(4,848 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Alliance The Dark Evolution
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Black team Black
Religion Mixed Mixed

Introduction Edit

Deacona was founded by Caesar833 on 12/20/2006 at 1:03:06 PM and is 738 days old. Caesar has been in the following alliances in his career; Illuminati (twice), POSA (twice), BZ Hunterz, FIST, Tool, HoG (twice), Element, Coalition PoW, STA and The Dark Evolution.

Early History Edit

Caesar833 started off his CN life in Illuminati. This was back in the peak of their time in December 2006. He learned a lot from leaders like Terry Howard, Nap, Verbat and Hunterh. Caesar was never government in the alliance but he did become a great recruiter which lead him to start his own alliance.

POSA was formed by Caesar833 and RL friends Golden Boy and TF Command. The alliance quickly grew through mainly RL friends of ours and it peaked at about 35 members. During this first stint in POSA Caesar833, Dreamscape and KingMorton came up with a brand new idea. They created a power bloc composed of all small alliances. They would call this bloc Offspring.

Offspring started with three alliances and the idea that if they all grouped together they would stay safe. For the most part this idea held true. Offspring grew to, at some points, over 15 alliances. They successfully defeated the alliance called COLOR and made friendships that are still going to this day. Many of the alliances involved merged with each other and a few are even still alive. POSA and Offspring were the best times Caesar833 had in his long CN career. Sadly POSA disbanded and Offspring slowly died out after that.

Greenish Era Edit

After POSA Caesar833 rejoined Illuminati. He didnt stay there long and moved on to BZ Hunterz, FIST and TOOL but could not find another good home. Thats when Coolgreen44 of Zikawe contacted him. They were old friends through Offspring and Coolgreen offered Caesar a spot in his alliance called HeroesofGaming. Caesar jumped on this offer because, frankly, he had no where else to go.

HoG was a great alliance for Caesar833 while it lasted. He made connections with many of the members including danizduhman, Ryan Reyes, FFfanaticx and of course Coolgreen44. The alliance sadly disbanded only about a month after Caesar833 joined. Once again he had to find a new alliance.

Since Caesar833 was bored with CN he made his own alliance again. POSA was recreated with the same original members and more. Although we had ten members we did not have a protectorate. We got brutaly tech raided by WAPA and could not even negotiate peace. They would not let POSA finish the protectorate with Illuminati so POSA disbanded again. This time Caesar had a plan though. He has been contacted by Coolgreen, Ryan and dan to create an alliance and jumped on that chance.

Element was formed by those four and Caesar got left out of a triumvirant spot somehow! He instead became the Minister of Interior Affairs because of his super expertise in recruiting. Element grew to over 200 members and 1.7 NS. Caesar833 even became a triumvir! During the outbreak of the War of the Coalition, Element was without coolgreen44, one of its triumvirs. Ryan dan and Caesar833 tried to find a way to enter the war through their allies but nothing presented itself. They all wanted to fight so they made their own opportunity.

The Great War Edit

They reformed HoG and thought the most epic way to enter the conflict was to sign a treaty with Vox Populli. This turned out to be a fatel error and after 7 days of being nuked Caesar833 spent more then a month in PoW camps. He finally worked out terms and is about to move on once again in his CN life.

Independent Dark Knights Edit

Caesar833 was once again ready to start his own alliance. He created Independent Dark Knights (IDK) on September 29th 2008 with some old friends. This alliance died fast because of many friends who betrayed Caesar, though he still had some on his side. MASH was the main culprit because they signed a protectorate and then decided that they really did not sign it only a few days after. Caesar decided that he did not want to lead an alliance when even his friends were too scared to help him.

Siberian Tiger Alliance Edit

After IDK died quickly, Caesar spent many days deciding what to do with his future. He jumped into peace mode and was un-aligned for many days. Eventually Caesar decided to join the one alliance that had always had honor and who would defend their friends at all cost. This alliance was STA. Caesar only stayed in STA for a few months before he joined his old friends in The Dark Evolution.

The Dark Evolution Edit

Caesar833 joined The Dark Evolution because most of the old Element government was leading TDE. Caesar gained rank quick and became Imperial Director of Internal Affairs before he was even in the alliance for two weeks. This is where he remains today

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