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My name here is Azu-nyan, but you probably know me better as Locke. I'm a wiki administrator and I've been in gov in various alliances since I joined up. Feel free to take a look around, and if you've got any questions or complaints, my talk page is always open.

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If you see an edit to one of your pages made by 林眞, that'd be me. I use Mako to automate certain edits that apply to a large number of pages, usually simple things like removing template fields that no longer exist. If you see her break your page, please leave a note on my talk page so I can correct the issue.

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Significant Works

I've created or put a fair amount of work into developing and improving the following pages:




Membership History

Ruler Nation Alliance Joined Departed
LockeAlestorMeritokratiJanuary 21, 2009April 1, 2009
LockeAlestorInvictaApril 1, 2009October 29, 2009
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeOctober 29, 2009July 26, 2011
LockeAlestorGlobal Order of DarknessJuly 26, 2011

Government History

Ruler Name Nation Alliance Position
LockeAlestorMeritokratiRegent of Morale and Entertainment
LockeAlestorInvictaDeputy Minister of Citizenship
LockeAlestorInvictaMinister of Citizenship
LockeAlestorInvictaChief of Staff
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeLoli in a Bag
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeESP'er and Mysterious Transfer Student
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeBattle Maid
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeESP'er and Mysterious Transfer Student
LockeAlestorGlobal Order of DarknessDeputy of Education

Military History

Ruler Name Nation Alliance Conflict
LockeAlestorInvictaKarma War
LockeAlestorInvictaPopcorn War
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeBipolar War
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeRogue Attacks
LockeAlestorSOS BrigadeSOS団-NsO War
LockeAlestorGlobal Order of DarknessRogue Attacks

Diplomatic Missions

Alliance Forum Link Stats Link Status
Aqua Defense InitiativeAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Blue Turtle AllianceAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Boards Alliance of Protectorate StatesAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
The Centurion BrotherhoodAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Commonwealth of Sovereign NationsAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
The CorporationAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Cult of JustitiaAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Global Order of DarknessAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Green Protection AgencyAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Imperial Assault AllianceAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
The Imperial OrderAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
The InternationalAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
The LegionAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Libertarian Socialist FederationAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Mighty Armed States of HonorAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Multicolored Cross-X AllianceAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Mushroom KingdomAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Non GrataAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
North Atlantic Defense CoalitionAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
New Pacific OrderAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
New Polar OrderAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
New Sith OrderAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Nuclear Proliferation LeagueAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Random Insanity AllianceAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Regnum InvictorumAllianceForumsAllianceStatsActive
Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard BoxesAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
SOS BrigadeAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
The Phoenix FederationAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Union of Integrated National EntitiesAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
United Purple NationsAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
Vires NoctuAllianceForumsAllianceStatsInactive
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