The Foundation
Foundation Motto: Forward the Foundation!
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Locke
Ruling Council
Government Officials Vacant
Notes Placements are fictional and not actually endorsed by the owners of the names
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The Foundation is a concept alliance created by Locke. It is based on the works of Isaac Asimov known as the Foundation series, arguably his most popular body of work. The Foundation strives to prevent the period of barbarism following the fall of Galactic Empire. The Bobian incarnation is a theoretical, non-canonical Third Foundation, the first and second being on Terminus and Trantor, respectively. The First was known for it's physical rule, and the Second for its practice of psychohistory. The Third seeks to combine the two with the support of its new home and help prevent the inevitable Fall.


The Foundation was first conceived in the spring of 2010, during a rough period in the SOS Brigade's life. Locke, who was rendered inactive, was displeased with the direction the new leadership was taking the alliance and was considering founding his own to be free of the seemingly daily drama brought about by certain members with neither the time nor ability to fix these issues himself. By the time he regained consistent access enough to consider setting out to create the Foundation, the problem had resolved itself and Locke felt no reason to leave. The idea has been shelved but has been kept and displayed as an ideal for Locke, who intends to model the SOS on its guiding principles and rules.



We, the undersigned, do hereby establish this Third Foundation on the planet of Bob for the betterment of humanity and technology, to advance the human race in all aspects to prevent the Fall.

Article 1: Structure

The structure of the Foundation is as follows:

  • Mayor
  • Ruling Council
  • Government Officials

Article 1-1: The Mayor

The mayor is the prime executive and leader of the Foundation. It is the mayor’s duty to protect and lead the Foundation. The Mayor is a position held by the founder of the Third Foundation until such time as the Mayor resigns, dies, or is impeached. A new Mayor will be appointed by the incumbent unless the latter conditions are true, in which case the Council will choose a successor. The mayor holds absolute power except whereas restricted by this document and the powers of the Ruling Council. Though it is the mayor’s duty to set the course of the alliance and its policies, it is the joint responsibility of the Mayor and the Ruling Council to put those words to law.

Article 1-2: The Ruling Council

It is the primary duty of the Council to enact the policies and laws set by the Mayor to serve the Foundation and shorten the duration of the Fall. Council members have the power granted to them by the Mayor to execute their duties in their given field of expertise. Council members may delegate any of these powers to their officials as they see fit. The Council will be filled by as many or as few members as the Mayor wishes to allow for the service of the Foundation.

Article 1-3: The Government Officials

Government officials are appointed by Council members to serve in the areas proscribed to them to allow for a better and complete service to the Foundation. They may act with and only with the authority granted to them, but Council members are free to delegate as much of their authority as needed.

Article 2: Removals

Should a member of government need to be removed, all members of the Council and the Mayor must be in agreement. In the case of the removal of the Mayor, all members but the Mayor must be in agreement. In the case of the removal of a Council member, all members but the member to be removed must be in agreement. To remove a government official, all members but the Council member responsible for the official must be in agreement.

Article 3: Reserved Powers

All powers of decision making that pertain to the Foundation as a whole, especially in relation to foreign powers, must be approved by the Mayor. The Mayor, however, does have the ability to delegate their power in any area to any or multiple Council members for the time period of their choosing. Within their specific areas of expertise, each Council member is afforded greater power in enacting their duties, though final approval power for actions that pertain to the Foundation as a whole, especially in relation to foreign powers, must be approved by the Mayor.

Article 4: Laws and Amendments

The charter is recognized as a sacred document and is to be amended only under the most dire of circumstances. Should such changes be necessary, all members of the Foundation must be in agreement. More mundane rules pertaining to the day-to-day running of the Foundation are to be contained in the laws, which are set by approval of the Mayor and a majority of the Council. These laws are to be contained in separate texts and may be altered by the same approval.

Article 5: Citizenship

Any person may apply to be a citizen of the Foundation provided they follow this charter and any laws of the Foundation.

Article 6: Disbandment

Should it become necessary for the Foundation to cease to exist in the event that it has failed its mission to prevent the Fall, a complete agreement of Mayor, Ruling Council, and government officials must be held, as well as a 90% majority of the citizenship.

Article 7: Signatures and Approval

By these stated words above we, the founders of this Third Foundation, do promise to uphold the principles of Hari Seldon and seek to further his work of psychohistory such that we may prevent or shorten the Fall. With our pens we declare the Third Foundation to exist as an active force on Planet Bob:

  • Locke, Mayor
  • Chimaera, Councilman
  • Nick, Councilman
  • Arrnea, Councilman
Note: placements are fictional and not actually endorsed by the owners of the names
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