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anto475 is ruler of Atya. He is wise, poetic and benevolent. He allows free will and encourages the right to voice your opinons and express your individuality.

Sporting Achievments Edit

Although deemed 'physically unfit' by the sporting trolls of Tormey, anto475 has managed to excel in 4040 tournaments in and around The Street which he attributes to his 'local knowledge', 'experience at the noble game' and 'watchful nature'. He is also quite great at kayaking saying that he loves the water.

21.08.2007 SpeechEdit

In Independence Square on 21.08.2007, anto475 made a speech condemning The Legion and the recent GWDIII attacks. As I stand here today before you all, gathered in the square where we defected from normality on All Hallow's Eve 2006, I hope that we can get through this third war of Great Destruction as our chances seem pretty slim. Never before in our history have we seen 3 nations declare war upon this Zone of great, revolutionary peoples, befouling our Italian and Dutch lands with such scum, destroying our newfound stability. It is this time that I thank the peoples, for having such morale in a time of great desparity, but we must now no longer have a 'do-it-tomorrow' attitude. From this day forth, we shall create the modern Mongol and Ottoman empires of greatness. We shall gain more land, and allow more refugees in to increase the workforce. We shall boost our military to something never before seen in terms of vastness. But to do this, we must all be encouraged to work faster and harder. As we slowly learn how large and fast attacks can come, we must remember to not just maximise our work ethic, but our brain capacity also. If we have a superior knowledge, we can also work on how to find faults in the enemy and how to exploit this. For Example, upon reading The Legion's introduction statement, I have found the following lines which amused me:"He needs not a host of other eagles to surround him, he is a proud beast who can care for himself""He does not choose a path of mindless aggression, striking carelessly, but rather he chooses to exercise great wisdom and keen patience".The first line tells us how the eagle can fend for himself and yet, when we attacked Nosforan, the first thing they did was go to a "host of other eagles to surround him" . And when they found we attacked them, they did not "choose to excercise great wisdom and keen patience" but they did, however "choose a path of mindless agression, striking carelessly". If they stuck by their inspirational story, they would have found by asking that I was merely taking care of my people, my friends, as you were all uncomfortable with the past military situation instead of attacking mindlessly like an englishman in a room of Antolians. Charaí, I am just one example of what an Antolian can do to help gain stability for our peoples. I encourage you all to go and work to help end this War of Great Destruction. And for those children who are not of elligible age to work yet, I ask you all to put your heads to your schoolwork and excel for knowledge is the key to success. Thank You.

23.08.2007 Peace SpeechEdit

anto475 made a speech in the Great Mound of Angrata in Coosan on 23.08.2007 welcoming a new treaty in Oceanic 815 Today marks a new chapter in our nation's history. It marks the start of a new era of Antolia where we shall be more wiser in our decisions and shall activate the brain before anything else. An era where we shall be more victorious. An era of triumph. From this day forth, we shall start thinking outside the box by building up a huge army in Oceanic 815. Although we have withdrawn from this fight, we shall be back. Soon enough, we shall have numbers in Oceanic 815 to overpower those of The Legion and when that day comes, we shall strike back. Although the war only lasted 4 days, it left lasting marks. We shall never have a true friendship with The Legion from this day forth. Nor shall Oceanic 815. But we shall at least cover up our wounds and create a false friendship. For it is much easier to attack the people who trust you than to attack those who don't. I urge you all to work harder in order to pay off our debt to Nosforan the squealer so we may live in freedom and not entrapped by neo-american scum. You may ask why it is today that we begin our conquest of greatness? Today, I, along the other rulers of Oceanic 815, have signed and created a treaty which will be the foundations for the New Oceanic 815. Namaste.

20.11.2007 Morale SpeechEdit

anto475 gave a speech in Independence Square boosting morale of the people. Friends! Today we have great reason to be happy! It was this time, 3 months ago, that I gave a speech asking you all for unity and strength against our attackers in GWDIII. Almost straight after, one surrendered and another forgot about the war. We, as a unit, have survived that war, and an entire year of nationhood! Recently, I checked up on our former enemy nbx909. He who was so full of praise for The Legion and was totally indoctrinated by it. He is now minor grunt in the Orange Defense Network and having been just revealed to be i possesion of WMDs. After all he said about The Legion and how Oceanic 815 would fall apart. We have created Oceanic 815 from the start of our nationhood and it has since then grown five times it's orginal membership! I also bring news of Oceanic 815's status. It is becoming bigger and we have finally found Head of Recruitment who can do their job. We have introduced incentives to help increase membership and updated the Treaty of Coosan to fit modern standards. Finally, I asked you all to pull together 3 months ago. Now look at the results. We now have a strong economy due to your working efforts, a Parliament to voice your concerns, a military level almost reaching our goal of 50% and a nation that as survived a year. This is magnificent upon your part! Namaste, Keep up the work and Good Luck!

Oceanic 815 Speech(29.2.2008)Edit

anto475 gave this speech in the form of a message to all other members of Oceanic 815 after a Tech-Raid. good evening! i have recently been attacked by another nation. he was apparently ,,tech-raiding". when i asked for a reason he said that i only have an alliance of 4 active players(one of you was inactive, it does'nt matter)and that it was weak. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL!! From the moment you get this message, send recruitment mails to 5 nations. include ALL the bonuses(if you need any help, ask me)! and continue this for one week! just 5. but the raid was also a wake up call for our defences! i know that 4 people receiving this message are new enough but you must still strive to become the strongest nation possible at your age! Involve yourselves with strategic trades(ones that provide bonus resources, team bonuses, payment etc.), boost your military expenditure to it's boundaries(but also spend wisely. draw up an expenditure timetable) and buy Improvements wisely. Comrades, it is high time Oceanic 815 grew up from a small, weak alliance and developed into a large, powerful one. We have the age(486 Days), and we have the potential! WE WILL NOT LET THIS OPPURTUNITY GO TO WASTE!!!! Thank You. Namaste.

Speech as at 17.5.2008Edit

anto475 gave this speech to the few remaining citizens of DZfA and Members of Parliament. Citizens of our fair country. I know we have had a rough week. The most harsh war our Nation has ever seen has befouled this land and we shall get over it. But now, we must end one thing. Our links to Oceanic 815. I know that it has grown alongside our nation, but we must pass on the torch of leadership to another nation. We have outgrown our Alliance and must start another. One has been created with better traits and more enticing ideas for membership which will hopefully grow bigger than Oceanic 815 could ever dream of. It's name is Tokyo Ice. It will take in the downtrodden and nations that have plummetted from their high posts. Comrades, this is a new beginning. This will be your nation, revamped. Namaste.

Military Speech as at 31.12.2008Edit

anto475 gave this speech to the people serving DZofa in it's first major alliance war. As a nation, we have tried to abide by our own laws as much as possible, starting our alliances and whatnot. And even when in alliances that weren't of our own making, we still tried to keep our own way. And that way generally has been peace. However, in this alliance, where we are trying to gain back respect from members who see our nation in a poor light for going against one of their older members, we must try and win back dignity, and set an example to the younger nations of VE. This is to be accomplished by going to war against an enemy of our current alliance, a former alliance, and an alliance that slammed the door in our face. This might seem idiotic to some of you, helping a person who was rude to us. But if we show that we can put the past behind us, maybe then we might be allowed entry into OV, if we decide to leave VE that is. Another reason for war is to ring in the new year of Atya. I know we celebrated our new year two months ago, and the numbers 2-0-0-9 mean nothing to us yet, but for the Western year of 2009, let us have a more active year in politics, war and alliance affairs! Let us help VE grow, and gain respect and dignity on the world political scene. When the rest of the world is in economic gloom and darkness, let DZofA be the shining light for others to aim to. Let new nations upon foundation exclaim, ,,We will strive to reach Atyan standards of greatness!" This war will be one of our most vicious and violent, but it will be our best fought, and greatest war! Remember the words of Badea Vasile today, when you launch missiles, fly planes, drive tanks or just shoot! Remember, Day and Night, for years, Old Vasile grinds the wheat! Because we WILL get bread! Namaste. And Good Luck!!!

Military Speech of 25.1.2010Edit

anto475 gave this speech to his troops, awaiting entry onto the battlefields of the NpO-\m/ War: My militaristic friends. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you all the fantastic war that lies ahead of ye. This will be our first war as Irb Atya. Our first major war in a free alliance. Our first war where we will be in government, making tactics, instead of watching from afar what leaders are planning for us. Friends, this war signifies change for us. Karma was fought under a tyrannical rule, and thankfully an exit was found. But no matter how tough this war might just get, no matter if we get zid so many times that it may take us years to recover, this 'will' be the war to remember. For it will be exciting for us. We will embrace the enemy, though not literally, for they shall bring military experience, something our land so dearly needs. We will emerge from this war as the victors, and UINE will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. This war signifies the newness and freshness that comes with Irb Atya. We have a new flag, new anthem, new name, new language. Now all we need is a new image on the international front. We WILL rise. We WILL conquer. We WILL defend this soil to our deaths. In words the Hay Group will understand, ՄԵՆՔ ԵՆՔ ՄԵՐ ՍԱՐԵՐԵ! For Stefan cel Mare group, Acum ori niciodată croieşte-ţi altă soartă, La care să se-nchine şi cruzii tăi duşmani! For Niall Noígíallach group, Beidh lá eile ag an bPaorach! and for Atatürk group, Ben ezelden beridir hür yaşadım, hür yaşarım. Hangi çılgın bana zincir vuracakmış? Şaşarım! LET'S WIN THIS WAR!!!

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