The Uralikskaya Bandy-Federatsiya (Finn. Uralikan Jääpalloliitto) is the head governing body of all bandy-playing organisations within Uralica.

Notes on Nomenclature Edit

"Русский Хоккей" (Russian hockey) was the name of the sport within the region before Uralica's founding, however, in Uralican Spoken Russian, it is rendered as "Банды," based on the English name of the sport. In Finnish, the sport is simply called "Jääpallo" (lit. "ice ball").

Activities Edit

The UBF has three major functions.

  • Running several regional amateur bandy leagues throughout Uralica.
  • Running the Uralican Olympic bandy team.
  • Running the Uralikskaya Bandyliga.

Uralikskaya Bandyliga Edit

The Uralikskaya Bandyliga is the most recent arm of the UBF. It is the professional bandy league of Uralica, and is set to start operations in February of 2010, although actual play will not begin until the beginning of October. There are 24 clubs in the league.

Clubs Edit

  • SKAS Bandyklub (Yekaterinburg)
  • Syktyvkarsky Bandyklub
  • Arkhangel'sky Bandyklub
  • Severstal Bandyklub (Cherepovets)
  • Vologodsky Bandyklub
  • Murman Bandyklub (Murmansk)
  • Berezniki Bandyklub
  • Uhtan Jääpalloklubi
  • Petroskoi Bandyklub
  • Nizhnevartovsky Bandyklub
  • Vorkuta Bandyklub
  • Severodvinsky Bandyklub
  • Yugangorodsky Bandyklub (Juganvar)
  • Znamya Bandyklub (Votka)
  • Yamalia Bandyklub (Khanto)
  • Urengoy Bandyklub (Novy Urengoy)
  • Kottilan JPK (Kotlas)
  • Vyborgsky Bandyklub (Viipuri)
  • Irtysh Bandyklub (Yugrakar)
  • Pechorsky Bandyklub
  • Koryazhma Bandyklub
  • Isoustiukin JPK
  • Inta Bandyklub
  • Apatiitin JPK (Apatity)
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