Uralikan Yliopisto (Engl. University of Uralica, Russ. Университет Уралики) is Uralica's first university, located in the outskirts of Syktyvkar, the capital of Uralica. Although it only has twenty thousand seats, it is still considered a top educational facility, particularly for such a young nation. There are 115 different course types offered by 60 departments divided into 8 faculties and one seminary. It is known for its wide range of programs and courses. It has a total of 120000 (as of 25 March 2010) seats available in several campuses, although the Main Campus is the largest and most diverse campus in terms of the courses it offers.

Uralicans take their education so seriously that when this school opened, it was decided to run the school year-round, and it runs on a trimester system. The Fall trimester goes from the beginning of September to the beginning of December with exams until the week before Christmas. The Spring trimester goes from the beginning of January to the beginning of April, with exams until the second-last Friday in April. Finally, the Summer Trimester runs from the first week of May until the first week of August, with exams until the second-last Friday of August. Most students will take four courses per trimester, however up to six is legal, however "restricted to the absolute most hardcore keeners in Uralica," according to university president Dr. Ovdey Shlomov.

Faculties and Departments Edit

Faculty of Humanities Edit

  • Department of English Language and Literature
  • Department of Finnish Language and Literature
  • Department of Russian Language and Literature
  • Department of French Language and Literature
  • Department of Germanic Languages and Literature
  • Department of Uralic Studies
  • Department of History
  • Department of Classical Studies
  • Department of Medieval Studies
  • Department of Jewish Studies
  • Department of Slavic Studies
  • Department of Nordic Studies
  • Department of Romance Studies
  • Department of Turkic and Central Asian Studies
  • Department of Asian Language Studies
  • Department of International Studies
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Professional Writing

Faculty of Social Sciences Edit

  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Child and Youth Care
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Environmental Studies

Faculty of Cognitive Sciences Edit

  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Psychology

Faculty of Science Edit

  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Geology
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Medical Science
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy

Faculty of Engineering And Computer Sciences Edit

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Architectural Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Software Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Fine Arts Edit

  • School of Music
  • School of Film
  • School of Visual Arts
  • School of Acting and Theatre
  • School of Creative Writing

Faculty of Business Edit

  • Department of Business Administraton
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of International Business

Faculty of Education Edit

  • Department of General Education
  • Department of Music Education
  • Department of Art Education
  • Department of Physical Education and Kinesiology
  • Department of Advanced Education

Uralican Transdenominational Seminary Edit

  • School of Divinity
  • School of Theology
  • Department of Biblical Studies
  • Department of Biblical Linguistics
  • Department of Counselling

Course List Edit

These are ordered by longhand title. For alphabetical-by-code ordering, go to the category link at the bottom of the page.

Credits Edit

Each class has a credit value in semester-hours, and a typical undergraduate degree requires no fewer than 120 semester-hours worth of study. In each section, the semester-hour value is given in parentheses before the class number.

Acting (ACTN) Edit

ACTN Courses at UY

Advanced Education (EDUA) Edit

EDUA Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Anatomical Biology (ANAT) Edit

ANAT Courses at UY

Applied Linguistics (ALNG) Edit

ALNG Courses at UY

Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (ALEX) Edit

ALEX Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Anthropology (ANTH) Edit

ANTH Courses at UY

Arabic (ARAB)Edit

ARAB Courses at UY

Aramaic (ARAM) Edit

ARAM Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Architectural Engineering (AENG) Edit

AENG Courses at UY

Art Education (ARED) Edit

ARED Courses at UY

Asian Language Studies (ASLS) Edit

ASLS Courses at UY

Astronomy (ASTR) Edit

ASTR Courses at UY

Audiology (AUDL) Edit

AUDL Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Bashkort (BSHK) Edit

BSHK Courses at UY

Biblical History (BIBH) Edit

BIBH Courses at UY

Biblical Studies (BIBS) Edit

BIBS Courses at UY

Biology (BIOL) Edit

BIOL Courses at UY

Botany (BOTN) Edit

BOTN Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Business Administration (BSAD) Edit

BSAD Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Chemistry (CHEM) Edit

CHEM Courses at UY

Child and Youth Care (CHYC) Edit

CHYC Courses at UY

Chinese (CHIN) Edit

CHIN Courses at UY

Chuvash (CHVS) Edit

CHVS Courses at UY

Classical Studies (CLAS) Edit

CLAS Courses at UY

Commerce (COMM) Edit

COMM Courses at UY

Computer Engineering (CENG) Edit

CENG Courses at UY

Computer Music (CMUS) Edit

CMUS Courses at UY

Computer Science (COMP) Edit

COMP Courses at UY

Counselling (COUN) Edit

COUN Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Creative Writing (WRIT) Edit

WRIT Courses at UY

Danish (DANI) Edit

DANI Courses at UY

Divinity (DIVI) Edit

DIVI Courses at UY
note: graduate courses only

Dutch (DTCH) Edit

DTCH Courses at UY

Economics (ECON) Edit

ECON Courses at UY

Education (EDUC) Edit

EDUC Courses at UY

Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies (EPLS) Edit

EPLS Courses at UY

Electrical Engineering (EENG) Edit

EENG Courses at UY

Elementary Education (EDUE) Edit

EDUE Courses at UY

Engineering (ENGI) Edit

ENGI Courses at UY

English Language and Literature (ENGL) Edit

ENGL Courses at UY

Environmental Studies (ENVR) Edit

ENVR Courses at UY

Estonian (ESTN) Edit

ESTN Courses at UY

Exegesis (EXEG) Edit

EXEG Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Faroese (FROS) Edit

FROS Courses at UY

Farsi (FRSI) Edit

FRSI Courses at UY

Film (FILM) Edit

FILM Courses at UY

Finnish Language and Literature (FINN) Edit

FINN Courses at UY

French Language and Literature (FREN) Edit

FREN Courses at UY

Geography (GEOG) Edit

GEOG Courses at UY

Geology (GEOL) Edit

GEOL Courses at UY

German Language and Literature (GERM) Edit

GERM Courses at UY

Greek (GREE) Edit

GREE Courses at UY

Hebrew (HEBR) Edit

HEBR Courses at UY

Hindi (HIND) Edit

HIND Courses at UY

History (HIST) Edit

HIST Courses at UY

Hungarian (HUNG) Edit

HUNG Courses at UY

Icelandic (ICLD) Edit

ICLD Courses at UY

International Business (INBU) Edit

INBU Courses at UY
Note: graduate classes only

International Studies (INTS) Edit

INTS Courses at UY

Italian (ITAL) Edit

ITAL Courses at UY

Japanese (JPNS) Edit

JPNS Courses at UY

Jewish Studies (JWST) Edit

JWST Courses at UY

Karelian (KARE) Edit

KARE Courses at UY

Khanty-Mansi (KHMS) Edit

KHMS Courses at UY

Kinesiology (KINS) Edit

KINS Courses at UY

Komi (KOMI) Edit

KOMI Courses at UY

Korean (KORE) Edit

KORE Courses at UY

Latin (LATI) Edit

LATI Courses at UY

Linguistics (LING) Edit

LING Courses at UY

Livonian (LIVN) Edit

LIVN Courses at UY

Mari (MARI) Edit

MARI Courses at UY

Mathematics (MATH) Edit

MATH Courses at UY

Mechanical Engineering (MENG) Edit

MENG Courses at UY

Medical Science (MEDI) Edit

MEDI Courses at UY
Note: graduate classes only

Medieval Studies (MEDV) Edit

MEDV Courses at UY

Mordvin (MDVN) Edit

MDVN Courses at UY

Music (MUSI) Edit

MUSI Courses at UY

Music Education (EDUM) Edit

EDUM Courses at UY

Neurology (NEUR) Edit

NEUR Courses at UY

Nordic Studies (NORD) Edit

NORD Courses at UY

Norwegian (NORW) Edit

NORW Courses at UY

Philosophy (PHIL) Edit

PHIL Courses at UY

Physical Education (PHED) Edit

PHED Courses at UY

Physics (PHYS) Edit

PHYS Courses at UY

Plautdietsch/Low German (PLAU) Edit

PLAU Courses at UY

Political Science (POLI) Edit

POLI Courses at UY

Portuguese (PORT) Edit

PORT Courses at UY

Professional Writing (PRWR) Edit

PRWR Courses at UY

Psychology (PSYC) Edit

PSYC Courses at UY

Punjabi (PUNJ) Edit

PUNJ Courses at UY

Religious Studies (RELS) Edit

RELS Courses at UY

Romance Studies (ROMS) Edit

ROMS Courses at UY

Romanian (ROMN) Edit

ROMN Courses at UY

Russian Language and Literature (RUSS) Edit

RUSS Courses at UY

Saami Studies (SAAM) Edit

SAAM Courses at UY

Samoyed Studies (SMOY) Edit

SMOY Courses at UY

Secondary Education (EDUS) Edit

EDUS Courses at UY

Social Work (SOCW) Edit

SOCW Courses at UY

Sociology (SOCI) Edit

SOCI Courses at UY

Software Engineering (SENG) Edit

SENG Courses at UY

Slavic Languages (SLLN) Edit

SLLN Courses at UY

Slavic Studies (SLAV) Edit

SLAV Courses at UY

Spanish (SPAN) Edit

SPAN Courses at UY

Statistics (STAT) Edit

STAT Courses at UY

Studio Production (PROD) Edit

PROD Courses at UY

Swedish (SWED) Edit

SWED Courses at UY

Tatar (TATR) Edit

TATR Courses at UY

Theatre (THEA) Edit

THEA Courses at UY

Theology (THEO) Edit

THEO Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Turkish (TURK) Edit

TURK Courses at UY

Turkic and Central Asian Studies (TCAS) Edit

TCAS Courses at UY

Udmurt (UDMT) Edit

UDMT Courses at UY

Uralic Studes (URAL) Edit

URAL Courses at UY

Visual Arts (VART) Edit

VART Courses at UY

Yakut (YAKU) Edit

YAKU Courses at UY

Zoology (ZOOL) Edit

ZOOL Courses at UY
Note: graduate courses only

Program List Edit

Faculty of Humanities Edit

Humanities Programs Offered at UY

Faculty of Cognitive Sciences Edit

Cognitive Sciences Programs Offered at UY

Faculty of Social Sciences Edit

Social Sciences Programs at UY

Faculty of Science Edit

Science Programs at UY

Faculty of Engineering Edit

Engineering Programs at UY

Faculty of Fine Arts Edit

Fine Arts Programs at UY

Faculty of Business Edit

Business Programs at UY

Faculty of Education Edit

Education Programs at UY

Uralican Transdenominational Seminary Edit

Seminary Programs at UY

Interdisciplinary Programs Edit

Interdisciplinary Programs at UY

Faculty Edit

President and Deans Edit

President - Dr. Ovdey Shlomov
Dean of Humanities - Dr. Tursanay Gubaidulina
Dean of Social Sciences - Dr. Vlasi Malenkov
Dean of Cognitive Sciences - Dr. Marko Peltonen
Dean of Science - Dr. Sergey Rustamovich Markov, MD
Dean of Engineering and Computer Science - Dr. Jere Mustainen
Dean of Fine Arts - Dr. Joosef Rask
Dean of Business - Dr. Esa Miettinen
Dean of Education - Dr. Jussi-Pekka Tormala
Headmaster of the Uralican Transdenominational Seminary - Dr. Matti Koppinen

Department Chairs Edit

Humanities Edit

  • Asian Language Studies - Dr. Kim Chun-Ja
  • Classical Studies - Dr. Dmitry Yekaterinov
  • English Language and Literature - Dr. Alexander Toews
  • Finnish Language and Literature - Dr. Lasse Mäkelä
  • French Language and Literature - Dr. Jean-Pierre Diallo
  • Germanic Languages and Literature - Dr. Karlheinz Schönberg
  • History - Dr. Ovdey Shlomov
  • International Studies - Dr. Yuri Fedotov
  • Jewish Studies - Dr. Samuil Avramov
  • Medieval Studies - Dr. Jonathan Braun
  • Nordic Studies - Dr. Johan Kjærhus
  • Philosophy - Dr. Vladimir Filipov
  • Professional Writing - Dr. Riku Niemi
  • Romance Studies - Dr. Giancarlo Rossini
  • Russian Language and Literature - Dr. Sergey Mikhailenko
  • Slavic Studies - Dr. Natasha Lebedova
  • Turkic and Central Asian Studies - Dr. Tursanay Gubaidulina
  • Uralic Studies - Dr. Vaido Kuik

Social Sciences Edit

  • Child and Youth Care - Dr. Joonas Riihijärvi
  • Environmental Studies - Dr. Miikko Saarela
  • Geography - Dr. Timur Makhmudov
  • Political Science - Dr. Yevgeny Kolpakov
  • Social Work - Dr. Sami Koivula
  • Sociology - Dr. Vlasi Malenkov

Cognitive Sciences Edit

Science Edit

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Medical Science
  • Physics and Astronomy

Engineering and Computer Science Edit

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Fine Arts Edit

Business Edit

  • Business Administraton - Dr. Foma Matveyev
  • Commerce - Dr. Lasse Laukkanen
  • Economics - Dr. Esa Miettinen
  • International Business - Dr. Allister Gerbrandt

Education Edit

  • Advanced Education
  • Art Education
  • General Education
  • Music Education
  • Physical Education and Kinesiology

Uralican Transdenominational Seminary Edit

Other Notable Faculty Members Edit

  • Dr. Ruslan Kamyshin, Professor, School of Music
  • Dr. Timofey Rubenstein, Chair Emeritus of the School of Music, Professor
  • Dr. Karl Miller, Professor, Department of Computer Science and School of Music (cross-listed), Advisor for Computer Music program.

Honorary Doctorates Edit

Dr. Sirkka Numminen, Fine Arts (Music)
Dr. Martin Kosk, Fine Arts (Music)
Dr. Jarkko Salomäki, Cognitive Sciences (Linguistics)
Dr. Jyrki Koistinen, Engineering (Computer Science)

Other Noteworthy Alumni Edit

Campuses Edit

The University's beautiful Main Campus is located in Verkhnyy Chov, one of the northern suburbs of Syktyvkar, and has 30000 seats in 30 buildings.

There are also satellite campuses in several major Uralican cities, although the Seminary is exclusive to the Main Campus, and only two others have MD programs. Also, Computer Music and Studio Production courses are only available at the Main Campus.

The other campuses are as follows:

  • Greater Yekaterinburg (Verkhnyaya Pyshma) - 15000 seats (UYIK), no Seminary, has MD programs
  • Permyak (Perm') - 10000 seats (UYPe), no Seminary or Business
  • Udmurt (Izhevsk) - 10000 seats (UYU), no Seminary or Business
  • Kirovski (Kirov) - 10000 seats (UYKir), no Seminary
  • Chuvashia (Cheboksary) - 10000 seats (UYC), no Seminary or Engineering, has MD programs
  • Western (Vologda) - 5000 seats (UYL), no Seminary
  • Eastern (Surgut) - 5000 seats (UYI), no Seminary or Business
  • Solikamsk-Berezniki (Usolye) - 4000 seats (UYSB), no Seminary, Business, or Engineering
  • Mordovia (Saransk) - 3000 seats (UYM), no Seminary, Business, or Engineering
  • Northern (Vorkuta) - 3000 seats (UYPo)
  • White Sea (Severodvinsk) - 3000 seats (UYVM), no Seminary, Business, or Engineering
  • Sapmi (Murmansk) - 3000 seats (UYS)
  • Tagil (Nizhny Tagil) - 3000 seats (UYT), no Seminary or Business
  • Kolpakov Campus (Yoshkar-Ola) - 2500 seats (UYKEK), no Seminary, Business, Engineering or Education
  • Karelia (Petroskoi) - 2000 seats (UYKar), no Seminary, Business, Engineering, or Education.
  • Industrial Sciences College of Kamensk - 1000 seats, Science, Social Sciences (Environmental Studies or Geography only), or Engineering only.
  • Downtown Syktyvkar (Syktyvkar)- 500 seats (UYKS), Humanities, Social Sciences, Cognitive Science, and Science (minus the Medical Science and any Astronomy courses) only. Fine Arts hopefuls are referred to the Main Campus.
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