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OAO UralikaMash is a Uralican corporation specialising in the production of heavy machinery, both stationary and mobile. It was founded in August of 2008. Its headquarters are in Perm'. Because of the products it produces, it is a company that relies heavily on other companies for its profits - its largest sources of income are Bolak Corp., UralTek, and the Uralican Armed Forces.

It is the successor company of UralMash, which operated in the area from the late 20th century up to just after the Unjust War, when it declared bankruptcy and was eventually liquidated. It therefore owns the rights to the "UralMash" name, and the UM Sport subsidiary runs UralMash football (soccer) and handball programs.

Products Made[]

  • Concrete road-building equipment
  • Concrete mixers (of all sizes)
  • Construction cranes
  • Bulldozers
  • Graters
  • various kinds of tractors
  • combine harvesters
  • snow plows
  • street cleaners
  • ambulances
  • generators
  • fire engines
  • assembly line robots
  • mining equipment
  • factory machinery
  • Many other different types of heavy machinery.