The Uralican World Trade Centre (Finn. Uralikan Maailmankauppakeskus, Russ. Ураликский Всемирный Торговый Центр) or UWTC (Russ. УВТЦ (UVTC), Finn. UMKK) is a group of nine buildings in central Syktyvkar, Uralica, that is a major hub of Uralican commerce, comparable to the Ural Mountains Stock Exchange in Yekaterinburg. Unlike its namesake in New York, it only has one major building, the 88-story, 300-metre-tall Finnish-designed Kuik Tower, which is the tallest building in Uralica. None of the other buildings exceeds ten floors.

Uses Edit

As is also the case with most of the building housing Ural Mountains Stock Exchange, the Kuik Tower and the nine buildings surrounding it are used by various companies. In fact, four of the smaller buildings are leased wholesale by four different companies, and are named after them as a result - the Magyar Independent Building, the UralTek Building, the Severstal Building, and the Chesnokov Building (Chesnokov Manufacturing, Ltd., is a Uralican consumer-goods company specialising in plastic goods, and is responsible for a large portion of Uralica's toymaking). The uses are predominantly administrative, however, there are also small retail outlets on the ground floors. The Kuik Tower's bottom four floors, which are quite broad, are actually mostly taken up by the largest Kupriyanov's department store in Uralica.

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