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The Uralican Handball League (Finn. Uralikan Käsipalloliiga, Russ. Ураликская Ручной-Мячкая Лига is a professional team handball league in Uralica, one of the few that actually exist on Planet Bob despite the sport's Olympic status. It is a highly competitive league where those who have a natural talent are told to go by the numerous recreational clubs that exist in Uralica.

Recently, the URMF (Ураликская Ручной-Мячкая Федерация/Uralikskaya Ruchnoy-Myachkaya Federatsiya), the governing body for Handball in Uralica, expanded the top division to 20 teams, and created a second division with 20 teams.


Traditionally, the official name of the team either has KPK (Käsipalloklubi, Finnish) or RMS (Ручной-Мячкий Союз, translit. Ruchnoy Myachki Soyuz, Russian) in it (although German "Handballsverein" is used for HBV Patschke).

Division I[]

Division II[]

Latest News[]

On 12 November 2009, a second division was added, and both divisions were expanded to 20 teams. All cities with two teams were asked to relegate one to Division II.