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The Uralican Basketball League (Russ. Ураликская Баскетбол-Лига, Finn. Uralikan Koripalloliiga) is a 24-team professional basketball league from Uralica, set to start an abbreviated first season in March of 2010.

In Uralica, the only truly professional sports were football (soccer), handball, and ice hockey prior to the annexation of several basketball-crazy areas into the country. Upon annexation of these areas, most notably Greater Yekaterinburg, the need was expressed to have a basketball league, as after football (soccer), it is the world's second most-popular sport.


The current layout of the league does not divide the league into divisions as the National Basketball Association did.

  • Berezniki Bulldogs
  • BK Kirov
  • BK Kotlas
  • BK Solikamsk
  • BK Syktyvkar
  • BK Tagil
  • BK Yekaterinburg
  • BK Yoshkar-Ola
  • Glazovski BK
  • Izhevsk Air BK
  • Kamensky BK
  • Kungur Spartans
  • Mordovia Saransk
  • Pechorski BK
  • Sarapul Steamers
  • Severnyy BK (Severodvinsk)
  • Sheksna Cherepovets
  • Titan Murmansk
  • UBK Surgut
  • Ural Perm'
  • Vaahruše Warriors
  • Vorkuta Polar Bears
  • Votka Tigers
  • Zenit Cheboksary

It was expected that the UBL would revert to a franchise-based model, in which case every team with BK in the name as well as Sheksna Cherepovets and Ural Perm' would change their name. However, demand for more representation has axed that, and instead it is more likely that a second division would be added, complete with a promotion-relegation system.