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The Unjust War
Date September 9–23, 2007*
Casus belli Genmay-BoTS War
Result Overall ~ Victory
Preceded by
Genmay-BoTS War
Succeeded by
GOONland Resistance Movement
The Unjust Highway

The Unjust Path

The SuperFriends


  • RIS.png RIS*
  • UnknownFlag.png NDO*
  • Pink brigade.png Pink Brigade

Partially Involved*


Hanseatic League
  • IXLogo.png IX*

  • UnknownFlag.png DNA
  • Manowarriors.jpg M...S*
Nations: ≈3,850
Nukes: ≈4,177 (more than half controlled by GOONS)
Total NS: ≈42,797,796
Nations: ≈6,086
Nukes: ≈4.954
Total NS: ≈95,412,023
* Though the war is listed as over on 9/23, some battle fronts remained contested beyond that date. On October 18 the ~ coalition officially declared victory, though GOONS resistance continued.
  • Details regarding this conflict's only Partially Involved alliance (FAN) are available in the Related Wars section.
  • Alliances involved in the war that did not issue declarations: Iron Cross, Pink Brigade
  • NV is listed under BLEU, but is also a member of the Hanseatic League.
  • Abbreviations: NDO was the New Dark Order; RIS was the Restored Imperial Shogunate; M...S was ManOwaRriorS; IX was Iron Cross.

The Unjust War, originally the Genmay-BoTS War, and originally alternatively referred to by some and disputed by others as Great War IV, was a global nuclear military conflict involving the New Polar Order, BLEU and their allies, collectively known as ~, against the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving, the Unjust Path, and their allies, collectively known as the Unjust Highway. The outbreak of the war caused the collapse of the World Unity Treaty, the largest bloc and one of the leading powers in the Cyberverse at that time.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Unjust War see: Category:Unjust War veteran.


World Unity Treaty signatories and their allies split into two opposing camps: The Unjust Highway, led by GOONS, and ~. ~ emerged victorious after The Unjust Highway coalition fell apart beginning on September 17. The war represented a major shift in the order of cyberverse geopolitics, marking the end of a unified Initiative global hegemony.

Alternate Names[]

This conflict is interchangeably referred to as The Unjust War, Great War IV and (occasionally) The Initiative Civil War. Numerous other names were suggested, but only those three are used seriously.

Due to the conflict's short amount of time, among other reasons, several veterans of other Great Wars as well as other players do not categorize this period of warfare as a Great War, and instead refer to it as The Unjust War or UJW.

Events of War[]

Preceding Events[]

Timeline of War[]

September 8:

See Genmay-BoTS War article for more information.

September 9:

  • The Cyber Nations main boards taken offline due to excessive traffic on the server, and possibly to reduce trolling. The boards came back online at approximately noon Cyber Nations Time on the 10th.

September 10:

  • Anti-nuclear policy signed by many alliances that would come to form the ~ coalition.

September 12:

September 15:

  • First fronts of war end: after talks with UNION, TOP and the Grämlins, -AiD- surrenders to FOK and allies; FOK and GATO agree to a ceasefire after further talks.

September 16:

September 17:

  • Unjust Highway member TPF surrenders to NpO, DUAL, MDC and Sparta after alleged out-of-character attacks made by 404Error, the Optimus Prime Minister of the GOONS
  • \m/ and Genmay issue temporary ceasefires to investigate TPF's claims of out-of-character abuse, but do not withdraw from the war.
  • MK declares a temporary ceasefire and later surrenders outright.

September 18:

  • Various other alliances issue temporary ceasefires, some are not honored.

September 19:

  • Large numbers of Unjust Highway alliances begin to surrender to ~ forces.
  • \m/ disbands

September 20

September 21

September 23

  • All remaining Unjust Highway alliances have negotiated peace except GOONS and SPAM. The war as a global event is essentially over. See GOONland Resistance Movement for information about further hostilities between ~ and GOONS.

October 10

October 18

July 6, 2008

  • ~ announcement by IRON, GGA, and NpO regarding the 'zombification' of Unjust Path alliances that disbanded due to the war.

Related Wars[]

Genmay v BoTS[]

See Genmay-BoTS War article for more information.

Genmay declared war on BoTS on September 8 in response to incidents of BoTS nations raiding Genmay nations. BoTS refused surrender terms offered by Genmay and requested help from their MDP partner New Polar Order. At update on 9/10, NpO declared war on Genmay, leading to treaty chaining that resulted in the Unjust War.


GATO, having PIATs with -AiD- and NTO, declared war on FOK but claimed it was a 'side war' and not part of the larger conflict. When TOP threatened to become involved due to their MDP with FOK, which would have been legal, despite TOP's declaration of neutrality, because of GATO's insistence that this was a 'side war', GATO changed their stance and claimed their involvement was indeed a front in the Unjust War.

GATO's involvement invoked questions, since they didn't have an MDP with any alliance in the war, but rather had PIATs. GATO interpreted aid as coming to aid with military force against another alliance when their allies (-AiD- and NTO) asked for it.


NPO's involvement in the war was originally limited to a declaration against GOLD for arranging aid to FAN, with whom NPO was at war as part of the FAN-WUT War. Though there are conflicting understandings of NPO's stance in this conflict, the NPO Declaration of War states that Pacifica intended to be involved "in the current global conflict," and was by default standing against allies of the Unjust Path. This implies that NPO considered the ongoing FAN-WUT War (also known as VietFAN) to be part of this conflict, so both NPO and FAN have been included as combatants, despite FAN's declaration of neutrality.

GOLD's involvement against CIS ensures their "complete" involvement.

NPO later became engaged against WAPA, Scotland Forever and EoTRS, ensuring that it too can be considered a "fully involved" party, though its involvement against FAN specifically should be considered a "side war". [1] [2]

The war against GOLD ended with GOLD disbanding following their one year anniversary.

Many consider NPO to not have been involved with the actual Unjust War, including the commanders of ~, due to lack of assistance when requested by multiple treaty partners.

GOONland Resistance Movement[]

See main GOONland Resistance Movement article for more information.

Between September 17 and 23, all Unjust Highway alliances except GOONS and SPAM withdrew from the war, leaving GOONS to fight what many predict will be a months-long occupation-style war, similar to VietFAN or, ironically, the Holy War of Farkistan. The GOONland Resistance Movement ended on June 11, 2008, when GOONS disbanded.

Results of War[]



Of War Against ~[]

Of War Against The Unjust Highway[]

Of Neutrality[]


Surrenders & Withdrawals[]

Other Notices[]

See also[]

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