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The Universities of Brunswick System is the administrative body that presides over all universities within the Duchy of Brunswick.

Board of Directors[]

The system is presided over by a board of directors that consist of four ministers and the rectors from each school within the jurisdiction of the system. The following individuals are members of the Universities of Brunswick Board of Directors:

  • Minister of Education: Frederick Welf
  • Minister of Finance: Christian Bayern
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Agnes Wolfenbuettel
  • Minister of Labor: Bertolt Brecht
  • Rector of the University of Braunschweig: Hannah Lehrer
  • Rector of the University of Braunschweig at Bevern: Martin Amsel

Duties of the Board[]

The duties of the Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Set entrance requirements for potential members of the system and maintain accreditation every two years.
  • Set standards for hiring and maintaining faculty of the member schools of the system.
  • Set application fees, pre-college testing fees, and tuition fees.
  • Regulate programs that provide waivers for students who demonstrate financial need.
  • Set program standards at all degree levels.
  • Set requirements for students to adhere to upon entering a program (i.e. minimum GPA, minimum attendance, graduation requirements).