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The Universal war on FUN, also the TI-FUN War, Texas Instruments war on FUN, RIA's war of liberation from FUN, or the RIA-FUN War, is a war between Texas Instruments (TI) and FUN. On June 20, 2007 the Random Insanity Alliance announced their support for Texas Instruments. Various alliances and individuals pledged their support for the RIA and the war in the announcement.

RIA Declaration[]

Official RIA Declaration of War
[ (>^_(>O.O)> ]*

It has come to our attention that a great crime has been committed against decency and good taste. Action has been taken that threatens to plunge everything we hold dear into chaos and a shroud of despair. I am speaking, of course, of that travesty currently known as...

...summer vacation. This period of frivolity and mental stagnation is, in the opinion of this alliance, responsible for much of the crime, hunger, disease, death, reality television, and conflict that so plague the modern world.

It is with much pride that we announce our support for the great people at Texas Instrunments (TI)in the universal war on FUN. No music will be heard, no parties thrown and certainly no online games played as long as we stand together in face of this terrible enemy. As for the more minor conflict raging across Planet Bob, we wish our good friends in the war well, but we'll be sitting this one out guys. We already have our hands full.

Some of our POW's


  • Leader - Moth
  • Co-Leader - Delta1212
  • Head of Foreign Affairs - Azural
  • Head of Internal Affairs - EnragedLobster
  • Interim War Advisor - Kaiser
  • Economic Advisor - Zombie2000
  • Minister of Propaganda - zblewski
  • temporary flag

Statements by RIAers[]

  • "FUN really had this coming to them. It's there own fault for being the main cause of reality TV. After the travisty of Pirate master, RIA just had to declare." — Kaiser
  • "We shall show no mercy to the heathen hordes of FUN." — EnragedLobster
  • "The enemy of our enemy is our friend... Really, though, we never heard of these TI guys until FUN started complaining about them..." — Azural (Link)


Spartan Support[]


Sparta would like to show official support for RIA's war of liberation from FUN.

I for one have suffered many a D or F at the hands of FUN and would like to see its reign of terror end. Unfortunately FUN has us too pinned down with Real World reruns to be able to muster any resistance.

—wandmdave of Sparta

Other Statements of Support[]

  • "ROFLMAO Yes, the TI-86 will pwn you! It's a shame it had to come to this, FUN. <M>" — Bleak Outlook
  • "DOWN WITH FUN!!!!" — Horatio
  • "Down with "Reality" TV!" — ishmael
  • "DESTROY THE "FUN" MENACE!" — FlipWich
  • "Texas Instruments makes calculators. Calculators involve Mathematics. Mathematics is not FUN. Math: The Anti-FUN. Hail the Texas Instruments war on FUN!" — Sheldomar
  • "I for one, support your attack on FUN for the halibut." — polywag

Other Statements[]

  • "You'll never get anywhere if you don't have any FUN!" — Drazticus

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