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This alliance merged with the University to form the University of Unity.

Merger occurred on/around November 8, 2010
More info is available here.

Unity Banner

Unity Banner

Unity War Banner
Unity War Banner
UNITY Motto: "Unity, the Alliance of Tomorrow"
Team Color Blue team Blue

  • Matsumoto
  • Greene345

On July 22, 2010

Division 1 (ONE) Executive

  • Chancellor: Matsumoto
  • Prime Minister: Magion

Division 2 (TWO) Exterior

  • Chairperson: TBD
  • Ministry of Exterior: TBD
  • Ministry of Defense: TBD
  • CTF Agency: TBD
Division 3 (THREE) Interior

  • Chairperson: Kosh
  • Ministry of Interior: TBD
  • Ministry of Economics: Kosh
  • Ministry of Education: TBD
Division 4 (FOUR) Military Command

***Note: Other ranks acquired upon performance and completion.

  • Minister of Defense: TBD
  • Admiral: TBD
  • Commander: TBD
  • Commander: TBD
  • Commander: TBD
  • Commander: TBD
  • Commander: TBD
Blue Senate TBD
International relations

link= Statistics as of August 20, 2010
Total Nations 56
Strength 198,096
Avg. Strength 3,537
Nukes 20
Score 1.51
Important Links

Unity On July 22, 2010 emerged from the ashes as an alliance on the Blue Sphere. The Unity has one goal in mind and that is to redefine the definition of an alliance as it is known today. Unity and its members strives to bring innovation and creativity to the playing field as an alliance. Chancellor, Matsumoto the (head of state) holds very mixed feelings and chooses not to side with either ex-Karma or ex-Hegemony but wishes to create a league all her own with new ideas and a new way of thinking. The Unity Strives, and truly is the alliance of tomorrow.


About the Founders[]


Greetings. I am Matsumoto, the Chancellor of the Unity. How did it come to be, well let me assure that the story is one of many twists and turns and curves and obstacles, but just the same it is the endurance and perseverance that allows me to be what I am here today. The strength that you uncover every time you are let down or pushed down something is something I have learned to channel and use to my advantage because believe you me not all of us are born leaders sometimes it must take some hard work and a nice work ethic. Through my Challenges and many positions held including; Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, Minister of Recruitment, and Minister of Internal Affairs as well as founding an alliance of my own and holding executive power and perhaps many more... is that sometimes it’s not all about being serious, but it’s about having fun, to learn, to live and to love, however order must also be taught and respect for everyone must be demanded. To me the Unity is something much more than an alliance, it is reality, it is a real alliance composed of not the cream of the crop or just the finest that Cybernations has to offer... but a place where all can unify regardless of their past and grow and prosper. Our doors are open to anyone and I humbly extend you my hand, however it is up to you to take it and allow me to pull you though to Unity.

Historical events[]

  • 07-22-2010-Unity is founded
  • 08-08-2010-Unity reaches 30+ members
  • 08-08-2010-Unity reaches 1.00 score
  • 08-08-2010-Unity reaches 150K+ NS
  • 08-20-2010-Unity passes 50+ members
  • 08-20-2010-Unity reaches 1.50+ score

Constitution of Unity[]


Treaties of the Unity[]

Government History[]

Term Month Chancellor Prime Minister Minister of Exterior Minister of Economics Minister of Interior Minister of Defense Minister of Education Minister of CTF
First July-Sept 2010 Matsumoto Magion TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

See also[]

  • Note: For the defunct capital city known as Unity, see Kaligtasan.
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